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   Chapter 21 A Lonely Wedding

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Over the next few days, neither Claire nor Chason mentioned their encounter with Lucas. Although Claire was not interested in the wedding, she still took it seriously.

Her easy-going and acceptable nature impressed the servants of the Jiang family. The woman who had arrived a few days ago was indifferent to the wedding. They had thought that she would prove difficult to serve. Their impression was that she had life handed to her on a silver platter. They hadn't expected her to improve so much in such a small time. Maybe, she wouldn't prove as indifferent as they'd thought.

She never bothered to explain the sudden change, though. The truth was, she hadn't paid much attention to the wedding since she disliked the idea. Subconsciously, she resisted it. However, once she saw Lucas, she knew that there was nothing else to be done. It was better to accept a harsh reality than to complain all day long. The wedding of the Jiang family was a complex affair. It wasn't easy. Thus, she simply treated it as a work task.

Perhaps it was because she was busy all the time, but she never realized how hard her life in the Jiang family was. She had to take care of the entire wedding, including the overall design to the arrangement of the guests' invitation cards. Each of these cards had to be checked one by one. Strangely enough, the names of Chason's parents weren't present in the list of guests he'd given her.

Although she was a little surprised, she didn't ask. In fact, the whole affair didn't feel like her wedding at all. She was more like a worker hired by the Jiang family to take care of the wedding. She didn't plan on blending into his world, so caring about who the guests were was the least of her concerns.

The less she knew of the Jiang family, the easier it would be for her to get rid of it in the future.

The wedding day arrived very soon.

Although she tried her best to keep a low profile, the wedding of the richest family in J City was still a highly popular affair. The decorations were immensely luxurious, and the guests were highly distinguished.

When Claire walked over the red carpet in the trailing, milky-white wedding dress, Chason's heart started to beat faster than ever. Although he had already seen her in the wedding dress, he couldn't take his eyes off her today.

What was wrong with him? This woman was so simple and so plain. Why did she seem so beautiful right now?

He didn't recover from his daze until she was right in front of him. A bitter smile appeared on Claire's face. Normally, her father would have taken her hand and handed it to the groom.

This should have been the happiest moment of her life. But none of her loved ones were present.

She hadn't invited any of her relatives or friends. The whole facade would end one day, and she wasn't going to do something as stupid as telling everyone. However, right now, even while surrounded by a noisy wedding, she felt lonely.

She turned around and tried her best to smile. After all, she had promised Chason that she would perform well today. The moment she stood beside him, Chason took her hand.

Everything proceeded fine. When she was asked if she was willing to take this man as her lawfully wedded husband, she smiled bitterly and replied, "I do."

Yes, she did. Maybe not take him as her husband, but she was willing to finish this drama and give birth to his child. She was bound by fate.

The duo didn't show any unease during the whole wedding. He held her hand the entire time until their palms began sweating. Even then, Chason did not let go of her hand.

The day finally ended. After seeing the guests off, Claire immediately took her hand out of his grasp. Chason was stunned, and a complicated expression appeared in his eyes.

After the wedding was fully over, they were taken into a large bedroom. This was a part of their wedding customs. As soon as they went in, Chason hopped into the enormous bed in the center of the room.

Although the room was huge, there was only one bed. Even a sofa wasn't present. "Where do I sleep?"

He turned around and glanced at the woman. With a disdainful look on his face, he said, "This bed is big enough for two people, isn't it?" After a pause, he continued, "Don't worry. I'm not interested in you. You can make a bed on the floor if you want."

She gritted her teeth and hopped in as well. He was right. The bed was huge. The moment she lay down, she realized how tired she was. She was pregnant. Which meant that she got tired easily. And taking care of an entire wedding for a whole day was not an easy task.

The truth was, Chason had only asked her to choose and do whatever she liked. She didn't have to manage the whole thing. But she was bored and wanted to find something to do. She was afraid that if she stayed idle in here for a long time, she would get used to a lazy lifestyle when she finally left.

This place didn't belong to her. She was nothing more than a fake wife. Recent events had made her understand that she could only rely on herself in this


"Wow!" Suddenly, she yelled subconsciously.

