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   Chapter 26 Sleepwalking (Part One)

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Since Chason occupied her bedroom, Claire prepared to spend the rest of the evening in the study until she was sleepy.

It was not that she couldn't stay in the same room with him. After all, she could endure staying in the same office with him every day. But Chason was a complicated man who hated a lot of things.

Normally, Claire would chill in her room playing games or watching soap operas with a beauty mask on her face. And if Chason were to see this, he would certainly loathe it to death.

So, to preserve a peaceful night, she avoided being with him. More than that, Claire was not in a position to go against him. Not only was she working for him, but it was also her fault why he was injured right now.

"Well, can I stay in your study for a while?" Claire asked after thinking that it was the ideal place to lurk in while she waited for him to doze off.

At the same time, Chason raised his brows, thinking why she still had to ask him. After all, he had never restricted her from going to other parts of the house. "You go," he replied. Then after pausing and looking at her inquisitively, he added, "Don't you dare go outside. Come back here once you're sleepy."

Was she planning to get away from him? Like hell, he would let that happen!

Claire nodded helplessly, and went out of the room. The moment she opened the door to the study, all her grievances instantly dissipated.

'Oh my God!' she exclaimed internally while surveying the entire room. Chason's study was like a mini library filled with all kinds of books. From humanities, geography, art, to business, they were all stacked on the shelf! They were even printed in several languages!

Had she known this earlier, she could have made this her burrow!

Claire walked towards a row of bookshelves, on which were books about paintings.

Oil Painting Theory? Her eyes instantly lit up at the sight of this.

She quickly pulled out the book and held it in her arms, unwilling to let it go. Wasn't this the same oil painting book that was out of print? When she was in college, she had searched so hard for this, only to be met by disappointment. However, right now, she didn't expect to see it in Chason's study!

In utter excitement, Claire sat on the couch and began reading through the pages. Since she graduated, she never had the chance to sit down and dwell in the realm of books. All her time was spent working and making a menial salary. When she was still living with her family, she would do household chores after returning from work, no matter how tired she was. But now that she was so immersed with her favorite book, all the adversities of the past seemed to have evaporated.

"Claire?" Claire was so absorbed with reading that she got startled by the sudden voice. It was Chason. Noticing that it was already late and she still hadn't come back, he decided to check on her. What he didn't expect was to see Claire so engaged in reading a book while slumping on the couch.

Oil Painting Theory? He thought she only came to his study to read those boring love novels.

Of course, he didn't have those, but he still figured she would search for them.

Patting her chest to calm down, Claire asked, "What are you doing?

You scared me to death!"

"Am I that scary?" Chason bore a long face as he asked that.

Scary? This man definitely deserved to be called that! He hadn't had the least bit idea of how dominating and imperious he was at times.

"Why are you here?" she asked, yawning.

"Claire, it's already late. Why are you still here in the study? Are you not going to work tomorrow?" He gazed at her angrily as he bombarded those questions.

And because Chason looked like a mad steward, Claire couldn't help but burst into laughter. Then, glancing at the watch, she found that it was indeed late, but the book was so engaging! "Can I take this with me?"

Raising his brows, Chason felt something indescribable hit his heart. Yet before he could even admit it, he instead asked with mockery, "Do you even understand the book?"

The slight insult from his tone didn't escape Claire's ears. But since she was already used to it, she just pretended to ignore it. After all, borrowing the book was the most important thing right now. "You're so mean! Do you want to lend it to me or not?"

Did he say that he wouldn't lend it? "You can take all the books in this room."

Chason might have said it in a cold and aloof tone, but it made Claire's heart skip a beat. Suddenly, it dawned on her that someone had said the same exact words to her a long time ago. 'Who was it?' she asked herself but couldn't remember.

When she was about to express her gratitude, Chason added, "But you have to go back to your room now."

Not a minute would pass, and this guy would revert back to being the jackass that he was. Helpless, Claire picked up the book and strode back to her room.

When she was about to lie down, she suddenly remembered that Chason was also going to sleep here. "Well, there is only one bed here. How are we going to sleep?" she asked, feeling a tinge of headache.

Chason, who had followed her, took off his coat and rolled up his sleeves, showing his alluring figure. "Help me take off my clothes."

"What?!" Claire blurted out, widening her eyes in shock. Was this part of the contract she signed?

Looking at her with furrowed brows, Chason uttered, "I can't do it with my hands like this. Is it so hard for you to do it anyway?"

"You... Are you going to sleep without your clothes on?" Was this pervert going to sleep naked beside her?

"I'm not interested in you even if you take off all your clothes."

Unbelievable! This guy was really something!

In an attempt to suppress her anger, Claire took a deep breath and braced herself to take off his shirt. As soon as her trembling hands peeled off each cloth, his bronze skin and perfect eight pack abs were instantly revealed. 'Oh my God! How could such a hateful man have such a perfect figure?' she thought to herself, obviously in awe of her husband's physique.

"What? Are you out of your mind?" Chason, who was taken aback by what she said, eyed Claire as if she was someone crazy.

Claire wouldn't deny it. If it were someone else, she would really be infatuated with him right now. But this person was Chason—the guy she badly wanted to get away from. "You think too much, I won't do anything to you even if you strip naked in front of me."

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