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   Chapter 17 I Will Jump Down From Here

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"Mrs. Claire, it's time to get up." Claire didn't woke up from her dream until the bedroom door had been knocked for a while.

The sun shone through a corner of the screen window. She yawned and looked at her watch. It was already eight o'clock in the morning. It was so strange that she slept so soundly last night. She could only sleep well on her own bed before. She didn't know what happened last night.

Well, maybe it was because these bad things recently were really exhausting, although they were not solved now, or there was no way to solve them at all. But it was better to live than to die. Since she had come, she had to live in peace.

She answered and hurriedly opened the door. "I'm up."

The maid came in with a pile of clothes and said, "Mrs. Claire, this is what Mr. Chason told you to wear."

Hearing that, Claire was stunned. Didn't he have to deal with a myriad of things every day? How could he care about such a girl's business? She picked up the clothes and saw a light purple dress. It was beautiful.

"Mr. Chason also said You will wear the clothes prepared by him from now on. " The maid said and glanced at Claire.

What? It suddenly occurred to Claire that when she moved in and unpacked her luggage yesterday, he disliked her for not looking like a woman with so few clothes.

She frowned and put down the clothes. "No, thanks. I have my own clothes to wear. I'll tell him myself later."

The maid picked up the clothes awkwardly, "This..."

"That's it. I have an appointment with Ralph to the wedding company this morning. I have to wash up now." Claire finished everything in a hurry as she was going to be late for class in college. She wore a sports T-shirt and jeans and followed Ralph out. After all, she was new here and knew the importance of time concept. She really didn't want others to wait for her.

The wedding company was not far from the villa of the Jiang family, but the car still drove them directly to the door. For a person who had been using the three major transportation methods, including walking, subway and bus, it was really strange.

To make her more unaccustomed, almost all the staff of the wedding company gathered in front of her today. "Madam, would you like to use this red wine?"

"Madam, you may try this cake."

Claire was not interested in the wedding at all, and now with these messy details to be discussed, she get a headache naturally. Although she had treated the wedding as a work from the beginning, just like when she had met the company's banquet in the Logistics Department, she also had to deal with these trifles. "Well I see. " She, who had been silent all the time, suddenly said, "Show me a satisfactory investigation on your wedding plan."

"Well Mrs. Claire, what do you want to know? " The manager in the lead was shocked. He couldn't afford to offend Claire. Why did she suddenly ask for the satisfaction rate of the plans? Was she dissatisfied? However, in order to welcome the arrival of this rich customer, almost the whole company was here to serve Claire today.

Looking at the manager's pale face, she understood that he had misunderstood her. "I mean, I want to see which wedding you designed is the most popular one."

The manager breathed a sigh of relief and said to his assistant, "Do as the Madam said!" Then he bent over and smiled at Claire, "Don't worry, Mrs. Claire. We are the biggest wedding planning company in S City. Almost every design is very popular. As long as you can think of it, we can design it for you."

She shook her head immediately. There was no need to think of things. Just chose a plan and left.

In the blink of an eye, the planning record book had been brought over. Claire opened a page and glanced at the one with the highest satisfaction rate. "I'll order this one."

The manager was frightened by Claire's words. That wedding was held for an old couple. How could it fit her?

The manager wiped the sweat on his forehead and wondered what was going on with the girl in front of him? Why didn't she play according to common sense? "Mrs. Claire, please have a look at other plans too. Do you like romantic, traditional or luxurious style? "

"Just like this couple, okay?" She frowned. No matter it was romantic, traditional or luxurious. All she wanted now was to solve it as soon as possible and leave. She didn't care what the wedding would be like. Anyway, Chason said it was up to her.

The manager looked at his colleagues who were also stunned and said in a low voice, "Mrs. Claire, it's a little inappropriate. They are an ole couple."

Claire took a sip of tea and almost spat it out. "Then You can choose the ones about the same age as me and plan my wedding as the one ranks first. "

Listening to this, the manager felt that this big customer was much easier to serve than he had imagined. The next step was to sign the contract and pay the money. But it was none of her business.

