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   Chapter 16 Lose Her Appetite

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Startled, Claire automatically paused for a moment before she began to carefully look around her bedroom. Her family wasn't that poor, but their house was relatively small than the guest room in Chason's villa.

During her childhood, she had to share a room with Fiona, but now she would live in this spacious bedroom alone for the next few months. With her hand on her belly, which was still flat, her eyes scanned the things Chason had prepared for her. He might be a little weird, but he was thoughtful.

A bitter smile appeared on her face as she thought about why he was like this.

The baby she was carrying in her womb was the heir of Jiang family, so no matter how much they looked down upon her, they would still treat her well.

"Mrs. Jiang, it's time for dinner." Lina's voice roused her from her reverie. Not wanting for others to wait for her too long, Claire immediately went downstairs. On her way down, she thought how harsh the title "Mrs. Jiang" was! She felt more uncomfortable than a servant in this big and strange villa.

When she came downstairs to the dining room, the first thing she saw was a full table of dishes. She swallowed her saliva and asked, "Well, there are so many dishes. Only two of us can eat them?"

Instead of answering her, Chason put down his iPad and began to eat in silence.

Only the two of them were at the table, and the silence was making her even nervous. The thought of having to face such a scene every day for the next few months made her head ache. It seemed like regardless of how delicious the food on the table was, she would lose her appetite.

No, things had come to this. How could she hurt her stomach because of this man? Thinking of this, she took a deep breath and immediately picked up a big piece of braised pork for herself.

As soon as the meat touched her tongue, her eyes shut closed. The combination of saltiness and sweetness tasted perfect in her mouth. Nodding her head, Claire got some more and feasted on them.

When she was down to her last bite, she suddenly felt that someone was watching her. She raised her head only to be greeted by Chason's sharp eyes. "Well, this braised pork is really good."

However, Chason just raised his eyebrows and didn't say a word. The children of the Jiang family had been strictly trained in etiquette since childhood, so they were very fastidious even when eating alone.

Seeing his disdainful look embarrassed her, so she finally swallowed the food in her mouth.

To be honest, she would rather not talk to him all her life. No, if possible, she would've stayed away from him from the beginning, but this ridiculous fate had tied them together. Eating together would be their everyday routine, so Claire decided to lighten up the atmosphere a little.

"Well, Mr. Jiang."

As soon as Chason heard how she addressed him, he glared at her. "What did I tell you?"

How should she address him? It was awkward to call him by his first name, but Claire just bit her lips and corrected herself. "Chaso..."

With a sneer, Chason taunted, "What's so hard about calling me by my name? You can't even act well in private now. How can you play the role as my wife well when you get out of this door?"

Hearing this, Claire rolled her eyes. Who said she wanted to act anyway? This man really had a bad temper, and it was making her annoyed. No, she should not be angry now. She did not want to get upset with the food in front of her. "Chason." In normal days, she didn't talk too much, but she had the tendency to talk a lot when she was nervous like this moment. "This braised pork in brown sauce is really good, and so is this sweet spareribs.... Where did you hire the chefs? Do they have time to teach me how to cook?"

It was true that she really wanted to learn some cooking skills from the chefs here. The food on the table was in fact better than what she had tasted in the restaurants she had been to. She had always been proud of her cooking skills, but of course, she was not as good as the chefs in this house. After all, she was just forced to learn how to cook at a young age because Mia and Fiona were often not around, and her father was always busy.

"Claire, how many times do I have to tell you not to forget your identity? You are a pregnant woman. How could you, Mrs. Jiang, learn to cook from the chefs?" Frowning, Chason continued to eat.

Mrs. Jiang? Hearing this title stunned her a little but she quickly shrugged it off. "What does it have to do with being Mrs. Jiang? What's wrong about being a chef? You are looking down upon the laboring people." After a short pause, she added, "Oh, right. You were born wealthy and have never seen any upheavals in your life. So naturally you feel ashamed to do someth

ing like cooking."

