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   Chapter 27 Sleepwalking (Part Two)

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"What do you mean? Are you saying that my body is not attractive at all?" Chason asked as his jaw hardened. He was an arrogant man, and he would never allow others to badmouth him.

What the hell? Did he want her to admit that she was infatuated with him and that his body was making her drool all over?

'Ugh! He's really crazy!' Claire said to herself, removing his shirt against her will.

"Pants," Chason ordered coldly. Why was it so difficult to get this woman to do something?

"What?!" Claire blurted out, widening her eyes at him. What the hell was he up to?

"Do you want me to sleep with these pants?" This time, Chason's patience had reached its limits.

"Well, how about you ask the servant to take them off for you?!"

"Claire!" His voice suddenly thundered, making Claire flinch in shock. Tightly closing his eyes to calm down, Chason added, "You want everyone to know that I need someone else to help me take off my clothes, don't you?"

'Oh my God! That's not it at all! I'm just afraid to see his erection!'

Frowning, Claire finally gave in and unbuttoned his belt. And the moment her fingers graced the zipper of his pants, blood instantly rushed to her cheeks. Perhaps it was because she was a little nervous that her hands suddenly touched something she shouldn't have. In a blink of an eye, both of them froze, unable to make sense of the current situation.

"I...uhm…" Claire struggled to find the right words to say while her face was beet red.

Meanwhile, Chason cleared his throat and shoved her hand away before saying, "I'll do it myself." His face was livid while his ears were blushed. No one could deny that the air in the room suddenly turned thick.

Claire was extremely embarrassed at this point, wanting nothing but to run away from him and out of the room. Meanwhile, Chason bore a straight face, but deep down, he was inexplicably in a good mood to see Claire's bewildered face.

"Well, there is only one bed. Why don't you sleep on the sofa?" Claire pointed at the sofa not far from the bed.

Let him sleep on the sofa? "Don't be so sentimental. I told you that even if you lay naked next to me, I won't have any interest in you,"

Chason outright argued, much to Claire's annoyance. "But... I'm not used to sleeping with someone!" she retorted back, gritting her teeth.

What did she say? Not used to sleeping with others? So, why did she mistake him for Lucas that morning? Wasn't she used to sleeping with others?

"You are only used to sleeping with Lucas, right? Well, unfortunately for you, he is now lying with someone else," Chason teased with a sneer.

Such a crazy man! Too angry to even fire back at him, Claire just picked a pillow and threw it on the sofa in a fit of pique. All right! If he didn't want to sleep on the sofa, then she might as well do it!

"If you like to sleep on the sofa, then sleep there. I'll take

the bed." After saying that, Chason switched off the light, leaving Claire standing in front of the sofa, sulking.

He was clearly trying to annoy her on purpose.

Claire thought of that as she tossed and turned on the sofa. She usually slept on a spacious bed, and lying on such limited space right now made her so uncomfortable that she wanted to cry.

But fortunately, sleep soon visited her, and she dozed off. However, after midnight, it felt as if she was in a different place. Although groggy, she could feel the soft mattress against her back.

Was the sofa bigger and softer than she thought? It seemed that she could turn over and over again with. Thinking of this, she soon fell into a deep slumber again.

This time, it wasn't as uncomfortable as before. In fact, Claire felt as if she was lulled into her sleep.

However, when she woke up, she found herself in someone's arms. The dim light outside the window seeped through the drapes, slightly illuminating the room. It took her a long time to realize that she was not sleeping on the sofa anymore. Instead, she slept in bed with someone!

"Ah!!!" She couldn't help shouting, which woke the hell out of Chason.

"Claire, why are you shouting so early in the morning?" he asked in a hoarse voice.

"Why am I here?" Raising from the bed and out of his arms, Claire eyed him widely.

However, Chason merely arched his brows at her. Against the light, Claire couldn't see the playfulness in his eyes. "How would I know? Maybe you've sleepwalked."

"Sleepwalk?" She quickly turned to gaze both at the sofa and the bed in horror. Was it because she felt so uncomfortable sleeping on the sofa last night that she climbed back on the bed without knowing it? "Then... Then why were you holding me?"

There was a hint of banter in Chason's mouth as he replied, "I was asleep, and there was something next to me, so I held it."

If she indeed climbed up the bed by herself, then it was not his fault.

But the truth was, Claire fell from the sofa several times last night. Chason couldn't stand it anymore, so he carried her to the bed.

As for why he held her in his arms, he tried his best to hold back his laughter. This woman looked weak and soft while asleep—much different from how she was when wide awake. So, unable to resist it, Chason encircled his arms around her as they both slept.

"Well, no, the sofa is too uncomfortable to sleep on. Can you go back to your room tonight?" Claire requested.

Stretching himself to cast away any remaining sleepiness, Chason replied, "I'm injured."

"And I'm pregnant." Claire was quick to reason out.

While they both argued fiercely, a sudden knock resounded from the door.

"Mr. Jiang, Mrs. Jiang, the Chairman is downstairs," the servant announced in an alarmed tone.

Chairman? Claire and Chason immediately looked at each other in shock. 'Grandpa is here?'

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