Chason turned around and asked, "What's wrong?"

She was a little embarrassed. She pointed at her belly and said, "I...... I feel like the baby kicked me just now." This was the first time that she had truly felt the baby inside her after becoming pregnant.

Chason's expression seemed a little complicated. After a long time, he simply told her, "You're only about two months pregnant. It's not the baby. Get some rest."

However, the mention of the baby made them sleepless. In a way, they had just become parents. Even if they didn't want to believe it or agree to it, the baby was approaching them fast.

"Chason." The lighting in the room was dim. Perhaps the dark atmosphere gave people the strength and courage they needed to speak what was hidden in their hearts.

With his back to her, Chason asked, "What?"

"I'm in good health now and the wedding is over. There's still a long while before the baby comes. Why don't you let me go back to work now?" Jarred had said that she didn't need to go to work. She hadn't thought much of it at the time. However, she felt like she couldn't lose her job.

It wasn't too profitable or important for her, but at least she was employed in one of the top 100 companies of the world. After giving birth to the baby, she would go out and find a new job. At that time, having worked here would improve her resume. And she also wouldn't waste skills that she had acquired and was now familiar with.

If she spent an entire year taking care of an unborn child inside the villa, and staying out of touch with the outside world, she wouldn't be able to adapt once she finally left.

This woman wanted to work? Chason frowned and denied her suggestion. "No, Claire. Don't you remember your identity after the wedding?"

"I know I'm Mrs. Jiang, but it won't embarrass the Jiang family if I go to work, will it? Besides, no one in our company knows who I am."

Why did this woman always misunderstand him? He frowned and explained, "Grandpa won't agree."

"Chairman is just worried about the baby and your family-line. I can protect the baby. And in any case, it's not the time for me to ask for maternity leave from the company yet." She paused before continuing, "And I'm the mother of the child. I think I get a say too."

Chason was speechless for a while after hearing this. The dim light was making her face look remarkably gentle. "Why do you want to go to work?" he asked.

"I have to make money." She had no family and no lover. After leaving the Jiang family, she would be a woman who had given birth to a child and had an ex-husband and that was it! Thus, she had to be financially independent.

Chason burst out laughing. This was probably the funniest joke he had ever heard in his life. "Claire, do you think the Jiang family can't afford you?"

"No. In fact, I know that the Jiang family's money is enough for me to spend ten lifetimes." She paused and suddenly smiled, "But you know my relationship with the Jiang family better than anyone else. Whatever money your family has is not mine."

Chason was furious. Even before giving birth to his baby, this woman wanted to get rid of her relationship with the Jiang family. "You are the mother of my child, and my family will treat you well. I promise you a comfortable life."

After saying that, he turned on the wall lamp and handed her a credit card from his wallet. "Here. This is my no-limits credit card. Use it however you like."

Chason wasn't wrong. His family resources could raise her for an entire lifetime. However, that wasn't what she was after. She sneered, "No, thanks."

If she took the card, it would make her the woman that Chason thought her to be. In his heart, she was a woman who admired vanity and would risk everything to marry a rich man.

The truth was, that was exactly what he had thought when he saw her the first time. He had believed that this was a woman who could sell her body for money. But now, he had to admit that Claire wasn't like that.

So, what was going on? Did she find the money of the Jiang family poisonous? How could she be so dismissive?

He threw the card on the bedside and said, "Keep the card. You will need to spend a lot of money in the Jiang family." After a pause, he yawned slightly and said in a decisive tone, "Grandpa won't agree. If you want to go to work, go and talk to him yourself." Then, he turned over and closed his eyes.

Go and talk to the chairman herself? She bit her lips. It was obvious that Chason wanted to make things difficult for her. If Jarred agreed, how could she still talk to him here?

In any case, Chason had promised that he would not interfere with her daily life. And the way she saw him, he was a workaholic who went out early and came back late.

She only needed to be home when he was home. That wasn't too difficult. No one in the company knew of her relationship with Chason.

She would go anyway even though he didn't agree. Chason was the CEO. He wouldn't even notice her.

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