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   Chapter 14 Do You Think I Am Disabled

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Hearing the sound from the room, Mia and Linford rushed over. Seeing the red and swollen face of his little daughter, Linford felt heartbroken. "Claire, you are such a shameless thing. How dare you hit your sister?"

Sister? She, Claire, has a sister?

In that case, let her tell everything!

Pointing at the so-called sister, Claire said coldly, "Dad, the shameless one is your little daughter. It's her who seduced my boyfriend, Lucas! Her so-called boyfriend is Lucas! "

Linford was stunned. He knew that Lucas was the boyfriend of his eldest daughter, wasn't he? But he didn't expect that the boyfriend his little daughter was talking about was actually Lucas!

When he was about to say something, Fiona cried first, "Dad, it's not like that. I do like him for many years, but I know he is my future brother-in-law, so I only dare to look at him from afar and never get close to him. " She cried tearfully. After a pause, she continued, "I didn't be with him openly until my sister broke up with him. If you don't believe me, you can ask Lucas. "

"Exactly." With a distressed look on her face, Mia hugged her daughter and said, "You slept with another man. Abandoned him. Now how could you blame my Fiona?"

Claire sneered. It was not until she had lived for twenty-four years that she knew what was called blame on others while oneself is to be blamed!

Linford glared at his eldest daughter and said, "Anyway, your sister is pregnant now. As her elder sister, shouldn't you be more tolerant? Besides, don't you have a boyfriend now? Don't bother your sister and brother-in-law. "

These words hurt Claire's heart. For so many years, her father always said that she was the elder one and should be tolerant. However, she was only one year older than Fiona. Since she was a child, she always gave in to her sister. Was she going to give up her boyfriend now?

At the thought that the baby in Fiona's belly was the child of the person she loved most, Claire felt as if a knife were piercing her heart. She couldn't control herself anymore and rushed up to fight with Fiona.

Fearing that something might happen to her daughter's baby, Mia pushed Claire away and said, "You are crazy."

With this push, Claire lost her balance and directly sat on the sofa.

She wanted to stand up, but she couldn't get up for a long time. When Mia was about to continue scolding, they heard a noise outside the room at the same time, and the sound was getting louder and louder.

Mia wanted to take this opportunity to teach her stepdaughter a lesson, but she was a little annoyed by the noise outside. She walked to the door and opened it, "Why are you quarreling at my door?"

However, before she could finish her words, she suddenly lost her voice.

These people? What were they doing?

Linford and Fiona took the opportunity to look over and saw two men coming in with a pile of gifts. The tall man at the front had an unforgettable face, which stunned Fiona.

However, Linford was the first to react. "Two gentlemen, who are you?"

Chason didn't bother to reply at all. He went straight to the room and saw Claire sitting on the sofa, still trying to struggle to get up.

These scum! How dare they do this to her?

Chason angrily walked to Claire, picked her up and shouted, "I haven't seen you for only a few hours, but you made yourself like this."

The quarrel with her family and the truth that Fiona told her made Claire's heart cold. No matter how hateful this man used to be, she felt a little warm in his arms now.

Chason carefully made Claire stand firm, ignoring the surprised gazes of the others.

Linford felt a little embarrassed and quickly asked, "Is this the person you are going to marry?"

It could be seen that this son-in-law was not only handsome, but also very rich. Linford calculated in his mind and suddenly regretted his previous attitude towards Claire.

"Dad, are you out of your mind? My sister said that my brother-in-law was disabled. " Seeing that this handsome man took good care of Claire, Fiona was jealous. Somehow, she felt that this handsome man looked a little familiar, as if she had met him before.

Linford clenched his fists and shouted at his little daughter, "Shut up."

This man was not the fiance of her eldest daughter. Then who else could he be? He must be his son-in-law. In that case, how proud would he feel when he went out?

Disabled? Chason stood up coldly, "You said I was disabled?"

Although this man looked sullen, in Fiona's eyes, he was still very handsome.

But his eyes were really frightening. After a long time, Fiona stammered, "This is me It's not me It's my sister who said that. "

Chason looked back at Claire, who was sitting on the sofa, and was about to get angry. She thought he would be angry, but she didn't expect him to suddenly smile evilly. He lowered his head and said, "It seems that you don't know whether your husband is a normal man or not. I will settle this debt with you after we go home."

In the eyes of the people around, it was these two people who were displaying their love. However, Claire was trembling. Oh my God! She would probably suffer a lot. She raised her head and giggled as a response.

