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   Chapter 25 What A Rogue Character

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"Chason... You... Why are you here?"

An instant silence fell on the crowd. It took Claire a long time to react. How was this man suddenly standing in front of her? He had appeared out of nowhere and blocked the glass that Fiona had launched at her. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?"

Chason wrapped his arms around her. As he turned around, a quick gasp left everyone's mouth.

Fiona was the most shocked of all. What had she done just now? She had hurt the CEO of the J Group!

Fiona's face turned pale from fright. She hurried forward and tried to apologize, "I... I am sorry, I didn't mean to... "

"Claire, are you okay?" Chason ignored her completely and turned towards Claire.

Lucas's mother was furious with the man who had broken in. But as soon as she heard the way Fiona was addressing him, she immediately realized who the man was.

Claire shook her head. She was a little surprised.

Chason felt a rush of irritation through his spine. This stupid woman! She was pregnant with his child but had come to the wedding alone. When he'd seen the sudden change in Claire's expressions as he asked her to sign the contract, he was suspicious. So, he had asked Larry to investigate. He hadn't expected her to attend Fiona's wedding.

He thought that she would tell him if she did. However, she had come here secretly. She was being nothing but stupid. How could she do this?

His initial anger towards Claire was redirected towards Fiona when he saw the latter humiliate his wife. It was increased ten folds when he saw the wine glass floating in the air.

He had rushed to protect her. After being certain that she was okay, he glanced at the crowd and stated, "I was busy, so my wife attended your wedding alone. I understand that you were unable to take care of her. But how dare you bully her? It looks like we are not qualified enough to be at this wedding."

Lucas was standing nearby. He panicked when he heard these words.

For some reason, he had already felt a little uncomfortable upon seeing Fiona bully Claire. But after seeing a man protect her like that, he felt like his heart had been stabbed. Whatever his emotions were, they were indescribable.

However, he had bigger fish to fry right now. Fiona had just offended Mr. Jiang, the man who controlled part of his business. He tried to apologize, "I am really sorry, Mr. Jiang. This is our wedding day. Please forgive my wife."

Not only did Chason control part of his business, but most of the guests here were his business partners. They were the sort of people who could change views and preferences whenever situation demanded them to. If Chason got angry with his family business, he was doomed. The guests wouldn't even dare to contact his company in the future.

"I'll settle accounts with you later," Chason coldly promised and pulled Claire outside through the crowd.

The latter was still in a daze as he put her in the car. Eventually, she recovered enough to thank him.

However, she didn't bother to ask him how he knew of her whereabouts. She was certain that whenever he wanted to know something, he found out.

Chason snorted, "That went better than I expected. I thought you were born to be bullied."

She was stunned. It took her a long time to understand what he was saying. Apparently, he was following her all the way since she came to the wedding ceremony. He had seen everything clearly.

"Do you wish I'd helped you earlier?" He raised his eyebrows.

Claire shook her head. If Fiona really had smashed her glass, she never would have received Claire's forgiveness. "I can take care of myself whether you're there or not."

She had almost been hurt in front of a group of people just now. Looking at her stubborn face and hearing her understated words, he didn't know what to say. Was it really so difficult for her to show some weakness?

"I wouldn't care about you if you weren't carrying my baby," he snorted.

That was true. But in any case, even though he had protected her only for the sake of their child, she was still a little moved. His actions gave her a subconscious feeling that she was not alone. That was new. It felt good. After all, she had been struggling for a long time now.

"What are you doing? I'll need to drive." Chason glared at her. She had begun binding his wound with bandages she'd produced out of nowhere.

However, she continued gently and skillfully. It didn't take her long to finish. "I knew what I was doing. You'll still be able to drive."

"You are just a girl. Why do you carry bandages in your bag like a hooligan?" He frowned and looked at her bag. He was confused.

She responded with a mocking and bitter smile. It was a years old habit that she wouldn't have paid attention to if Chason had not mentioned it.

In college, Lucas liked exciting sports. Figure skating, rock climbing, and other such dangerous trends had all been experimented with. Naturally, this made him prone to injuries. This had worried her. So, she had begun carrying some bandages with her all the time.

Over the years, she had become increasingly skilled in dressing wounds. It was now an indispensable part of her bag.

Ironically, the same man behind the origin of this habit was marrying someone else today.

Seeing her silence, Chason didn't push furth

er and changed the topic. "What do you want to do with Fiona?"

