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   Chapter 24 The Real Mistress

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It was Fiona's wedding day.

Coincidentally, it fell on a weekend, which saved Claire the time to ask Chason for a leave. She had been with him for a long time to know that he would be at the office on weekends.

Before leaving, Claire specifically made herself well and chose the best dress in her cabinet.

She never paid special attention to her looks and was used to wearing plain clothes. But today, she felt the urged to beautify herself.

Perhaps it was because the wedding was her battlefield, and she would not let herself lose.

Later that day, she arrived at the reception, which was a less luxurious hotel than the one during her wedding.

"Miss, may I see your invitation?" The hotel security guard stopped her at the door.

Hearing that, Claire was stunned. Her father just sent her a text message, and there was no invitation card. "I'm sorry, sir. I'm the..." All of a sudden, Claire was caught tongue-tied and didn't know what to say. Was she the bride's sister, the ex-girlfriend of the groom, or the daughter of the bride's father?

While Claire rummaged her head for an explanation, a familiar voice suddenly resounded, "What's wrong?"

She slowly turned her head and found Lucas's mother.

Mrs. Xu had always dressed elegantly and thought that clothes were an extension of one's identity. When Claire went to the Xu household for the first time, the older woman disliked how she dressed. But today, she was surprised to see Claire dressed so eloquently, highlighting her natural beauty. Yet in a flash, the surprise turned into contempt.

"So, you're here after abandoning my son and becoming another man's mistress? How dare you disturb this wedding?" Lucas's mother lashed out.

Before coming here, Claire had reminded herself to keep calm no matter what happened today. So, taking a deep breath, she responded, "First of all, I'm not here to stir trouble. It's your daughter-in-law's father who invited me. Second, I'm married legally, and we all know who the mistress is."

"You!" Of course, Mrs. Xu didn't expect that Claire, who had always been submissive, would rebuke her so sharply today.

And Claire was not gonna lie—it felt so good and gratifying to do that. When she was still dating Lucas, his mother had done nothing but humiliated and belittled her. At that time, she endured every degradation Mrs. Xu threw her way for Lucas's sake.

But now it was different. She didn't have to choke down all the insults anymore.

"Security guard, don't let this woman inside," Mrs. Xu ordered furiously. No matter how much makeup she wore, she could never conceal the wrinkles on her face.

Truth be told, it was Claire's wish to be stopped outside. She didn't want to attend the wedding anyway. She came here just to prove that she could live a great life without them.

Now that she had proven it, there was no need to stay any longer.

However, just as she was about to leave, Fiona, who sported a strapless wedding dress, came out. No matter how much Claire hated her sister, she had to admit that she was really beautiful today.

Fiona gave Claire a hateful glance and stared at the branded limited-edition dress that hugged her body. The former had only seen it in a magazine, and she knew that only a few were made available in the city. Even if she was rich, it was difficult to get her hands on it.

But why did Claire have it? She didn't deserve it at all!

The next second, Fiona walked over wearing an innocent smile. "Mom, I asked my sister to attend today," she uttered.

However, the older woman maintained her straight face and questioned, "You know the wedding is very important! Why did you still ask her to come?"

'Sure enough, she is Lucas's mother, ' Claire said to herself while sneering. Fiona would definitely have a hard time dealing with her in the future.

At the same time, the smile on the bride's face froze when her mother-in-law fiercely shouted at her in front of so many guests. Although feeling so embarrassed right now, Fiona chose to gather herself and softly said, "She is my sister. Come on, Mom. Let her in."

Now noticing a couple of eyes turning at them, Mrs. Xu didn't want to cause a scene anymore. Instead, she entered the hall without saying anything, taking Fiona with her. Behind was Claire, who followed them inside.

At the entrance stood a wedding picture of Fiona and Lucas. The moment Claire's eyes landed on the photo, her heart slightly sank.

The young man she once loved so much was holding another woman now.

"Well, Claire, do you think I am a good match for your ex-boyfriend?" Fiona said in a voice full of disdain and evident flaunt.

Sneering, Claire retorted, "Of course. A bitch and an asshole are the best match for each other."