Hearing this, none of them dared to say anything. After giving a hint to Larry,

Larry immediately took out a box and gave it to his boss.

"This is one million." Chason pointed at the cash in the box and said, "It's my wedding gift."

One million was just a small number for him, but it was enough to make the Lin family stunned. Especially Linford, he was very happy now.

Linford quickly changed his expression. It was hard to see his dissatisfaction with Claire before. "Good son-in-law, you are so filial." As he spoke, he was about to take the gift.

"Wait!" Claire struggled to stand up and walked to Chason, "I can't accept this gift. You know that we..."

Before she could finish her words, she was held in Chason's arms and whispered in her ear, "Be good, don't talk too much."

In their eyes, this was another great public display of affection. Even Larry, who knew the truth, was surprised.

However! Now the more things the Lin family had, the more she owed him. How could she get rid of him in the future?

Claire still wanted to say something, but was stopped by a cold glance from Chason. "Larry, take Mrs. Claire back first and ask the doctor to check on her."

He was really worried when seeing the helpless look of Claire just now.

Forget it. After all, the baby in her belly was the Jiang family's, and she must be safe.

To be honest, Claire really didn't want to stay here any longer. The people in this room and her family who lived with her day and night were really strange and terrible in her eyes now.

She couldn't help but feel grateful to Chason. If he hadn't arrived today, she really didn't know how to solve the problem. In particular, she didn't know if the child could be saved.

After seeing Claire leave, Chason regained his cold face. He had investigated the Lin family that day. Especially Fiona, he glanced at her indifferently.

She was a little pretty, but she was just a common girl. It seemed that this stupid woman had suffered a lot from Fiona. Of course, it was because of her that he and Claire had this inexplicable child.

At the thought of this, his face turned colder. He swore to himself that he would make Fiona pay the price one day.

However, when Fiona caught a glimpse of him, she was excited and thought he was interested in her.

Perhaps it was because she had seduced Lucas that her self-confidence had expanded unprecedentedly. 'Claire is so lucky. She used to have Lucas, and now she has this man.

This man, whether in appearance or assets, was probably incomparable by Lucas. However, as long as she was willing to, maybe this man could fall in love with her too?

Thinking of this, Fiona was very proud.

She stood up in a hurry, poured a cup of tea and walked over gracefully. "Brother in law, please have some tea." As she spoke, she winked at him.

With a sneer in his heart, he thought, 'This Fiona's little trick would never escape my eyes. However, he had said that he would let this woman pay the price. Now it seemed that it didn't take much effort to make her accept the deserved punishment.

"Son-in-law, may I know your name?" Linford didn't look like his father-in-law at all. He behaved cautiously in front of Chason. This son-in-law was the God of wealth, and he didn't dare to offend him at all.

"Chason Jiang." He took the tea from Fiona and put it on the table, but he didn't drink it at all.

However, as soon as he said this name, Fiona was frightened and almost fell to the ground.

Her parents might not know about Chason, but she did! He was the successor of the Jiang Group, the CEO of the headquarters!

How could Claire know such a person? Was it that night? Did he sleep with Claire that night? No wonder she felt he looked familiar. It turned out that he was the hero of those photos.

Thinking of this, Fiona wanted to slap herself. If she had known it earlier, she wouldn't have let Claire off that night. She had thought that she had really ruined Claire, but now she realized that he was much better than Lucas.

Of course, Linford didn't know who his son-in-law was. He smiled warmly and said, "Chason, my daughter has a bad temper and is a little willful. You should be more tolerant to her in the future. By the way, where do you work? "

The gift was whole one million. What did this son-in-law do?

Chason smiled sarcastically. It was funny. He knew everything they had done to Claire together before, but now they acted like a group of people who cared for her. He really felt sorry for this woman.

However, even if Claire was not the woman he loved and he was extremely reluctant to marry her, she was still his woman. He hoped that after today, the Lin family would understand.

"Don't worry, my father-in-law." "I like Claire's temper. Besides, I work in the headquarters of the Jiang Group. "

Linford knew the Jiang Group! Isn't Claire working in a subsidiary company of the Jiang Group? However, the headquarters was not a subsidiary company that Claire worked for. That was not a place that ordinary people could go. No wonder his son-in-law was so rich.

Linford still wanted to say something to him, but Chason stood up and said, "It seems that Claire fell heavily just now, so I won't sit here for a long time."

After saying that, he took a look at Fiona and left the Lin family directly regardless of Linford's detainment.

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