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   Chapter 13 The so-called truth

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"Stop!" "Is this how you talk to your elder?"

Elder? How dared she call herself an elder after all this?

Without waiting for her reply, Fiona had opened the bags.

All these things were given to her family by Chason.

She didn't open it at all.

Seeing these things, Fiona was stunned. These things included the belt and tie for Linford, several women's bags, and some health care products.

The brands of these things were what Fiona had always dreamed of, but she couldn't afford to buy. Today, she saw Claire bringing a bunch of them back.

All of a sudden, Fiona stood up, lifted the bag and sneered, "sister, are you making a fortune? Or have you been a thief for the last half month? Oh, I see. You probably saw no hope of seducing my boyfriend, and seduced another rich man, right? "

Following her sight, Mia and Linford also saw these things.

Linford snorted, "don't expect that just by bringing these things, you can be forgiven by your family."

Mia, on the other hand, was itching for that bag of things. Although she didn't know what it was, she knew that it must be very expensive, "Let her explain where these things came from first, in case someone come to our house to make trouble for no reason." Then she stood up and took the bag from her daughter.

Claire couldn't stand it anymore and replied, "I didn't steal or rob these things. If you don't want them, just throw them away. "

Threw away? Fiona suddenly felt a little ashamed. She and her mother wanted these things so much, but Claire just wanted to throw them away.

"Father, mother, sister must have been a mistress for someone. I've seen so many woman in the company. Some of my colleagues are also like this, they have found a sugar daddy and been a mistress, and gotten rich in an instant. " Fiona said word by word.

Her mother put down things in her hands and nodded, "Linford, it's true. Last time, Claire had sex with another man, which was solid evidence. Then she seduced Fiona's boyfriend. Now it seems that she really finds a sugar daddy. " Then she pretended to be very sad. "It's all my fault. I didn't teach her well. How could I let the Lin family have such a dissolute daughter? "



Before she could finish her words, Linford slapped her in the face.

Claire raised her head and looked at her father stubbornly, "I didn't."

She was also her father's biological daughter. Why? Why didn't her father believe her now?

"How can you be so stubborn? Tell me, why do you suddenly have so much money to buy these things? And where have you been in the past half month? " Mia didn't give Claire any chance to explain. For so many years, she wanted to kick Claire out more than once. Now, the mother and daughter were about to strike while the iron was hot and drive Claire away.

Finally, Claire couldn't stand it anymore and shouted, "I'm getting married. These things are bought by my fiance." Putting away all her emotions, she stood up and looked coldly at the three stunned people in front of her.

Everyone was stunned by her words.

Fiona, in particular, knew the ins and outs of these things best.

Get married? Claire has slept with another man. How could someone marry her in such a short time? And it seemed that this man was quite rich.

The rich man around her? Fiona thought for a long time and found that there was only one person, Lucas? It couldn't be him. Thinking of this, Fiona couldn't help but feel a little nervous.

Mia was the first one to react. She quickly resumed her usual motherly image and said, "Claire, why didn't you tell us about your marriage? How worried should we be as parents? "

However, Linford suddenly felt relieved. He attached great importance to dignity, and now Claire was the burden in his heart. Now that she could get married right away, no matter who she married, he would have loved it.

"Don't worry. As you wish." Claire sneered at her stepmother and was about to enter her room.

Fiona, who was unyielding, was jealous at the moment. She had been jealous of Claire since she was with Lucas. Why could Claire always meet rich men?

"Sister." Fiona sneered, "you got married so soon? This man looks rich, but he is willing to marry you. Is he a cripple? "

Claire raised her eyebrows, but she didn't want to be angry anymore. These people in front of her didn't deserve her anger at all. She suddenly smiled sweetly, "yes, the man I married is a cripple. But as you can see, he is rich."

Although she said so, she was very happy in her heart. 'I'm really sorry, Chason, for cursing you today. Anyway, you can't hear me.'

However, there was a person outside the door who was about to vomit blood and pass out.

Yes, Larry had been waiting for her in the car for a long time. Before Claire came out, he went upstairs to see what was going on. But he heard the quarrel in the room from afar. He didn't dare to go in rashly, so he waited at the door.

Larry heard every word they said just now.

He was embarrassed and hurried downstairs to report this to Mr. Chason. It seemed that Mrs. Claire had been bullied a lot since she came back. If she got angry and hurt the child, he, as the secretary, he would probably have to get

out of J City.

