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   Chapter 29 The Family Banquet

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It was strange that Claire had been having a good night's rest ever since Chason had stubbornly begun to occupy her bed.

Did that devil have a tranquilizing effect? Claire yawned in contentment and slowly opened her eyes.

"Are you awake?" Her eyes were met by the sight of the man's face hovering in front of her. Chason had been awake for some time now and had been watching her sleeping face with a faint smile at the corners of his mouth.

Claire pulled back a little and frowned. "What's wrong?"

It was early in the morning, and it was unnerving to find out that the man had been observing her, a hand supporting his head. 'Is there anything going on? Since when did this slave-driving demon become so idle?' Even more oddly, why did he stay in bed and spend time just staring at her sleeping?

"Don't worry, you look ugly when you sleep. I'm not going to do anything to you." Chason seemed to have read her mind. With one eyebrow raised sardonically, he ordered her, "Get up quickly. The stylist is here."

Stylist? The last time she saw the stylist whom Chason had appointed was during the wedding. Why did she come here today? She looked at him in confusion. "What for? What's going on?"

"Our family holds a huge annual banquet, and I'll be hosting it starting this year." In the past, his grandfather was in charge of everything. This year, he got married, which meant that he would become the future master of the Jiang family. It was his turn to deal with the banquet.

'A banquet?' Claire thought in surprise. 'Why didn't anyone tell me anything?' Claire looked up with a gloomy expression on her face. "Why didn't you inform me in advance? I... Can I not go?" 'Do I really have to go?

How many members of the Jiang family would I meet at the banquet?' After all, Claire and Chanson agreed to make their marriage a secret. Only a few people knew about it.

However, Chason only raised that annoying eyebrow even higher and replied nonchalantly, "Ah, I'm telling you in advance. The banquet will be held tonight. You still have the entire day to prepare." Then, after a slight pause, he answered her question, "No, you have to go. We did agree to keep our marriage a secret because Grandpa thought it would lessen the pressure and scrutiny from the public—you know well what his intention was. However, you have to use the banquet as an opportunity to make yourself known."

Of course, she knew what his grandfather meant. On the day she was admitted into the Jiang family, Jarred told her that the reason why he asked them to have a hasty marriage was for the sake of the child growing inside her. It was also done in order to stabilize Chason's own family and cement his role in the Jiang family. Those who coveted the J Group had no choice but to abide by it.

For a family enterprise like the J Group, the wife of the Jiang family's heir held an extremely important position in the whole family.

"But... but I..." Claire stammered, her thoughts churning at the thought of introducing herself with such a big splash in front of everyone. Besides, she also worried about how to end it.

Chason's face darkened. He had been trying to hide the truth from everyone, so the wedding was kept under wraps. Now, he intended for Claire to appear in front of everyone because, on the one hand, he wanted to suppress the restlessness of several uncles; on the other hand, he needed the baby to be recognized by the whole family before he was born. Didn't every woman expect this? But no, this woman didn't even want to go! "No buts—you have to go," he declared in a steely tone.

Claire gritted her teeth. 'Forget it. Our contract states that I need to cooperate with him. There's no point in discussing this further.'

However, she wished that time would slow down. Subconsciously, she knew that the last thing she wanted was to attend the banquet, and she was intimidated by the thought of being publicly affiliated with the whole Jiang family.

Anyway, this arrangement was never meant to be permanent. If she became too involved with the Jiangs, it would be difficult to sever ties with them in the future.

However, despite her reluctance, she needed to attend tonight's event. Evening came, and Chason took her to the banquet venue on time.

As the successor and a core member of the Jiang family, Chason had become the banquet's host this year. At the sight of his resplendent attire and regal bearing, Claire surmised that the banquet would be the social event of the year, held in the most luxurious hotel or party venue in the city. However, she was astonished when she got off the car in front of a gigantic ferry.

"Aren't we supposed to be at your family's banquet? What are we doing here?" J City was close to the sea, but she had never been to this beach. She had heard from Lucas that it was the gathering place for the rich and famous in J City.

Chason couldn't help the smile from forming on his face as he watched the surprise on the petite woman's face. "This beach resort is owned by the J Group. The banquet will be held here tonight."

Sure enough, Claire's tongue got stuck on the roof of her mouth as she stared in awe. She had been in this city for so many years, but she had never seen this kind of place. As it turned out, Chason's family owned it.

"Hmm?" Chason stretched out his arm and hinted for Claire to take his arm. After a moment's hesitation, she slipped a hand over his arm, and the two of th

em walked towards the ferry like a normal couple.

