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   Chapter 18 Things Changed

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It was still that familiar place, but the person in front of her became strange.

"Claire, I knew you would come." Lucas' eyes were full of complex emotions when he saw her.

She smiled bitterly. What was she doing? Why was she here?

It was ridiculous. The last time they met, she saw him off on the plane. He promised at the airport that they would get married after he came back.

Now that they met, she was going to marry a man who had only known her for a month and already had his child, and Lucas was also no longer who he was at that time. She coughed slightly and said, "If you have nothing else to do, you can go back. I'm leaving now."

"Wait!" He stopped her and asked, "Claire, is it true between you and Chason?" He almost looked into her eyes and asked.

Hearing this, her first reaction was -- then what about you and Fiona Lin?

But when Lucas looked at her, she was still silent.

"Claire, tell me the truth, okay? He forced you, didn't he? Are you hiding something from me? Tell me, I can help you. " He grabbed her hand and said anxiously.

The familiar temperature in the hand of her former lover panicked her. For almost a moment, she wanted to tell him everything. She wanted to tell him all her grievances and anger in the past month.

The next second, she suddenly felt her belly moving. The baby in her belly cruelly reminded her of all this at the moment. She touched her belly subconsciously and Lucas saw her movement.

"Don't contact me anymore. I'm leaving." She gritted her teeth and left after saying that.

'We will never be together again.'

She turned around and left in a hurry. After walking for a long time, she finally came to her senses. The phone kept vibrating. She clicked on the screen and found dozens of missed calls from Chason.

She picked up the phone tremblingly, and there was an expected angry voice on the phone, "Claire, how dare you not answer my phone?"

"I I muted it, so I didn't hear it. " She quickly made up an excuse.

He sneered, "Where are you?"

"No I didn't go anywhere. I... " She had never been good at lying, and now she was facing an unreasonable man. For a moment, Claire was like a pupil who had made a mistake and was questioned by the teacher.

' You Claire just ran out of the room by yourself, I thought that something had happened to you and was so worried.' He put down what he was doing and ran to the wedding company. However, she ran out to see her old lover. "I asked where you were!"

"Just a friend I have something to deal with. " She was a little guilty, but soon she felt why she was so afraid of him. "I don't think it's necessary for me to tell you everything, right?"

"You!" He was so angry that he was about to throw his phone away. Yes, why did he care about her? If it weren't for the baby in her belly, she had nothing to do with him. "I'll give you half an hour to go home."

Half an hour. Does he think that she can fly? Claire stamped her feet and was about to say something when the phone was hung up.

This irritable man.

"Larry." Chason roared.

Larry came over gingerly, "Mr. Chason, what do you need?"

"Can't you do one of the things I told you?" Chason's face darkened.

Having worked for the CEO for many years, Larry immediately understood what he meant. Last time, it was also because of his mistake that Claire had a relationship with the CEO. Although he didn't know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing, at least the CEO was very angry.

Therefore, when Chason had to accept Claire, he naturally sent Larry to investigate her. So he knew the existence of her ex-boyfriend, Lucas.

Caire's marriage with Jiang family would certainly cause a lot of public opinions, and Lucas was not a civilian. Although the Xu family was nothing in Chason's eyes, it still had some strength. Although he was not afraid, he didn't want to make trouble. After all, if Lucas was not smart enough, he might take advantage of the title of the ex-boyfriend to get some benefits from the Jiang family.

According to Chason's principle of handling things, he would nip all possible things in the bud.

After all, he was Chason, who had firmly grasped the inheritance right of the Jiang family in his twenties. And in just a few years, the Jiang Group's influence had increased several times. He was right. Lucas was not smart enough.

"Mr. Chason, I swear that I have given him profits and he promised not to see Mrs. Claire again." Now Larry had become more careful. After all, if he irritated his boss again, he might lose the job.

Chason sneered. This woman really had a bad taste. This man already took his advantage, but he still tried to see her like nothing had happened. "Keep an eye on him. Report to me if anything happens."

If he wanted to use Claire to stir up public opinion, it would not be difficult. As long as she told the public that the successor of the Jiang Group and his wife had a contractual marriage, and then embroidered the story, it could be imagined how serious the c

onsequences would be.