Claire, who was waiting for Ralph to go through the

formalities, was so bored that she played with her mobile phone to have fun. Just then, a phone call came and directly interrupted the game. She was about to complain, but the phone number on the mobile screen made her unconsciously absent-minded. A sharp ringtone broke the silence in the room. Claire hung up the phone in a hurry.

On the day she moved out of the Lin family, when she heard that Fiona was pregnant with Lucas' child, she felt that the small world that had been built up for many years collapsed in an instant. For many years, she had dreamed of marrying that man and having their children, but now she was pregnant with another man's child by accident. What was more ridiculous was that her sister had his child.

Perhaps this fate was not willing to let her go. Either it was calm, or it brought heavy storm to her.

The first thing she did after she left the Lin family was to delete all the contact information of Lucas. But she had kept this man's number in her mind for five years. Even if she deleted it, she still knew who made the call at a glance.

She took a deep breath, hinting herself not to lose her manner. But before she could finish her breath, the phone rang again. In this way, she hung up the phone several times, but Lucas continued to call her several times. It seemed that he wouldn't stop until she answered the phone.

Under the gaze of several staff, Claire finally picked up the phone. When Lucas' voice came to her ears, her heart was obviously trembling. "What's up?"

"Claire, you finally answered the phone." Lucas' voice was familiar and strange.

She bit her lips and said, "I'm busy. You What's the matter? "

"Claire, can you meet me? I heard from Fiona that you are with Chason Jiang now. What happened? Claire, what happened between me and Fiona. It's not like what you think ... "

Fiona's name from his mouth made her heart ache, although she had told herself countless times to forget these unforgettable past. However, she didn't know why she felt so sad. She interrupted him in time, "I'm still very busy. I think since you know it, there's no need to meet you."

"Claire, why are you so cruel? We have been together for so long. I know you blame me for what happened between me and Fiona Lin, but it's not like what you think. Give me a chance to explain, okay? " He almost pleaded.

Explain? It had been so long that he didn't try to explain. Now, he wanted to explain, "No need." There was something in her throat that she couldn't swallow.

When she was about to hang up the phone, the sudden raised voice on the other side made her hand stop in midair. "Claire, do you remember the place where we first met?"

She smiled bitterly. Of course she remembered. When she was in college, she always had a habit of going to the rooftop of the tallest teaching building and doing all kinds of small things alone. The door of the rooftop was locked, but there was a small hole that could get to the rooftop. Few people knew about it, so the rooftop became her secret base.

She watched the sunrise on the rooftop, listened to music, drew and had been in a daze. Until one day she met Lucas, who also came to the rooftop alone, wearing a white sweater and had a warm smile. At that moment, she heard her heartbeat of love.

After that glance, they fell in love with each other and became the famous lovers of the whole school. Indeed, Claire was very ordinary at school, but Lucas was a relatively famous person. He was handsome and had a good family background, so Claire became the object of envy and jealousy.

But he treated her very well. For so many years, she had already been used to having him in her life. She never thought that one day they would be like this.

Well, maybe it was wrong from the beginning. She and he shouldn't have been together. "Let bygones be bygones." Claire said lightly.

"Claire, if you don't come, I will jump down from here. I'll wait for you for an hour. " After saying that, the man hung up the phone.

What was he going to do? Claire fainted. Was he going to end his life?

She couldn't think of anything in a while. She was very flustered, but she didn't know what to do.

Intellectually, she knew that this man had nothing to do with her. Even if he did something stupid, it had nothing to do with her. But the other thought was that no matter what happened, he was the only man she had loved in her life. They were so good before, she couldn't leave him alone.

Claire stumbled to her feet and knocked over the teacup on the edge of the table. The tea made by hot water was poured together with the shattered glass and made a crisp sound She rushed out regardless of anything.

"Madam, what's the matter?" Seeing that Claire didn't look well, Ralph hurried to stop her.

She calmed down a little and said, "I have something urgent to deal with. Ralph, I'll leave things here to you." After saying that, she directly hailed a taxi and left regardless of how Ralph stopped her.

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