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   Chapter 15 Don't forget your identity

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This Lin family was really getting interesting.

While driving, Chason recalled what he had just saw in the Lin family. He had seen the graces of the Lin family clearly, but he didn't expect to deal with them.

That woman! Claire was also a member of the Lin family. As a father, so a daughter. He didn't know what she would do to the Jiang family after she gave birth to his baby. Thinking of this, he frowned again.

No, she was not that kind of person. She was just stupid, wasn't she? Otherwise, how could she be used by her family? Wait, what was he thinking about? Why should he defend that woman?

Who knew? However, no matter what the Lin family, including Claire, did, he didn't need to take them seriously.

It was just a deal.

A deal between him and her.

He braked suddenly and almost bumped into the oncoming car.

Distracted? It was only then that he realized that he was supposed to go back to the office, but now he was almost home.

Since when did he get distracted while driving a car?

Forget it. He rubbed his forehead and went home to take a look.

'Yes, that woman just now...... No, Claire had just fell, didn't know if the baby in her belly was okay.'

After a while, Chason, who was upset, appeared at the gate of the villa.

"Mr... Mr. Chason, you are so early today. " Lina was stunned when she saw him.

After all, it was the first time that Chason came back so early.

Hearing Lina's voice, Claire, who was in a daze on the sofa in the hall, turned around and found that it was Chason who had returned.

Seeing that Claire was sitting on the sofa, her little luggage that had been moved to the villa all put aside intact, Chason frowned and said to Lina, "why didn't you pack up for Mrs. Claire?"

The word "Mrs. Claire" made Claire tremble. She said in a hurry, "I asked Lina not to tidy it up first. " After a pause, Lina left the hall in a hurry, leaving the two of them alone.

Raising his eyebrows, Chason asked, "didn't you just fall to death?"

What? Hearing that, Claire was stunned. After a long time, she realized what he meant. "No I'm fine. "

It was obvious that he cared about her, but it was unpleasant to hear it from his mouth. However, it was thanks to him in the Lin family just now. Thinking of this, she showed a rare trace of gratitude to him.

"Why don't you clear up these things? Wait for me to sort them out for you?" Chason glanced at her coldly, ignoring the gratitude on her face.

Claire swallowed. Although Chason had asked her to live in the Jiang family, she didn't want to live here at all. Although she admitted that his villa was probably better than the Imperial Palace she had imagined.

She admitted that she was a tacky woman. She once dreamed of becoming rich overnight and living in a mansion. She liked this villa. But if she had to live with a man like Chason in this villa, she'd better be a pauper.

However, thinking of what Chason had done for her in the Lin family just now. Even though she knew that it was just a show, she still felt warm inside.

After all, compared with the man, it was undoubtedly those so-called family members who had lived with her for decades made her feel more desperate.

Thinking of this, Claire showed a sincere smile in front of Chason for the first time. She was not someone who didn't know how to be grateful. "Well, Mr. Chason."

It was the first time that he had seen Claire behaving like this. For a moment, he was stunned and didn't know what to say.

"Well, I have something to discuss with you." Without waiting for Chason to reply, she said in an almost pleading tone.

'What tricks were you playing?' Chason raised his eyebrows and asked, "what?"

"Well...... Mr. Chason, you know, I have many shortcomings, and then my temper is also bad. If you see me every day, you must be in a bad mood, so... " Claire stopped and looked at the man in front of her pleadingly.

So that's what this woman's been up to? She just didn't want to see him? He sneered, "you seem to think too much of yourself that you can influence my mood too. "

So there's no room for negotiation on this matter? Looking at the man in front of her who spoke without hesitation, Claire bit her lips and asked, "do I have to live here?"

"Do you think you have the right to bargain with me?" Was it so difficult to live in his villa?

