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   Chapter 23 Maserati And Pancake

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Claire was lost for words. It was her first time to work in such a ridiculously big office.

Although she did get the job through internal connections, Chason didn't give her a special treat. It was just her first day, but there was already so much to do. First, she had to familiarize herself with the nature of her new job. Unlike her work in the Logistics Department, which was complicated and detailed, this secretarial job would be quite up to her speed.

Claire might seem relaxed right now, but she was actually nervous to see Chason at work. Although others didn't know their relationship, Larry, the Secretary Department head, was clearly aware of it. Yet even with that, Larry didn't take special care of her. Chason must have probably warned him beforehand, and it was actually for the best. Besides, she didn't want others to notice something between her and Chason.

After her busy first day, Claire felt light. Oddly enough, she was in a good mood amidst being tired. She was about to leave, and Chason was still not in the office. Yawning, she carried her bag and walked out of the company.

With headphones plugged in her ears, Claire hummed to herself as she walked to the subway station. However, it wasn't long before a Maserati halted at the subway entrance. Stunned, she slowly turned and watched the window rolled down, revealing Chason's handsome face. "Get in the car."

His stern voice sounded so firm. "It's…uh…It's okay. I can go back alone," Claire responded, pointing at the subway entrance.

However, the ever-so-dominating Chason quickly opened the door and dragged her into the car. And before Claire could even react, she found herself on the leather-coated backseat.

"If you want to come to work, just take my car from now on," he commanded as he settled on the driver's seat without looking back at her.

Frowning, Claire thought of how she had to see him every day at work and at home. Now, she even had to spend time traveling to and from work with him! "But it's not good to be seen by others, isn't it?"

Seen by others? "Don't just run anywhere. Remember, you're pregnant with my baby." Taking the subway while carrying the future heir of the Jiang family? She must be crazy!

Claire's eyes darkened as she thought that the baby in her belly was what the Jiang family was most worried about. She'd better cooperate with this man, or she would have to kiss her work a bitter goodbye.

"So..." Claire started, gazing out of the window when her stomach suddenly rumbled.

But before she could even finish her sentence, Chason interrupted, "What else do you want to say?" It took a lot of negotiation to persuade Chason to let her come to work. And if Claire was to say something against him, she was afraid he'd change his mind and force her to stay at home.

So, instead, she swallowed and asked, "Can we stop at the next intersection?"

Hardening his jaw, Chason stepped on the breaks at once. "What are you doing again?" Many women had ridden his car, but Claire was the most troublesome passenger he ever had.

"I...uh…I'm just hungry. The pancake stall by the intersection is best in J City. I'm going to buy one."

Hearing her explanation, Chason almost choked with the lump stuck in his throat. It turned out that this woman just wanted to buy a pancake. "We have a lot of food at home. Why do you have to go to a roadside stall to buy a pancake?"

The Jiang family's chefs were some of the best in the country, with cooking skills no less than those hired by five-star hotels. But Claire was not used to eating luxurious food, and she had been craving for some light food lately. "You don't understand. The real delicious food is those sold in hawker stalls."

Not wanting to argue anymore, Chason just watched her happily get off the car and leap towards the pancake stall.

As soon as she came back, a strong fragrance immediately filled Chason's limited-edition Maserati, making him grimace in disgust. "Why is it so smelly?" he asked, covering his nose.

Ignoring his remark, Claire took a bite and said, "I also bought one for you. Do you want it?" She then handed the pancake to him, aware that the otherworldly Mr. Jiang must have never eaten street food.

"Take it away." Chason glared at her, but at the same time feeling quite hungry induced by the strong scent. "Fine! Just to put it here." Pulling a long, brooding face, he pointed at the empty passenger seat and stepped on the gas pedal.

"Claire, seat here in front and feed me," he muttered just seconds after the car started moving.

What?! Did she hear it right? Chason not only wanted to eat the pancake, but he also wanted her to feed him?

In shock, Claire suddenly stopped chewing and gabbled, "You want to eat?"

"Hurry up." He was starting to run out of patience, so she quickly did as told.

Against the picturesque night scene of J City, a man driving a Maserati was fed pancake by a woman in the passenger seat.

