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   Chapter 12 Go Home With Mrs. Jiang

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As efficient as he was, Larry came to the CEO’s office the next day with the result.

After what happened, he didn't dare to screw up again, so he made sure he did everything that Chason had instructed him to do. The moment he entered the room, Chason raised his eyebrows at him and asked, "Done?"

"Yes, sir."

Chason looked at Larry with satisfaction. It turned out that Lucas was easy to deal with, which only meant that Claire had such a bad taste in men. But the most important thing was that everything had been settled.

It had been half a month, but Chason hadn't visited Claire, who was currently living on the top floor of the hospital. The days had passed with him being busy with work as usual, not worrying about the woman who was carrying his child at all.

One day, when he was busy reading some documents, his personal phone suddenly rang.

Only a few people knew this phone number, so he thought it must be important. Therefore, Chason put down the documents and picked up his phone, only to find out that it was his grandfather who was calling him.

As soon as he picked up the call, the chairman’s voice came through. "You brat, why don't you go to the hospital? Do you want me to worry about your child?"

Somehow, Chason felt relieved when he realized that his grandfather only cared about the baby in Claire's belly. This only meant that it would be easier for him to deal with the woman.

At the thought of this, his frown disappeared and was replaced with a smile. "Grandpa, you know that I have so many things to do. I'm too busy to go there." Before Jarred could speak, he quickly added, "Don't worry, I'll make sure that your great grandchild will be delivered safely. I've sent someone to the hospital to keep an eye on them."

After comforting Jarred, Chason went back to his work.

But to be honest, he didn't really have a plan to go to the hospital. Why would he waste his time if there were already so many people taking care of her?

Even Larry thought that his boss might have forgotten that he had an unborn child.

However, when Larry received a call and mentioned Claire's name, he was suddenly attentive. "What? Mrs. Jiang insists on getting discharged from the hospital?"

"What happened?" Chason's question left Larry astonished. After all, his boss was never interested to meddle with someone else’s work.

Why did he pay special attention to him when he answered a phone call today?

"Here is the thing, boss. Mrs. Jiang said she wanted to go home. I think that she has been out for a while and is afraid that her family will worry about her."

Go home? Chason’s eyes narrowed playfully.

This woman still wanted to go home? Didn't she know what was waiting for her in her so-called home?

"Sir?" There were so many things that had been running on his head that he didn’t respond to Larry.

After a while, Chason slowly stood up, which made Larry confused.

According to his watch, it was still early to get off work. What was his boss going to do?

The question in his mind had been answered when Chason grabbed his coat. "Get the car ready. We're going to the hospital."

Go to the hospital?

What was going on?

"Mr. Jiang, you still have a meeting later. How about I go to the hospital alone?" Larry reminded him carefully. Was he going to the hospital to see Claire?

On the day when Chason found out that Claire was pregnant with his child, he told Larry that he would never ask about her before the child was born.

How come he was going to visit Claire now?

But Chason being Chason, he never let other people mind his own business. "Postpone the meeting."

Being stared at with his cold eyes, Larry didn’t dare to refute him. "Yes sir!"

It didn’t take long until Chason reached the top floor of the hospital.

The medical staff automatically lined up in two lines, giving a way for him. "Mr. Jiang."

When he arrived, Claire was busy playing some game on the laptop in front of her, so she was surprised to hear his name.

Why was he here?

"You may leave now." No one dared to disobey him. Everyone left the room in a hurry.

Frowning, he turned to Claire who was playing games on the bed. He had never played online games, so he didn't understand what she was playing. "Didn't anyone tell you that fetal education is very important to the child? Why are you playing a game?"

'Why do I have to be scolded just for playing games?'

After staying in the hospital for half a month now, Claire had been fed up with all the restrictions. There were so many things she couldn’t eat. She had a list of things of what she could and what she could not do, and there were several people who kept following her around. This life was no different from being in prison.

Although she had a good temper, it didn't mean that she couldn't lose her patience sometimes. "What's wrong with playing games? Is there any law that forbids pregnant women from playing games?"

Her words irritated Chason in an instant. 'How dare she talk back?' "It is a law in the Jiang family."

"Let's talk about it after I marry into your family." Without raising her head, she continued to play the game and muttered, "Kill him! Damn..."

This made Chason more furious. If she kept acting like this, what kind of child would she give birth to?

'Forget it. It's her life anyway. I only care about my child."

Minutes had passed but Claire still didn’t pay attention to him, so he reached out and pressed the power button on her laptop.

"What are you doing?" The laptop died when she was about to win. How could she not be annoyed?

But what he said next made her anger immediately disappear.

"Do you want to go home so much?" Stunned, Claire nodded and then shook her head.

Honestly, she didn't really want to go home. She was just sick of staying in the hospital every day.

After he saw how she reacted, the corners of h

is mouth moved slightly. "I'll have you sent home later."

