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   Chapter 20 Cruel Deal And Reality

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"Let's go." Chason pulled Claire.

The girl almost fell to the ground as a result. Stumbling, she asked angrily, "What are you doing?"

He merely pulled a long face in response and led her to the door. Chason was tall. She could only reach his neck even while wearing high heels. And at that moment, the difference in their heights was made evident incisively and vividly. He almost lifted her into the car.

What was this man doing? She panicked and shouted, "What the hell are you doing?" Why had he put her in the car without saying a word? To make matters worse, she was still wearing her wedding dress. He hadn't given her time to change.

"I need to take you somewhere." He didn't even call the driver and started the car himself. She had been placed on the back seat and he handed her a paper bag. "Change."

Claire opened the bag hesitantly and saw a delicate dress inside. "I... Change here?"

"You can change on the street if you want to. I don't care! Don't worry. I've already seen you and I won't look at it a second time!" he said sarcastically.

Claire gritted her teeth and didn't bother responding to the man's mockery. She changed on the back seat while the car slid down the streets. Although she didn't know what Chason was going to do, she was really tired and after a few moments, fell asleep with her head against the window.

A while later, the brakes were applied suddenly and she woke up. They had stopped in front of a cafe.

Why had he brought her here? Claire looked at him in confusion, wondering what he was up to.

The coffee shop was densely occupied right now. However, as soon as she entered, she saw a familiar figure near the counter. Whether it was intentional or not, the man happened to look in her direction and their eyes met from a distance.

The air went quiet, and the environment went cold. Two pairs of eyes opened wide in shock as Claire saw Lucas.

"Why have you brought me here?" Claire bit her lips and was about to turn around.

But Chason took her hand and softly told her, "Once this play is done, you will see something immensely satisfying." The duo then walked over towards Lucas. Or rather, Chason walked over, pulling her in his tow.

As Lucas saw them come over, his face turned pale. He had just received a message from Chason, asking him to meet here. He had thought that Chason wanted to negotiate something with him. If that were the case, it would definitely help him get some benefit.

After coming back, Lucas had begun participating in the business of the Xu family. However, he was used to being idle. Receiving such a heavy responsibility all of a sudden had left him breathless.

The world saw him as the heir of the Xu family's company, but he had a half-brother, who had made enormous contributions to the company when Lucas had been abroad. This had increased the latter's value in the eyes of their father.

In the long run, his position as the heir was threatened.

He had been highly stressed. Then the news of Claire's engagement with Chason had arrived and brought him hope. If he could somehow link himself to the Jiang family and earn even the slightest benefit from them, he would be able to leave his half-brother in the dust.

From what he knew of Claire, he was certain that she wasn't the kind of woman who coveted vanity. Thus, he had called her yesterday to give it a shot. He had noticed that Claire subconsciously touched her belly, and it reminded him of something like a shotgun marriage.

In any case, something was going on between Claire and Chason. Lucas was certain of that much. Since the Jiang family was terrified of secrets, so he had to take advantage.

But all his plans and thoughts had been waylaid just now. Chason had brought Claire with him. What was going on?

"Mr. Jiang." Chason's imposing manner took away all his confidence. "Clai... Claire."

Chason carefully pulled a chair out and helped Claire sit down. All signs pointed to them being a loving couple, which made Lucas uncomfortable. "Mr. Xu, are you very familiar with my wife? Why were you calling her by her first name?"

As soon as he heard the questions, a cold sweat broke out on Lucas's forehead. "Er... I... Claire and I... Your wife and I were classmates in college. That's how we know each other," Lucas explained in a timid tone. He even glanced in Claire's direction tentatively. She seemed expressionless and showed no signs of joy or sorrow.

Her college classmate? So, their five-year relationship had just been wiped clean by a single sentence.

"Oh, really?" Chason raised his eyebrows and looked at the woman beside him gently. "Claire, I'll order a glass of juice for you. Don't drink coffee. Otherwise, you won't be able to sleep tonight..."

