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   Chapter 19 The Old Man And The Stupid Woman

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The thought of Sara kept Claire awake all night out of excitement. It had been a while since she'd set an alarm for the morning. Chason had asked the company for leave in her stead. But tonight, she took special care to set an alarm. In her excitement, she had already forgotten that Chason was going to go with her to see the wedding dress.

"Why are you up so early?" The next morning, when Chason returned after jogging outside, he was surprised to see her sitting in the living room. Why was this woman so active today?

Claire looked at her watch awkwardly. She had visited a wedding planner yesterday, but she had gotten up late, which had forced Ralph to wait for her for quite a while. Of course, that was not the primary reason. She was excited since she was going to see her idol she had liked for so many years. "How about I wear the dress you gave me?" Claire asked and blushed.

She had told Chason that he didn't have to worry about her clothes. She didn't want to wear anything too expensive on his expenditure.

However, she proposed to wear it herself today. Claire was only doing what all women did: getting ready to meet someone they loved. Although Sara was not her lover, she was an unreachable goddess that Claire wanted to dress up for.

'What's wrong with this woman today? What's gotten into her?' Chason frowned, but he didn't enquire further. Instead, he asked the maid to bring the dress downstairs. 'Has Claire suddenly realized her identity and is finally ready to be Mrs. Jiang?'

To be honest, he was a little relived after seeing this. After all, even though their whole marriage would be a facade, Claire was still his wife in everyone's eyes. Thus, she represented the image of the whole Jiang family whenever she went out. He was worried that she would make a fool of herself outside. However, the woman seemed to have grown a little.

Unfortunately, his initial relief was short-lived. When they arrived at their destination, he quickly realized that his thoughts were nothing but wishful.

"Oh! It's Sara." Before she got out of the car, Claire's eyes fell on Sara, who was waiting for them at the door. She couldn't help screaming in excitement, "Pinch me! Am I dreaming?" She had been looking forward to seeing Sara for a long time, and now, Sara was waiting for her. An intense wave of excitement overcame her and tickled her spine like a cold chain on a summer's afternoon.

Claire was just about to open the door and rush out, when Chason held her wrist. "Pay attention to your image and behavior."

"What... What are you doing?" Claire was stunned and tried to break free from his grasp.

Chason frowned and whispered, "Don't forget that you are Mrs. Jiang."

His words slightly faded the light in Claire's eyes. He was right. She had nothing to be excited about. If it weren't for his help, she would never have gotten a chance to meet Sara. Now, she would have to act in front of her idol, wear a wedding dress designed by her, and finally finish the show.

Sara and drawing were the two best memories of her youth, but now, her dreams had been shattered.

Claire's enthusiasm dissipated. She took Chason's arm obediently and they got of the car together.

Sara was over thirty years old, but she still dressed like a young girl. She was this season's designer for the J Group, but her duties had an extra and unexpected task: she had to design a wedding dress for Mr. Chason Jiang's wife. To ensure her dress fully reflected the character of the wearer, Sara wanted to know more about Claire.

"Mr. Jiang. Mrs. Jiang." She greeted them neither humbly nor in a pushy manner.

Chason glanced at Claire, and then nodded to Sara, indicating her to go in first.

Meanwhile, Sara's attention was focused on Claire. She had already seen some of her photos and had a general idea of what would suit her. Her achievement was going to be designing a dress that mirrored the soul of the character that wore it.

The design would only end up perfect if the designer knew the wearer fully and properly.

At first glance, Chason's wife looked out of her depth. Her dress was expensive as it was bought by Chason. In any case, Claire didn't look like an ordinary lady from a rich family. For some reason, Sara wanted to design a wedding dress for her. "Mrs. Jiang, please follow me. Let me show you the first sample that I designed for you. Please remember that this is only to get a general idea." Then she paused before adding, "However, the most basic elements of designing a dress are..."

Before Sara could complete her sentence, Claire subconsciously interrupted, "Measurement, tailoring and sewing."

Sara was stunned when Claire finished her words. As for the latter, when she realized that she had just interrupted an expert in design, her ears turned red.

"Mrs. Jiang, you seem to know a lot about fashion design," Sara remarked with a smile.

"No. No, I..." Claire stammered. What had she done just now? She knew the answer since the sentence was from one of Sara's books. She had read it several times and remembered it by heart. She had blurted it out subconsciously.