It was indeed useless to say more. Claire gritted her teeth and seemed to have made up her mind. "You saw it at my home just now. That's what happened at my home. You are the heir of the Jiang Group. Aren't you afraid that the Lin family will come to you again and again? "

He didn't expect that Claire

would suddenly mention the Lin family, but he said lightly, "they just ask for money. Can't I pay it? "

"It's not about money." Claire shook her head. These rich people could associate money with anything. "I think you already know that they set us up that night. My so-called family members are just jackals, especially they don't know that we are just a contractual couple. So you have no obligation to satisfy the Jiang family since they have taken advantage of you this time, or for the second time. "

She understood the situation she was in, so she didn't want to owe him even more. The less she got, the more convenient it would be for her to escape in the future.

Chason was stunned. Apparently, what she said surprised him. "You seem to hate your family very much."

She didn't retort, "I used to think of them as family too, but reality gave me a hard slap in the face. Since they disowned me, I don't have to pay like a fool. " She would make Fiona and Mia pay for what they had done sooner or later.

As for her father, although she still thought he was her biological father, she was really disappointed now.

"You want to take revenge? As long as you say something, I can help you. After all, you are Mrs. Jiang now. " As a matter of fact, Fiona also set him up.

Claire shook her head with a bitter smile, "no, it's my own business."

Did she want to cut ties with him so badly? His face turned cold. "What you do has nothing to do with me, but you'd better be honest before giving birth to the baby. Pack up these things and go back to your room. "

She shook her head helplessly and endured it. It was less than ten months.

"I Live here? " It was really a luxurious bedroom. Although she didn't know what this was worth, she could guess that a vase casually decorated in the room would be enough for her to spend for a few years.

Chason raised his eyebrows, "not satisfied?"

"No, no, no I just think that the room is very good. " Forget it. Even if she didn't like here, she still had to flatter him, didn't she?

Seeing that Chason didn't seem to want to leave, Claire squatted down and began to clear her luggage. However, she saw that he looked at her clothes in disgust, he asked, "is this all you have? Are you still a woman? "

Indeed, Claire's salary was not very high. Her father and stepmother asked her for money from time to time. She was silly at the time and gave most of her money to them generously each time, not having much money herself and rarely going to buy clothes. Claire ignored him and went to the wardrobe with the clothes. As soon as she opened the wardrobe, she was shocked.

A cabinet of white shirts and black suits, only these two colors, but filled the cabinet. Although Claire couldn't tell the difference, the wardrobe of clothes still stunned her.

"There are so many clothes. Are you still a man?" Claire said subconsciously. In her impression, only a woman's wardrobe always lacked a dress, and men should just have enough to wear.

Of course, she was not an ordinary woman. After all, she was poor.

However, Chason's wardrobe was too exaggerated.

Chason ignored her and said, "I'll ask someone to move these clothes away and leave the wardrobe to you."

"No, you don't have to. I don't have many clothes and won't take up much space anyway. " Claire hurriedly waved her hand.

Although the baby in her belly was precious, she always had a feeling of taking over Chason's room. She suddenly felt a little sorry.

Chason looked at Claire, who was hanging clothes, and said, "Oh, really? So you mean I come here to change my clothes naked every day? "

Claire didn't say anything for a long time. Oh, why didn't she think of it? She blushed and stammered, "I didn't mean that. I I... "

Chason was in a good mood when he saw Claire's red face. What a stupid woman!

This was not his bedroom. Why did he come here to change his clothes. But he had too many clothes, and he had another bedroom.

If this stupid woman knew it.

He raised the corners of his mouth subconsciously, but soon returned to his cold appearance and stood up.

Seeing that he finally stood up and was about to leave, Claire breathed a sigh of relief secretly. "Mr. Chason, don't bother. I'll do it myself."

"Come down for dinner later." He said lightly and paused, "don't call me Mr. Chason from now on. Don't forget your identity."

Not Mr. Chason? Then what should she call him?

Claire remembered that she had always cursed him as a freak in her heart. She glanced at him guiltily and said, "then What should I call you? "

"Chason." Then he walked out of the room.

Chason? She was stunned.

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