He looked completely different from his former self from a few moments ago. He was now a gentle lover, which brought

a bitter smile on Claire's lips. However, she had to continue the charade, even in front of her former lover. "Okay."

Chason smiled and continued, "According to my wife here, you two weren't just classmates, but lovers. I thank you for taking care of her for so long." He paused and looked at Claire, saying, "I get it. Everyone has a few exes."

His words seemed casual. But somehow, neither Claire, nor Lucas knew how to respond to this comment.

It was Chason who continued in a cold voice, "Now, Mr. Xu. I know my wife is an excellent woman and it's understandable that you covet her. You now have two choices."

Lucas had already lost whatever courage he had and thus, could not threaten him with any evidence. He only asked timidly, "Yes, Mr. Jiang?"

"If you still like Claire, she is yours for the taking." Claire's jaw dropped open as these words left his mouth. What on earth was he trying to do? Paying no heed to her shock, Chason continued, "However, in that case, you won't be able to inherit your family business. I am certain that buying such a small company won't prove much of a hassle for the J Group. Do I think correctly?"

"Chason!" Claire was furious when she heard that. Did he consider her nothing more than currency? Something to be bargained against?

Noticing her anger, Chason put on an evil smile on his face and continued, "I have heard that you want to work with Mr. Jiao. He is an old acquaintance of mine. If you promise not to have anything to do with my wife in the future, I can grant you a little favor,"

"Okay." Lucas agreed immediately, "I agree. Please help me with Mr. Jiao."

Claire felt like her heart had completely collapsed. If she had known that her being with Lucas wasn't meant to be, she wouldn't have left such a big place in her heart for him. After all, she had been thinking that it was Fiona's fault. In fact, she had even felt a little guilty when Lucas had called her repeatedly.

But just now, Lucas had denied everything about them. Her once intimate lover was no one but a stranger to her.

He had agreed to the deal so quickly without hesitating for a single second. That could only mean one thing: whatever memories Lucas had of being with her were nothing in front of the offer that Chason had just placed on the table.

She stood up with a cold smile.

Slap! A loud voice rang out as her wrist connected with Lucas's face. "This is for wiping out everything we had for five years." Then came another one. "And this is to wish you and Fiona a happy life."

Then came the third one. "This means that we are even from now on."

Then, Claire turned around and left. Her tears didn't fall until she had turned around and hidden her face. Her youth was finally over.

She was wrong.

Chason followed her and without a glance at her, ordered, "Get in the car."

Claire got inside silently and obediently. There was neither anger in her eyes, nor hatred. Instead, they were filled with immense sorrow.

Chason had brought her here just to see how it would turn out. He knew Lucas well enough. He knew the choice he would make.

However, this was the first time he hadn't found pleasure in controlling everything. Instead, there was an indescribable feeling in his heart that he couldn't fathom.

He really wanted to comfort her right now. He even hoped that she would lean on his shoulder and cry it out, instead of being so silent.

"Are you okay?" he asked after a while.

Claire's expression remained indifferent. "I am fine. Are you finally happy Chason?"

What did she mean? Hadn't he done this for her own good? If he hadn't, wouldn't Lucas have kept on pestering her? He frowned and remarked, "No wonder he fooled a stupid woman like you for so long."

She snorted, "If I weren't stupid, would I have acted for you in the cafe?"

"Claire, remember that this is your duty." How could she compare him with that man?

Claire turned her eyes outside the window and didn't argue anymore. If it weren't for that one night, she would still be Lucas's girlfriend and dreamed of marrying him and carrying his children by now.

But she was wondering. Had Lucas ever really loved her? 'Is that the same young man I met at the rooftop?'

Maybe he had loved her some time ago. But it was a delicate and fragile thing that could be shattered by something as simple as a feather. Chason was right. She had been stupid in entrusting her life to someone else.

She believed in loving her family. But her family had betrayed her. She believed in love. She was willing to do anything for it, but love had completely shattered her dream. Her biggest mistake was to believe in all these things but not to believe in herself.

Perhaps, it was time for her to change. From now, she would never live for anyone else.

She would follow only her own dreams and live for her own heart's voice.

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