Chason raised his eyebrows and said, "My wife li

kes you very much. She was the one who asked that you design her wedding dress."

He had been silent this whole time. But he tried to explain for her now. Luckily, the awkwardness was short-lived. Claire smartly produced the right answer. She smiled shyly and explained, "Yes. I've read your books several times."

Sara burst into laughter, and the atmosphere became quite lively.

"I've brought over the outlines for next season's collaboration as well, and the director is in the next room. You can discuss the outlines with him while my wife tries on the wedding dress," Chason stated. That was what he had really come here for. He wanted to kill two birds with one stone.

Sara agreed and went into the next room, following Larry's lead. Chason and Claire were alone in the big room.

Chason looked at the wedding dress and said, "Try it on, but be quick."

Claire picked up the wedding dress her idol had made with mixed feelings. "You can leave first if you want to."

"Do you want them to think that our relationship is terrible?" Trying on wedding dresses was a good opportunity to test a couple's relationship. Chason knew that opportunities never knocked twice. Since he needed to act well, he couldn't miss them when they arrived.

Claire silently picked up the wedding dress and walked into the fitting room. While she was putting it on, a lock of her hair got lodged in the zipper in the back of the wedding dress, and she couldn't get it out even after quite a while.

She opened the door and awkwardly said, "Chason... Please help me."

Chason raised his head from the newspaper and saw Claire wearing the wedding dress embarrassedly. He was stunned for a while and didn't say anything.

"What are you doing?" Claire waved her hand in front of him and repeated, "Help me."

Chason came to his senses and swallowed. "Didn't you just ask me to leave? Do it yourself!"

"You!" This man was so narrow-minded. "Help me quickly."

Her face was flushed with anxiety and the sight of that red face against the luxurious wedding dress caused Chason's heart rate to go up. "You look beautiful."

What? Now Claire was in a daze. Her hand fell from the zipper and there were several hints of doubts in her eyes. Had she heard him wrong? This man was calling her beautiful?

Realizing his gaffe, Chason quickly recovered and said, "I mean it's the designer I picked. The wedding dress she designed is unparalleled in the world and has turned an ugly woman like you beautiful."

What the hell? Claire gave him a ferocious stare. She wasn't particularly delicate, and she also didn't like heavy make-up. But she couldn't let herself be called ugly by this man, could she? "Yeah? Says the old man who doesn't even know how to behave."

Old? Chason was hit by a strange feeling when he heard these words. An imperceptible smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. "Turn around."

Huh? Before Claire could react, he had pulled her over and turned her around. Since he was much taller, it was a bit difficult for him to remove her hair from the zipper. He had to bend down and carefully dislodge it. Perhaps it was the lack of distance between them, but she could feel his warm and heavy breaths on her neck.

"Are, are you okay?" She frowned and turned around to meet Chason's eyes.

He dodged for a second but switched back to his original self a moment later. "Idiot. You can't even put on a dress without messing up."

Claire didn't know whether to cry or to laugh at that. Was it her fault? She wasn't accustomed to these kinds of dresses, which were why her hair had gotten stuck in the zipper. How was that stupid?

Just as she was about to retort, her phone rang. She picked it up and saw a familiar number. The call was from Lucas.

Why was he calling again?

Claire's hand trembled subconsciously. She glanced at the man beside her and rejected the call.

But the phone kept ringing.

"What's going on? Why didn't you answer the phone?" Chason frowned and looked at the screen, only to discover that she had covered it with her hand.

She tried to pretend like it was nothing. "Nothing. It's a crank call."

That only made him more suspicious. When the phone rang again, he snatched it from her, paying no heed to her exasperated cry. Sure enough, it was what he thought.

"Give my phone back! You said that we will not interfere with each other's personal affairs. You have no reason to take my phone."

This sentence fully ignited his anger. "Yes, I made that rule. But it was only applicable if you didn't keep wrong men around you."

"I..." The insult infuriated her as well. "What do you mean by wrong men? You are a wrong man yourself."

"Really? Well, I guess only your ex-boyfriend is a right man. Oh wait! Isn't your sister pregnant with his child? Does she know how close you two are?"

This naturally upset Claire and she shouted, "No matter how bad Lucas is, he is better than you. You are a pervert."

Chason went dangerously calm at those words. She had just called him a pervert. He sneered and brought out his phone to send a message. He was going to show this woman what sort of person the man she had missed was.

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