At her words, Fiona's face changed, but she tried her best to suppress her anger. Today she was the bride, the focus of everyone's attention, so she must not let anything ruin that. Besides, there were still plenty of opportunities and time to deal with Claire later


"Claire, you are here!" Linford greeted enthusiastically As the bride's father, he was so well-dressed today, looking so proud and boastful. After all, who wouldn't? His daughter would marry into the Xu family, and the gifts were undeniably extravagant!

When Claire saw her father, she couldn't help but feel sad. Although she had promised herself to break free from any filial connection, she still felt perplexed facing her family right now.

Meanwhile, the glint of sadness in her face didn't escape her father's sharp eyes. But Linford forced himself to ignore it and instead warned lightly, "Don't cause any trouble on your sister's wedding. She has been considerate enough to invite you here today."

Considerate? Claire scoffed. What was there to consider? Why did she need her good sister to be amiable?

So, she guessed the whole thing right. It was indeed Fiona's idea to invite her just to show off.

The wedding went on as planned. Claire found a quiet corner, away from everyone and their judgmental gazes. When the emcee asked for the groom and bride's vow, Claire reminisced the time she was in college, back when she was still dating Lucas. At that time, he made a ring out of a coke can and proposed to her.

Young and still foolish, Claire accepted his proposal and vowed to marry him.

Back then, she thought she was the happiest girl alive. But little did Claire know that her happiness wouldn't last long.

Her sister, Fiona, who had always strived to be at the top of everything, entered the picture. And today, she once again proved that she would not let Claire be the superior sister.

Through their father, she specially invited Claire to her wedding to see the disappointment and hurt on her face. But she didn't expect the latter to show any signs of sadness at all. What was worse, she looked even more radiant than before!

Sure enough, it was better to be married into the Jiang family. And the more Fiona thought about it, the more upset she got. After the ceremony, she changed into a cocktail dress and immediately pulled Lucas towards Claire.

Although surprised to see her at his wedding, Lucas didn't take the chance to aggravate her after Chason firmly warned him last time. But today, she looked more beautiful with her makeup, making Lucas unable to take his eyes off her.

"Claire, let's toast to you." Holding the groom's arm, Fiona smiled. But deep down, her heart was full of hatred.

However, Claire put down the glass and delicately proclaimed, "I'm sorry, but I can't drink. I'm pregnant."

Fiona looked at the wine glass in her hand and glanced at the waiter next to her. "Bring a glass of juice for my sister," she ordered.

Then, turning back to Claire, she added, "Claire, we have been siblings for years, and now we are even pregnant at the same time! No wonder we like the same thing."

"You think too much. It's not the same thing. It's something I threw away."

Claire's words seemed casual, but they contained poisonous meaning. Even the guests who knew the truth were shocked to hear her words.

Meanwhile, Fiona, who was already bursting in so much anger, tried her best to contain her temperament. Instead, she said, "It doesn't matter what kind of thing it is. It's just that you are pregnant, but my brother-in-law is not with you. Claire, you should take good care of this child." Then, leaning closer to Claire, she added in a low and condescending voice, "After all, you have nothing but this child to hold on to him."

Although this sentence stung and would probably affect typical women, Claire was not distressed at all. If it was in the past, she would have probably cried right at that moment. But she was a different woman now. She would never let Fiona have the satisfaction of seeing her hurt.

"Oh, Fiona. You have always cared so much about me. Even curious as to how my man treats me." After pausing for dramatic effect, Claire continued, "Right. If it weren't for that, you wouldn't have this wedding today. Because you wanted to know so bad, well, let me tell you. Yes, Chason treats me well, and it none of your business, Fiona. Since you tried so hard to steal Lucas, why don't you just focus on being Mrs. Xu? After all, you two are married now, and you have no business sticking your nose at the Jiang family."

At her words, Fiona's face turned pale in an instant. Indeed, she had never felt at ease at the sight of Chason. Why was Claire so lucky? That night was meant to be a disaster to her. But instead, it paved the way for her to marry such a wealthy bachelor!

All along, Fiona thought that Claire would never have the guts to say these things in front of Lucas. But after she heard her today, it seemed that she was wrong.

Exasperated, Fiona raised the glass in her hand and prepared to smash it at Claire. "How dare you talk nonsense like this?"

Unable to dodge, Claire thought the glass was about to hit her head. But the next second, she felt a warm body covering and protecting her. It was him.

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