Of course, he hesitated for a while and didn't dare to tell Mr. Chason that Claire said he was a cripple.

At this moment, Claire also noticed that she had been at home for a bit too long, but things had not been packed at all. She was afraid that Larry was waiting too long. She didn't want to stay here any longer, let alone stay with these people.

She turned around and walked towards her room.

When she entered the room, she didn't know what she was going to pack. She had been in the hospital before, and everything had been prepared. She sighed and packed up a few clothes in a daze. Suddenly, she saw the bear at the head of the bed. She hesitated for a moment and finally picked it up.

'This is a gift from Lucas. Take it with me. I'm sorry for Lucas, but I can't bear to leave him. '.

It might be a good idea to take it with her and keep Lucas in mind.

At the door, Fiona sneered and went into the house when she saw that Claire was going to take the bear away.

Claire ignored her and continued to pack her things, only to see Fiona close the door.

"You are going to get married, and you still take away the bear that Lucas gave you?" Fiona said sarcastically.

But Claire didn't pay any attention to her words, so she didn't notice the change in her appellation for Lucas.

Seeing that Claire didn't care about her at all, Fiona grabbed the bear and threw it on the ground.

This sudden action made Claire stand up quickly. She said angrily, "what's wrong with you? "

"What? You still can't forget Lucas?" Fiona stopped smiling and stared at the woman in front of her.

Suddenly hearing someone mention Lucas, especially by the one she hated most, Claire felt a pain in her heart and asked, "it's none of your business."

"Of course it is closely related to me." Fiona laughed, "my dear sister, there is something that I think you will be very interested in. "

Seeing that she didn't reply, Fiona continued, "don't you want to know who my boyfriend is? "

A hint of ominous foreboding suddenly rose in Claire's heart, but she suppressed it. "Get out. Your business has nothing to do with me. "

"Really?" Fiona sneered, "my boyfriend is Lucas. How? Are you still not interested in it? "

Claire was stunned and the luggage in her hand fell to the ground in an instant. How could it be possible? How was that possible?

"Ha ha, sister, do you want to know more?" While speaking, she looked at Claire's pale face, and proudly took out the scissors and quickly cut a hole in the bear.

Claire hurried to grab the scissors, but it was still too late. This bear was the first gift that Lucas bought for her. At that time, he just went to college, and the Xu family didn't give him much money. This bear was a limited edition. It was a big expense for Lucas at that time.

He worked for half a year to buy it.

For so many years, Claire had put it on the bedside and slept with it almost every night.

She raised her head and stared fiercely at the woman who used to be her sister. "Get out."

"No, I won't." Fiona smiled complacently, "that night, you slept with a strange man, and I was the one who went to bed with Lucas. "

It was impossible. It was all a lie from Fiona!

She shook her head desperately. "Nonsense. Father knows my relationship with Lucas. How could he not know that you openly seduced him?"

"As for father, it's true that he doesn't know that my boyfriend is Lucas. But it doesn't matter. After all, I'm pregnant with his child. " As she spoke, Fiona touched her belly gently with her right hand. "Father will only blame me for being willful at most, but he will think that I was with Lucas after you broke up with him. "

Seeing that Claire's face was as pale as death, she continued to say proudly, "as for you, I can only wish you and your disabled husband grow old together. At that time, Lucas would only tell everyone that you abandoned him because you despised the poor and wanted to marry a rich man. Don't forget that you said you would break up with him first. "

"So, did you and Lucas design all this together?" For more than a month, Claire had never suspected that Lucas had betrayed her. She only felt sorry for him, but she did not expect that he had already betrayed her, betraying her feelings that she cherished as her life.

Fiona laughed again, "that's not true. However, as long as he is the man I want, you, Claire, don't deserve to compete with me. " Then she grabbed the bear on the ground and threw it into the trash can. "From now on, take care of your disabled husband. Don't try to seduce my boyfriend again."

In all her life, Fiona had really never been so happy. Claire was going to marry a cripple, and she could soon marry into the Xu family with the child in her belly.

"Clap!" Claire slapped her, and before Fiona could fight back, she landed another slap on the other side of her cheek.

How could Fiona stand this? "Claire, you. "

When she was about to fight back, her hands was caught by Claire. "The first slap is for you setting me up that night. The second slap is for you seducing Lucas. Let me tell you, the debt between us is far from being settled. You'd better not provoke me again. "

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