"Chason!" Before they could step foot on the ramp, a young woman dressed in a fashionable gown came running out. The girl's smile froze at the sight of Claire. Then, a large group of people, all of whom were relatives of the Jiang family, came out behind her.

Leading the group was Chason's uncle, Hancock Jiang, who was one of the directors of the J Group. In the past, Hancock Jiang had fought tooth and nail to get the position of the CEO of the J Group. In the end, however, the title unexpectedly fell into the hands of his nephew.

Hancock Jiang spoke up first. "Chason, Is this your wife?"

Claire looked into his eyes and greeted the older man, "Hello, uncle."

"Chason, you're such a bad nephew. Did you really get married without informing us? Why didn't you ask your uncles to attend your wedding?" another uncle, Harris Jiang, asked in a disgruntled tone.

Chason was still expressionless. "Uncles, you know that I'm not a fan of frivolity." As he spoke, he led Claire into the ferry without another look at the embarrassed expressions on both of his uncle's faces.

They must be two of Jarred's sons! Claire had heard from Jarred that he had three sons in total. However, nobody mentioned Chason's parents to Claire, not even Chason himself.

Would she get to meet Chason's parents tonight? Claire looked at Chason, but his cold, impassive face dissuaded any attempts at conversation. He didn't talk much to his aunts and uncles in the Jiang family.

At that moment, everyone's eyes were focused on Claire. Their curiosity was warranted—after all, it wasn't everyday that the heir of the J Group introduced his wife.

Claire was feeling the weight of everyone's scrutiny, but Jarred suddenly pulled Chason away from her. His husband's absence left her at a loss for what to do. On this large, luxurious ferry surrounded by Chason's family, she couldn't help but feel like a stranger.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up. The desserts lined up on top of the pristine tablecloth were her favorites. She had always liked desserts, and she found herself becoming hungry more easily ever since she got pregnant. At that moment, the sadness that overtook her when she went to this party that she had no intention of attending vanished. Claire looked around and found that the people who were staring at her so openly just a few moments ago were no longer looking. Sure enough, Chason was born for the spotlight. As soon as he was out of sight, her world became much quieter.

Anyway, she should eat first.

"Are you Claire?" Claire was stuffing an innumerable quantity of matcha chiffon cakes into her mouth when she suddenly heard a voice behind her. Turning around, she saw two young women approaching her, one of whom was the brightly dressed young woman from earlier.

Although the attention was unexpected, Claire still replied politely, "Yes, I am. Who are you?"

"I'm Rena He. I've been wondering what kind of beauty Chason had married. I never would have guessed he would bring someone like you into the Jiang family. People who don't know you might think you're a maid of the family," the girl in bright clothes commented lightly.

'The Jiang family members are completely alike, ' Claire thought, shaking her head. When she had first met Chason, she found him to be a mean person.

Without waiting for Claire to reply, the other girl shook her head and said, "Rena, don't talk nonsense. She's Chason's wife, after all."

"Nannie, why are you taking her side? You're acting like an outsider. So useless!" Rena He snorted coldly, and the girl named Nannie He flashed Claire a timid look.

'Her surname isn't Jiang?' Claire eyed the two doubtfully, and her stare met the pitying look in Nannie He's charming eyes.

At Claire's lack of response, Rena He became even more complacent. "Don't you have anything to say? Claire? Not every woman can get close to Chason." After a pause, she stepped into Claire's personal space and whispered in a voice that only the two of them could hear, "Only someone like you who's such an expert in sex can seduce Chason, right?"

The words left Claire feeling creeped out. This woman in front of her came from such an illustrious family, yet such vile words came out of her mouth.

"Miss He, maybe you should ask Chason why he married me. Even I would like to know the answer to that question," Claire responded indifferently, fiddling with the glass in her hand.

'Forget it. After all, this banquet is held by the Jiang family. I'll leave this family sooner or later, so there's no need to be in conflict with any of them.'

Claire had always been aware of her ordinary origins and expected that the Jiang family would look down upon her. Truth be told, she didn't even want to marry into the family at all. Why should she care what they thought of her?

Claire's mouth curled up sarcastically. She had had enough. She didn't want to come into blows with these girls, but neither could she allow them to bully her. However, the best way to fight back against a socialite like Rena He who grew up spoiled would be to ignore her.

"You! Stop!" Rena He called angrily behind her, miffed that Claire didn't seem to take her seriously at all.

Claire didn't turn around. Instead, a mocking smile appeared on her face. Ignoring the glances from various members of the Jiang family, she sneaked out of the back door and stepped onto the deck.

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