Suddenly, Chason lost his appetite. He put down the bowl and chopsticks and stared at her. He really didn't know how this woman understood his words. How she could derive so many inexplicable insights from his casual remark. "Didn't you know that you shouldn't speak when you're eating?"

Claire put down her chopsticks too and replied, "Chason, I think we both feel uncomfortable eating at the same table. Why don't you ask someone to send my food to my room?"

"You!" There were a lot of women around him who racked their brains to have a meal with him, but how could this woman be so disdainful? This thought made Chason angry. Did she think he wanted to eat with her?

"It's your duty," he said coldly.

Duty? For a second, Claire didn't know how to react, and then she suddenly chuckled. "My duty is to give birth to your child, right? Who says I have to stay here to see your face and lose my appetite?"

There was a hint of disgust in her voice. "You think eating with me is bad for your appetite?"

"Do you think your poker face is pleasing to the eyes of others?" At this moment, Claire had already forgotten that she shouldn't offend him.

Chason had never been this angry before. Different types of women flocked over him, who were all beautiful and alluring. They always tried to please him and coax him, but this ordinary and rude woman had the guts to go against him.

Perhaps it was because of their bad temper that they always ended up quarreling, and neither of them was willing to give in.

The noise startled all the servants in the living room. They were stunned to see what had happened in the dining room. Although Chason was not a good tempered man, they had never seen him this angry. But today, his aura looked so dark as he fought with his fiancee.

The butler shook his head. He had been working for the Jiang family for so long, and knew everything about Claire and Chason. What he was worried about was that now that Claire had made Chason angry on her first day here, how were they supposed to live for several months like this?

It seemed that he had to come to mediate, or he didn't know how long they would argue. Therefore, he knocked at the door of the dining room. "Sir, Madam."

Glaring at Claire, Chason signaled her to shut up. "Come in. What's up?"

The butler took a careful look at the two red-faced people and said, "Mr. Jiang, the wedding planner called and asked when you would discuss the details."

Upon hearing the word "wedding", Chason suddenly coughed. "Claire, this is the butler of the Jiang family. You can call him Ralph from now on."

Since someone else was here, Claire had no choice but to hold back her anger and pretend to be calm. "Hello, Ralph."

Chason was stunned by her sudden smile, but soon he sneered at her. What a pretentious woman.

"Ralph, the sooner the wedding ceremony takes place, the better. It will be troublesome to hold the wedding ceremony when Mrs. Jiang's baby bump is already obvious." It was true, but the main reason why he wanted the wedding to happen soon was because the media kept an eye on him all day long. If he had a shotgun wedding, he didn't know what they would say. He didn't care about what they would say. He just didn't want Claire to...

Once again, Chason was surprised with his own thoughts. Why did he care so much about this woman?

Understanding what they meant, Claire asked, "Is it so urgent?" Although it was a foregone conclusion, everything was too hasty. She was afraid that she couldn't get used to it.

But Chason just ignored her and turned to Ralph. "Ralph, take Mrs. Jiang to the wedding planner tomorrow."

"Well, Ralph, you just arrange it. I'll do everything you have arranged." It was not as if she cared about all of these.

How could this woman annoy him so much? "Claire, are you really a woman?" As far as he knew, all the girls who were getting married were interested in their own weddings. "How could a woman not care about her own wedding?"

Of course she was a normal woman. She had daydreamed about her wedding countless of times in the past. But the groom had only being one person from beginning to end, and that was Lucas. Unfortunately, she could never marry the man she wanted to marry. Besides, her wedding with Chason was just a show.

Since it was just a show, what was there to look forward to and worry about?

Why would she bother? This thought made her face turn cold. "Okay, I'll go." Since the incident that night, she could no longer control her own life. She didn't have a choice until she gave birth to the baby. "I'm already full. I go upstairs now."

After saying that, Claire stood up and left, paying no attention to the searching eyes behind her.

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