He didn't want to let her go. It would be easy to deal with Fiona. Unfortunately, Fiona herself knew the truth about him and Claire. So, hurting her was not an option; at least not directly.

However, he could still teach her a lesson in secret.

"That's my own business with her. You don't need to interfere." She wasn't going to forgive these people so easily. She didn't hold grudges, but she still had her limits. Fiona was the cause behind the drastic change in her life. She couldn't let her step on her wounds and still lead a happy life.

At the same time, she also understood that with just a single word by Chason, Fiona and those people would come to no good. But why would Chason help her? Without Fiona's arrangement, he wouldn't have to marry her.

Above all, the reason she didn't ask him for help was that she didn't want to owe him anything.

The less she took and received from him, the easier it would be to leave him in the future.

Chason seemed to guess her answer and didn't force her. "It's your choice. But I will still warn you to protect our baby."

Claire nodded. She was tired. As soon as they got back, she went to bed and fell asleep. Perhaps she felt like this wedding was the end of her former life, but she felt inexplicably relieved when she lay down that day. She slept soundly and waking up, discovered it was already evening.

"Ah... Why are you in my bed?" She saw Chason right after opening her eyes and sat up in shock.

He was half lying near her, with an iPad in one hand and reading some documents. "This house is mine. I can go wherever I want."

What a rogue character! Claire was a little angry. "Why did you come in here without my permission? You promised you would leave this room for me. You have a room for yourself, don't you?"

Seeing her argue sleepily but strongly, Chason wanted to laugh. However, he merely raised his eyebrows. "I want to sleep here tonight. Can I?"

Oh God! Chason had said that it was painful to be with her, and she also felt the same way. And now, they wouldn't even be able to sleep alone in peace? Did Chason want to abuse himself?

"No, get out." Claire couldn't stand it anymore and declared firmly.

He shrugged indifferently and shook his right hand in front of her. "Claire, I'm your boss and you're my secretary. You should help me with all kinds of things."

"That's work-related. This is my private time and you can't take it." She glared at him, becoming increasingly angry. It was not easy for her to get some time to herself. And now, he wanted to take whatever little she got? No way!

A hint of playfulness flashed through Chason's eyes when he heard her. Suddenly, he began drawing closer and she was forced into a corner. "What are you doing?"

"Is it so difficult for you to even share a bedroom with me?" The serenity of his expressions made it impossible to judge his emotions.

Difficult? He was talking about difficult?

The very thought felt like poison. "No, it's not that. You know that I have always been fastidious and unruly. I lose my temper very quickly. This will affect your mood and thereby, affect your work. The whole company would suffer because of that. So, for the sake of your entire company, I believe it's best that you stay in your room."

For her independence, she would rather humiliate herself than agree to stay with him.

However, Chason was nothing but amused. This woman's sophistry seemed reasonable. "You have your perks. At least you know yourself well enough, which is more than what can be said for most people. However, I got injured because of you. So, you must take full responsibility and take care of me. Further, as your boss, you need to stay in my good graces or you won't have a job anymore!"

This argument gave Claire a headache and she had no confidence left. It was true that he'd gotten hurt because of her.

"So, do you choose to let me be here? Or shall I fire you?" He smiled roguishly.

He'd won. How could she stand that threat? "Fine. You can stay here." She had to endure it!

Seeing that he'd achieved his goal, Chason was in a good mood. "I'm tired. I don't want to go downstairs for dinner. You can go eat by yourself."

Hearing that they didn't need to have dinner together tonight, Claire was pleasantly surprised. "Really?"

Seeing her reaction, he was speechless. "Me not wanting to eat makes you so happy?"

"No, no. No." Claire was a little embarrassed. "Of course, I'm worried about you. How can you not eat?"

He raised the corners of his mouth and saw the subtle changes Claire's face was going through. "You go have dinner, bring me something up here and feed me. I don't want to move."

Wasn't this man a cleanliness freak? What could make him tolerate dinner in the bedroom? And she would have to feed him? "Why are you doing this?"

"I'm injured." He wanted to play today. Seeing this woman angry somehow put him in a good mood.

He was injured? So what? He must be out of his mind! She rolled her eyes and asked, "Are both your hands or legs injured?"

"Cut the crap. Hurry up." Chason stopped smiling and became as indifferent as ever. She didn't want to argue any further and reluctantly departed.

The future seemed bleak.

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