By then, his uncles would definitely take advantage of this play, and his position as the heir would definitely be affected.

It was a good plan, but Chason's expression was full of disdain. After all, the opponent that Lucas was facing was him. It was nothing for him.

He was afraid that all Lucas' efforts would be in vain.

However, Claire certainly didn't know what had happened. She took a taxi back and bumped into a dark face of Chason as soon as she entered.

Although she wasn't afraid of this man and didn't have a good impression of him, she was living under his roof now. There was at least a year left before she gave birth to the baby. If they were angry at each other every day in the following year, she would grow old quickly.

Although Claire had many misfortunes, she couldn't be manipulated by fate all her life. She didn't want to stay here for a year and get old when she leaves.

"Chason." She tried her best to make her attitude better. "I'm back."

He ignored her and continued to pull a long face.

She pointed at her watch and said, "Half an hour." Then she went upstairs. "If there's nothing else, I'll go upstairs first."

"Stop!" It was the first time that someone had turned a blind eye to his anger.

She turned around and forced a smile. "Anything else?"

Good, very good. She went to meet her ex-boyfriend without saying a word, and then refused to answer his phones. Then she even didn't say a word about it when came back. This woman was undoubtedly challenging his bottom line.

"Claire, for the last time. Don't forget your identity. Running around with a baby in your belly... " He paused, "I don't care what happened to you. You'd better make sure that your baby is born safely."

When she saw more than twenty missed calls, she felt like she was taken care of for a moment, but it was an illusion, of course. She and Chason were now in a relationship of interests. She promised to give birth to the baby when he bought her for this year with a contract.

This was much better, just live in peace with each other.

She took a deep breath and said, "I know."

Looking at her back, he was stunned. He had thought that this unruly woman would quarrel with him, but he didn't expect that she would agree so calmly, which was a little beyond his expectation.

Then no one mentioned this matter again. After dinner, Chason mentioned the wedding. "I heard from wedding company that the way you choose is very strange."

She understood what he meant. "It's not strange, is it? Following the market's choice, it's also a good choice to join the public. I'm learning it from the predecessors, okay? "

Hearing her words, he was unable to refute for a while. After a while, he glared at her and said, "Don't you have any preferences?"

What preferences? It was not the wedding she wanted. Maybe she should put it another way, he was not the one she wanted to marry. It didn't matter what kind of wedding she would have.

Forget it. He didn't want to tangle with this woman about these useless things. Just do as she liked. Anyway, this wedding was just a show, and he didn't care about the form. However, no matter what kind of wedding it was, it had to be the best. After all, it represented the dignity of the Jiang family.

"Go and try on the wedding dress with me tomorrow. The designer will come to see you in person."

Today was the wedding ceremony, and tomorrow was the wedding dress. There was no time for peace. And he meant that he would go with her tomorrow. She shook her head and asked tentatively, "Don't you need to work tomorrow?"

"It is also related to my work, or do you think I would accompany you to try on the wedding dress in person?" Seeing the puzzled look on her face, he said, "The designer I found for you is Sara. She is the designer of my company's brand Shopaholic for next season."

"What did you say! Sara! " Claire screamed excitedly.

He frowned and asked, "Claire, what's wrong with you?"

"Do you mean that the designer who designed the wedding dress for me is Sara? That's great! That's great! " She was so happy that she didn't have any image, just like a crazy girl who wanted to see her idol.

She directly ignored his dissatisfaction and disgust. "You know what? I've liked Sara for ten years. I've watched her grow from an unknown Chinese designer assistant to an internationally renowned designer. "

Looking at the woman's exaggerated but sincere eyes, his disgusted expression faded a little. "You have liked her for ten years?"

Ten years ago, even he, a man who cared about design, didn't know the existence of Sara. Ten years ago, she was only thirteen or fourteen years old. How could she find her?

"Yes. I was still a junior high school student at that time. The first time I saw her painting on a magazine, I fell in love with it. " She recalled those days seriously, and her eyes were shining.

She glanced at Chason with her sparkling eyes, which seemed to light up his dark face.

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