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   Chapter 22 The Brave Mrs. Jiang

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For other newly married couples, this would have been a romantic night; a night to remember and recall fondly for the rest of their lives.

For them, it was no big deal.

Perhaps it was out of her tiredness, but Claire was unable to fall asleep for a long time. The next morning, it took the alarm clock several tries before she finally woke up.

She groggily got up and looked at the time. Eight o'clock? She got up hurriedly. The man beside her was long gone. Claire quickly got dressed and freshened up. Downstairs, she discovered that Chason had gone to the office.

She chuckled softly. Grabbing some bread from the table, she ran outside.

"Mrs. Jiang, you haven't had breakfast yet. Where are you going in such a hurry?" A maid ran after her.

She threw away the depressing mood that had taken her yesterday and smiled, "Well. I have an appointment with my friend and it's time to go. Bye." She rapidly departed, ignoring the maid's stunned expressions behind her.

It had been a while since she'd taken the subway. She wasn't used to it. However, right now, she just felt lucky to still be diligent and wanting to continue her job. Once a person got used to a leisurely life without worrying about earning a livelihood, getting back and adapting to a life of work and struggle became increasingly difficult every day.

Arriving at the company, she checked her watch again. It was nine o'clock. She had arrived on time.

She took a deep breath and walked into her office. She hadn't been here for almost a month. The last time she'd entered this office, she had never expect that she would come back here in this condition—married and about to have a baby fathered by the CEO of her company. How the tables had turned!

She shook her head and walked towards her seat. There were mixed feelings in her heart. At that moment, she saw that her colleagues in the office were looking at her. The width of their open eyes spelled one word: shock.

"Claire? Is that really you? Claire!"

"Claire. You're back? Where have you been?"

"Hey, Claire. I heard that you have a special relationship with Larry in the CEO's Office? Is that true?"

She didn't know how to respond to the infinite queries of her colleagues.

Wait? Larry? What the hell? What was going on?

Suddenly, someone roared from the inside-office, "Why are you all standing around? Don't you have work to do?"

Everyone returned to their seats instantly. The roar had come from their director, who'd discovered that everyone was gathered around someone upon walking out of her office.

The director, a divorced woman in her thirties, was known to have a bad temper. She hated Claire and always vented her anger on the latter, most likely because she had no background. Expecting trouble coming her way, Claire lowered her head and softly explained, "Director. I am here to continue my work."

Surprisingly though, the director didn't treat her the usual way. Instead, she smiled kindly and asked, "Claire, you're back? Why didn't you tell me in advance?"

Claire was stunned. What was going on with her today? After a long while, she apologized, "I'm sorry. Director, I..."

"Eh?" The director waved her hand and said, "I mean you still haven't recovered fully. You can rest more if you would like." Since Larry from the CEO's Office had taken her to the hospital himself, and the CEO had approved her leave personally, the director had been uneasy this whole time. She was only the director of the Logistics Department, and anything that the CEO was involved in was above her pay-grade.

Larry was the most popular person in Mr. Jiang's office. Offending him would mean directly offending the CEO.

The director discovered that she was wrong about Claire. She had thought that Claire was a nobody. However, it was beyond her wildest dreams that the woman would have connections with the CEO's Office and still keep such a low profile.

Claire was shocked and her heart sank. However, she quickly smiled and said, "Director, I'm fine. Can I please get back to work now?"

"No." The director suddenly lowered her voice and replied, "Claire, please step into my office."

Could it be that the director's pleasant countenance was nothing more than a pretext? The real storm was coming inside the office, wasn't it?

Claire followed the director in surprise, waiting for her to explode. However, once inside, the director asked her with a smile, "Claire, I had been extremely strict with you in the past. I hope you don't mind."

"What?" Claire hadn't expected such a question. She shook her head immediately and said, "How is that possible? I know that you do this for our own good."

The director smiled and tentatively asked, "I heard that Larry took you to the hospital when you fainted. Are you two quite familiar?"

Larry? She had no idea who the man was. Claire was stunned. She shook her head and said, "I haven't heard of him before that day."

She was telling the truth, but it only aroused more suspicion in the director's heart. It looked like Claire was hesitant to tell the truth. That was suspicious and dubious. However, since Larry and Mr. Jiang were concerned here, she could not act rashly without knowing the full story.

In any case, she had to dismiss Claire, who went back to her seat in a daze. Why were her colleagues and the director acting like that?

She was not stupid. Despite her confusion, she could tell that they associated her with the CEO's Office.

She shook her head. 'Oh! Let's forget it. Chason won't make our relationship public, so I have nothing to worry about. After I leave this company, n

o one will even remember me."