'Can I go home now? Did I hear it right?'

In an instant, Claire’s eyes lit up in excitement. In fact, while she was bored and alone in the hospital, she had already made a plan. Now that she was pregnant with Chason's son, it wouldn't be too much to ask him to rent a house for her, was it?

Needless to say, Chason was surprised to see the joy on her face, not knowing what was on her mind. "Do you miss your home so much?"

Logically speaking, she wouldn't want to go back to that house. If she had any other choice, she wouldn’t want to live there ever again.

After being immersed in joy for a while, Claire finally came back to her senses. "Yes. Yes, I want to go home now."

Then she picked up a glass of water from the bedside table. "Okay, you can leave now. You can go back and see if you have anything to move in here. Go and come back early."

The words he said was so unexpected that Claire spat out the water she was drinking, and choked for a few seconds. Disgusted, Chason took out a handkerchief and handed it to her. "Wipe it."

Why? Why would she have to come back? She had already planned to never come back!

When Chason saw that she was in a daze, he snatched the handkerchief away from her hand and wiped the water on her.

It was not only Claire who was shocked with his action, but even Larry who was watching from outside had to cover his mouth in surprise.

'Oh my God! Our CEO has always been a neat freak. Now he is helping this woman wipe herself?'

A smile appeared on Larry’s face. He had been working for Chason for years, and his boss had always been cold towards people. So when he saw how he helped Claire, he thought that the two might have a chance to fall for each other.

When Chason noticed Larry, he immediately stopped what he was doing. He stood up and looked down at Claire. "You'd better be careful. If anything happens to the baby, you’ll pay for it."

It was nothing. He only cared about the child.

Claire smiled with a self-mocking smile and replied, "I'm fine, and so is the baby. I don't need to stay in the hospital."

Before he came here, Chason called the director to ask about Claire and the child’s condition, so he knew that she wasn’t lying when she said they were fine.

Raising his eyebrows, Chason replied, "I see. If there’s no need for you to stay in the hospital, then go home and pack up your things. You’re moving to my place."

"What?" She was frightened by his words again.

In the face of her exaggerated reaction, Chason was a little impatient. "Is there any problem?"

"Well, Mr. Jiang." Although she was annoyed, Claire tried her best to look pitiful in front of him. "Mr. Jiang, you know I have many shortcomings. If I move to your place, you will get into a lot of trouble. So I'd better live alone."

Live alone? It turned out that she was not going home, but was just trying to leave the hospital.

She was really a cunning woman.

His face darkened as he walked closer to her. "First of all, don't forget that the baby in your belly belongs to our Jiang family. Secondly, don't forget that you have promised to marry me soon. Do you want the media to say that I got separated with my wife as soon as I got married?"

The more Chason got closer to her, the more her heart hammered in her chest. She tried to stay away from him, but there was no way she could avoid him.

This freak!

"So, make it fast. I'll give you half a day." Without giving her any chance to refute him, Chason turned around and faced Larry. "Go home with Mrs. Jiang."

It didn’t escape her ears how he emphasized the last two words. She secretly rolled her eyes when she heard it.

'Forget it. It's better to go home first than stay in the hospital all the time.' Left without a choice, Claire went home with Larry.

It was ironic that she hadn't contacted her family for half a month, but no one had called to ask where she was.

Including Lucas. He didn't call her anymore since the day she said that she wanted to break up with him.

She really didn't know if it was luck or misfortune.

But she couldn't deny the fact that she felt bitter inside. After all, they had been together for five years. It was hard to accept that their relationship ended this way.

Soon, they arrived at her family's house. She stood in front of the door, hesitating whether she should go in or not.

Clueless, Larry thought she was just worried about how she should explain to Chason, so he persuaded, "Mrs. Jiang, it's okay. The CEO will arrange everything."

'Oh well, since I’m already here, I must go in.'

Not wanting her family affairs to be heard by others, Claire looked at him with a smile.

"Please wait for me in the car. I have something to talk with my family alone."

With a nod, Larry went back to the car.

Finally, Claire plucked up her courage and opened the door.

Her eyes fell on her father, Mia and Fiona, who were all in the living room.

Obviously, they were stunned to see Claire who hadn’t showed up for quite a while.

The first one to recover from shock was Fiona. She rushed over and shouted, "Claire, you bitch! How dare you seduce my boyfriend?"

The sudden criticism made Claire retreat subconsciously.

Seduced her boyfriend? Was her boyfriend Chason?

Before she could even refute her sister, her father walked over angrily. "You shameless thing, just die outside. Why did you come back?"

She had suffered so much outside, but her family blamed her indiscriminately. It didn’t matter to her what Mia and Fiona would do. But her father...

All of a sudden, she felt like her heart was covered with ice. If it had been in the past, she would have tried to explain, but now it was unnecessary. It was only a waste of time to argue with these people, so she put down the things she was holding and walked toward her room.

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