When the two arrived back home, the sumptuous dinner had already been laid on the table, waiting for them.

However, the pancake left Chason with little appetite, ev

en though the food was undeniably savory at first glance. Meanwhile, Claire was bewildered. She had always known him to perceive street foods as unsanitary, but tonight, he seemed to prove her wrong.

But it was not the best time for her to think about that. All she wanted to do right now was devour the food carpeted on the table. Perhaps it was because she was pregnant, but she really had been growing her appetite recently. "You can really eat," Chason muttered in a low voice as he watched her gabble up so much food at once.

However, Claire heard this. So, she glared at him and retorted, "I'm eating for two people now. Can't you afford it?" Instantly, Chason's face darkened, turning the atmosphere slightly heavy. 'Ah, forget it! Anyway, what I eat and drink all come from him, ' Claire thought to herself as she shrugged her shoulders. Besides, starting today, Chason was her boss, so she couldn't treat him so casually as before.

"Well, you should also eat some. This dish is very good." As she spoke, Claire pierced a piece of chicken and settled it in his bowl.

And while she did that, all the servants watching gasped in surprise. The next second, Chason picked up his chopsticks and began to eat.

What?! Wasn't he a neat freak? How could he eat the food picked for him?

Why did he do that? If this surprised the servants, imagine their reaction once they learned he ate a pancake from the street stall!

He was not the same as before—a change, although small, had befallen on him.

After dinner, Claire prepared to go back to her room. It had been a busy day, and she had to get some rest early. This was her alone time—the time of the day she got to be with only herself.

"Stop!" When she was about to head upstairs, Chason suddenly stopped her.

Turning around, she thought of possible reasons why he said that. "What's wrong?"

"Come here and sign this." Chason took out a stack of documents and threw them at her.

'Work contract?' Claire thought as she read the first words printed on the paper. "What's this?" she asked in utter confusion.

"It's against Grandpa's will to let you work. If you want to spend the next few months safe, you have to listen to me while you're in the office," he said blandly, showing not the tiniest bit of expression.

At first glance, the contract was not that binding and restricting. However, when Claire thoroughly read its content, she almost choked.

Except for all work being arranged by Chason, the other terms talked about what he liked and disliked. This included food, clothes, and even what he loathed others were doing at what time!

With her mouth hanging agape, Claire stared at the document, holding the pen in her hand. "Why should I remember all these?" she asked in a dumbfounded tone.

Chason raised his eyebrows and answered, "You're my secretary. Your job is to serve me."

This sentence sounded quite strange to her ears. And while she hesitated and didn't know what to say, her phone rang.

Settling the pen on the table and grabbing her phone, Claire read a text from her father. "Claire, your sister's getting married on the 17th. You must come."

Instantly, a sneer flashed on her pretty lips. It had been a while since she left the Lin family. Claire thought she would never hear from them ever again—especially from her father.

And although he sent out this invitation via a text message, he never bothered to ask how she was doing. More than that, he knew what Fiona had done to her. Yet, he still asked her to attend the wedding.

This was her father, who she once loved deeply. Thinking of this, Claire just shrugged her shoulders, trying to cast away all her filial emotions.

She then grabbed the pen once more and signed the contract in cold silence. Without saying anything, she turned around and went to her room, leaving Chason utterly confused.

It was not that bad, was it? It was just an agreement. Why did this woman suddenly get angry?

Chason's face darkened at the thought of that.

Was she mad at him because of the contract?

Frustrated, he threw the document and strode towards the room.

Meanwhile, the moment Claire shut the door, she instantly burst into tears. For so long, she had thought that she was already over the past. But being reminded of what her family had done to her proved her wrong. She was still not over it; everything was still fresh in her memory.

That wedding was a nightmare for her. After all, her former lover and sister were to tie the knot! These people once used to be the most important to her. But after inflicting so much pain to her, they were getting married, which was an even greater pain for her.

If she could, she really didn't want to see them anymore, let alone attend their wedding.

But knowing Fiona, Claire knew it must be her who asked their father to invite her. She just wanted to shove the wedding to her face and see her making a fool of herself!

Well, Claire would not give them that satisfaction.

She would attend the wedding and show everyone that she had moved on. Yes, that was right—she would not let them pity her at all!

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