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   Chapter 28 I Can't Live Without You For Even A Second

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Jarred's sudden visit made the whole villa a mess. The two of them quickly washed up, dressed neatly and went downstairs. They saw that Jarred had already sat on the sofa with a serious expression on his face.

Claire was flustered. Did Jarred come here for that matter?

"Grandpa, why are you here so early? Please tell me in advance and I'll get up early to welcome you. " Chason held Claire and whispered in her ear, "Grandpa is here. Behave yourself."

Looking at the two of them holding hands, Jarred's expression softened a little, but he still said seriously, "Do I have to make an appointment in advance to come here?"

"Grandpa, you can come at any time." After a pause, he added, "But don't I still have Claire now? We slept too late last night... "

Claire looked up at him in shock, only to see that Chason was looking at her with a faint smile. People who didn't understand could always find some ambiguity from what he had just said.

Why used her as the excuse? She wouldn't allow it!

Jarred was very satisfied with this. It seemed that Claire was better than he had imagined, and soon won his grandson's heart. He had been worried that he made his grandson marry this woman because of his great grandson. With the character of Chason, he was afraid that he would not let Claire live a good life.

Claire didn't know whether she should laugh or cry. "Grandpa, I'm sorry. I didn't feel well last night, so..."

"Well, you young people make a fuss. I don't care." Taking a sip of tea, Jarred said, "But now the most important thing is my great grandson, the baby in your belly."

Claire was stunned. She looked at Chason beside her and he tried to mediate the dispute, "Grandpa, Claire thinks highly of the child. She follows the doctor's advice on what to eat and what not to eat."

She didn't believe the lie herself. "Yes, Grandpa, I I'm very careful. " Claire echoed guiltily, but her hand was pinched by the man beside her.

Seeing the two young couples echoing each other, Jarred got a little angry but also wanted to laugh. "Can't you afford to hire a secretary in your company? Why do you get Claire to work! "

Hearing what Jarred said, Claire's face turned pale in an instant. Was it because of this matter? She just thought that there was nothing could be hide from Chason.

Now it seemed that his grandfather was not inferior. This matter was known in just a few days.

'Oh my God! If Chason tells the truth, I don't know how Jarred will blame me. After all, I'm pregnant with the baby he cares most.'. It seemed that it was impossible for her to go to work again.

Chason looked at her and suddenly smiled, "Grandpa, I thought something big had happened. It's about this..."

"Isn't it a big deal? There are so many things to do in your office. What if Claire gets tired and hurt the baby? What if she falls by accident? " Chason's answer made Jarred very dissatisfied.

Claire didn't want to hide behind him anymore. She was about to explain it clearly, "Grandpa, here is the thing..."

"Grandpa, Claire and I are newly married. We don't want to be apart for a moment. In addition, my hand has been injured recently. It's not convenient for me to deal with some personal affairs and I don't want to find anyone else to take care of me. So I temporarily let Claire take care of me as a secretary. But I promise she won't be tired. "

what? the couple joy in their marriage? Couldn't be separated for a moment? This man was really good at telling lies.

Hearing this, Jarred was not so angry. He had been worried that the relationship between the two would not be good as they only got married due to the baby. Now it seemed that there was no need to worry about that.

He sighed, "I just want to have a great grandson, so you must be careful."

The two promised and Jarred left after chatting with them for a while.

As soon as Jarred left, Claire breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing the man looking at her with a faint smile, she suddenly felt a little guilty. "Thank you."

"For what?" Chason said casually while eating porridge, "Thank me for lying for you? Don't worry. I just don't want to be scolded. "

No matter what he thought, at least she was really grateful today. After all, Jarred really cared about her baby. She could do nothing if he blamed him. After all, what the Jiang family really wanted was not her, but her child.

But Chason's words made it less serious.

"I promise I won't go to work until I give birth to the baby." Claire gritted her teeth and made this decision. It was not that she was going to compromise, but that she suddenly had some other ideas after entering the study yesterday.

Maybe she needed time to really think about what she should do instead of simply doing a well paid job.