She turned on the computer and was about to check the company's email. She wanted to see what was pending. However, the director came out and gave her a big smile. "Oh, Claire. Don't get so busy with your work. Go to the headquarters and take these documents with you. The CEO's Office personally appointed you for the task." While saying that, she also gave her a wink.

No! She hadn't been here for even an hour. How could Chason know it?

Come on! This was an insignificant subsidiary company. Did that man have her under surveillance?

"Director, I haven't finished my work yet. Can you please ask someone else to take the documents?" Claire braced herself and tried to negotiate.

The director was shocked and urged her, "No. You have to go now." Her tone became slightly heavy. "Oh, Claire. Don't make things difficult for me. Hurry up." She turned off Claire's computer, stuffed the document into her hand, and pushed her out.

'What's going on? What's wrong with Chason?'

It was stupid to think that she was being monitored with cameras. Chason didn't need to do that. Someone would tell him anyway.

Somehow, Claire had become the focus of the entire company the moment she had set foot inside the building. The gossip grapevine had naturally caught on to her arrival. Naturally, Claire herself didn't enjoy gossip and wasn't in the group.

But Larry was. In fact, he was the administrator of the gossip group. He was always the first one to know about everything in the company.

He knew about her arrival and as soon as he knew, so did Chason. Chason's face had darkened when Larry had told him. 'Claire, how dare you go back to work privately?'

"Mr. Jiang, this..." Larry's face turned pale and he didn't know what to do.

Chason cast a cold glance at him and said, "You don't need to bother me with such trifles."

'Trifles? This is your wife, for God's sake!' Larry felt himself getting a headache and stammered, "Oh..."

"It's working time now. Let's not talk about it. Get me the logistics planning document from our subsidiary," Chason ordered without raising his head.

Logistics planning document? A crazy idea came to Larry's mind. Wasn't that Claire's department?

'Don't try to fool me.'

When Claire arrived in the lobby of the headquarters of the company, she was still a little dizzy. Obviously, the man had done it on purpose. But she had to see him now.

Although she was indirectly an employee of the J Group, she had never been to the headquarters. Stepping foot into such a huge building for the first time was a little frightening. This was... Was this entire company her husband's?

"Mrs. Jiang." Suddenly, someone patted her on the back. Claire turned around. It was Larry.

She was a little embarrassed. "Larry."

"Come on in. Mr. Jiang's been waiting for you." He softly told her.

Nodding, she walked in quietly and put the documents on the table. This man really didn't raise his head while he was working. She stayed there for almost half a minute and it was like she wasn't even there.

Well, if he was treating her as invisible, she would just walk away!

Just as she was about to leave, she heard a soft mutter from the man. Without raising his head, he was asking, "Why are you here?"

You! Claire almost cursed. Was this man playing tricks on her?

"Mr. Jiang, I am here to deliver these documents on behalf of the Logistics Department." She suppressed her anger and said in a formal tone.

He raised his head and glanced at Claire, questioning, "How dare you come to work without my permission?" His tone was gruff, but he was secretly glancing at the woman's feet. It was good that she didn't wear high heels. She knew what was best for the baby.

"I'm an employee of the company. There's nothing wrong with me coming to work. Must Mr. Jiang interfere with this?" She was extremely unconvinced now.

She knew how to talk back to him. "All right. You're fired. You can go back home."

"Why?" Claire, who had subdued her anger just now, was furious now. "Chason, you can't do this! I'll report you to the police for illegal termination of my job!"

He raised his eyebrows and remarked, "Interesting. Pregnant wife reports husband. What sentence would the court give for him thinking about her health?

"You!" She stamped her feet. "You promised you won't interfere with my freedom."

He nodded and answered, "Yes, I did. But you just make a little money. Why are you so interested in it?"

What did he mean by a little money? Was the salary of his employees so low in his eyes? She bit her lips and snapped, "I'm not like you. That little money is more than enough for me."

"Okay, since you want to work so much, let me help you."

Claire was surprised to hear that. "All right. I'll go back now."

"Stop!" He raised his voice and picked up the phone. "Larry, transfer Claire to the CEO's Office. She'll be one of the secretaries here."

One of the secretaries? In the CEO's Office? What did he mean? She was confused and asked, "You... What are you doing?"

"Your salary will be double here." He waved his hand and pointed to a desk on the other end of the office. "That's your desk from now on."

Right under his nose? Was she pushing herself into the fire?

Seeing her expression, Chason raised his eyebrows again. "If you don't want to work here, then I'll give you two choices. You can either double your salary by working in this office. Or you can go back home."

"No, I want to work here." She lowered her eyes and walked towards the table. Whatever! This was better than idling at home.

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