In the past, she had listened to her father and chosen a major that she was not interested in. Later, in order to ensure her living, she had found a normal job. She always thought that life was like this. A normal job, and then married a person she liked, step by step, safe and stable.

So, in f

act, she had never been herself.

Now it was different. She wanted to be herself.

Hearing Claire's words, Chason was a little surprised. Did this stubborn woman compromise just because of Grandpa's words? This was not like Claire he knew. "In fact, you don't have to do that because of Grandpa..."

She shook her head and interrupted him, "I made this decision not entirely because of Grandpa."

After making this decision, Claire intended to pick up the brush again. She had not received any formal training in art, and she had learned to draw by herself all based on her hobbies.

She chose to resign and go home to nourish the fetus, partly because of Chason. She was grateful that he could stand up for her, and she really didn't want to make things difficult for him. She had said that the less she got in the Jiang family, the easier it would be for her to leave in the future.

The other part was that it was rare for her to have a period of free time in which do not have to make money. Why not give herself a holiday and let herself do what she liked.

However, it was obvious that Jarred did not intend to let her go so easily. In order to make her better to be the Mrs. Claire of the Jiang family, he directly invited a family teacher to teach her etiquette.

"You Jiang family is really a busybody." Claire was so angry that she refused the request directly.

Chason frowned and said, "Grandpa really takes you as his granddaughter-in-law, so he asked you to learn it." Perhaps after grandpa came over that day, he really thought that they were in love, and did it for the sake of Claire.

After all, it was the kind of senior class. But she was not the real wife of Chaosn. Who would be his true wife should be the one to learn it. It was all Chason's fault. He was afraid that his grandfather would blame, and he played the role of a loving couple with her.

Never mind. She heard that there was piano class in the etiquette class, and she didn't have any music cells from childhood to adulthood. Just for the sake of the baby in her belly, she endured it.

"It's so awful." As soon as Chason came back, he looked at Claire, who was playing the piano, and sneered.

She was so angry that she glared at him. It was the first time that she had learned playing since she was a child. Wasn't it strange that she didn't know how to play? "If you say it again, I won't learn it."

"Go over there. I'll teach you." As he spoke, he sat on the chair and taught her to play. His warm hand held hers. At this moment, Claire suddenly felt an unprecedented feeling subconsciously.

After a song, Claire had to admit that he was really good at playing.

"You How can you play the piano? " She took her hand back after a long time and stammered.

He smiled and said proudly, "There are still many things you don't know. I'm not like you, who can do nothing."

Was there such a person? That said bad things about others while praising himself.

"But I remember that you do know something." Suddenly, Chason stood up, let Claire follow him into the room and handed her a big box.

The box was heavy. She put it on the table and looked at him in confusion. "What's this?"

"Open it and you'll know." He raised his eyebrows.

Claire tried hard to open the box, which was full of oil painting materials, from design to description.

It took her a long time to react. She looked up at Chason in surprise, "Will you gave it to me?"

"You only know this. If you still abandon it, my child will say that her mother knows nothing in the future. Wouldn't I be shameful?" With a smile in his eyes, he leaned against the wall with his arms crossed.

This man, he never say good things. All the people who painted oil paintings knew that it was the most expensive thing to do. She had been frugal when she was in college, but she hadn't been able to bought a complete set. Suddenly, something occurred to her. "I'm pregnant. I can't use this." With that, Claire took a step back subconsciously.

Perhaps, this was the mother's natural protection for the child. All of a sudden, he felt a little moved. They were different from others.

This child was an accident. He had been worried that Claire would not love this child at all. In fact, he was the same. He couldn't accept it at the beginning, but he didn't know since when he always felt that he had a wife and child.

That feeling was so subtle that even he himself did not notice it.

Because of the baby Claire would rather refuse it than do what she liked most.

He smiled and held her hand. "Do you think I'm that stupid? This set of tools was brought from abroad. It is safe and harmless, and won't hurt you and the baby. "

Something stiff seemed to disintegrate between them at this moment. Claire pulled out her hand with embarrassment and said gently, "Thank you."

She had been holding on for so many years, and the dream of painting was unreachable. Now it was this man who had helped her take the first step.

Claire's action made Chason's face darken, but he said nothing in the end.

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