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   Chapter 9 The Naughty Old Man

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While the two men were both rooted to the spot, Jarred took this opportunity to walk towards Claire’s bed.

In the end, Chason had no choice but to follow him. "Hello," Jarred called softly.

The first person Claire saw when she regained her consciousness was Jarred, and then Chason who was standing beside him.

The moment she saw him, her eyes widened in shock. She still felt weak, but she raised her hand to point at him. "You..." If she wasn't mistaken, he was that man!

But before she could even speak, Claire fainted again, which made Jarred a little worried.

"Doctor! Come check her out."

Now, it was even more impossible for him to believe that Claire had no connection with his grandson.

The two walked out of the room and waited for what the doctor would say. After the doctor checked Claire’s vitals, he went out again. "Don't worry. The patient has just woken up and is still a little bit weak. Don't stress her and let her get a good rest."

Hearing this, Jarred breathed out a sigh of relief. Then he looked at Chason who was silently standing aside. "Make it clear."

Left without a choice, Chason told his grandpa everything that had happened that night, hoping that he would be on his side. "So, Grandpa, this woman is definitely not simple. Don't be fooled, Grandpa."

To his annoyance, Jarred didn’t even seem bothered at all. He even turned to the director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department with a smile on his face. "Take care of my great grandchild."

Holding back his anger, Chason gritted his teeth. "Grandpa!"

The director was sensible enough to know that the two had to talk in private, so he turned around and left the two outside the ward.

The smile on Jarred's face didn't fade. He was happy to think that he was finally going to have a great grandchild.

Everyone knew that the J Group had grown a lot since Chason took over the company. As the successor, he didn't fail Jarred. The J Group was never inferior, and now it had an absolute advantage in the domestic industry.

Although his grandson had always been his pride in business, his marriage had always been a headache for Jarred. It had been five years already since Chason took over the J Group at the age of twenty-three. But Jarred never heard a rumor about Chason being seen with a girl. He was waiting to hear news about him bringing a girl home or getting married, but it never happened.

Of course, Jarred had tried to arrange numerous blind dates for him, but he always refused. In other words, Chason had hurt the hearts of many debutantes in J City. However, in a wealthy family like the Jiang family, if Chason's marriage continued to be delayed, the other descendants would try to covet the position of the fourth generation heir.

This was the reason why Jarred was so eager to see Chason get married. It was all for the sake of his grandson and the whole J Group.

In front of his grandfather, who was his only family, Chason did his best to control his temper.

"Grandpa, what do you mean by great grandchild? I think you must have misunderstood." Before Jarred could speak, he quickly added, "Grandpa, you know how many people want to marry into the Jiang family. This woman must be one of them. I don’t think we should keep her baby."

"Nonsense! Are you denying your own child? You have always been indifferent to your marriage, and I tried to understand that. But now, this girl is pregnant with your child. How could you not care about it? I know how important the company is, but you can’t ignore your family!"

Judging from his grandfather's furious voice, Chason realized that his grandfather cared about this woman and the child in her womb more than he had imagined. This made him frown in confusion. "Grandpa, do you want that woman to give birth to the child? No, no, absolutely no."

"Why not? Chason, don't you even want your own flesh and blood?" asked Jarred.

His grandpa really wanted a great grandchild! This must have been the strange woman's plan from the very beginning. She must have come for the Jiang family, and if she succeeded, he would be marrying a time bomb.

After taking a deep breath, Chason replied, "Grandpa, it's just an accident. We can't let such an unknown woman marry into our family. Besides, I don't have any feelings for her. How can I marry a woman I just met? I barely even know her."

"How come she is unknown? You know her family. I have read her information just now. She is a girl from an ordinary family, but there’s no problem with that. As for your feelings, you can slowly learn to love a person. It's better than spending decades looking for a relationship."

"But, Grandpa, you have promised me! You have promised that as long as I take over the J Group, you won't interfere in my personal affairs!" As he remembered this, Chason's eyebrows rose. He was abroad when his grandfather asked him to take over the family business, but he didn't want to. Jarred only made him change his mind when he promised in front of many people that he wouldn't interfere in anything else in the future. But now, it seemed like his grandfather was going back on his words.

On the other hand, Jarred was also mad. How dare his grandson threaten him? "Then don't forget what you have promised me. You said you will take care of your career and family. But look at you! You still don’t have a woman or a child beside you. Even your secretary is a man."

Indeed, in the past few years, Jarred had heard a lot of rumors that his grandson liked man. At first, he just took it as a joke, but seeing how Chason reacted now made him worry a little.

"Grandpa!" What Jarred said made Chason want to laugh and shout in anger at the same time. "Do you also believe in those rumors?" If his grandfather really believed, then he would feel wronged. After all, he grew up with him. How could he think that he wa

s gay?

However, it was the least of Jarred’s concerns as of the moment. "Don't forget your identity. Since you’ve become the CEO of the J Group, you have to shoulder the responsibility. As you know, there are many people who want to take your place, including your uncles and our other relatives. Only after you give birth to a child can you consolidate your position and block their mouths."

Even though Chason knew that his grandfather was only doing all of these for his own sake, he still couldn't marry an unknown woman casually.

With a sigh, he said, "Grandpa, it's not that I don't want to get married. I'm just not in a hurry. It’s not my priority now."

"No! You have to make that woman and the baby inside her as members of the Jiang family as soon as possible." A man like Jarred who had a good temper also had a tendency to be very stubborn when there was something he really wanted to get.

Maybe it was the reason why Chason was stubborn too. He really didn’t want to marry that woman so he uttered, "Grandpa, what if I disagree?"

They both fell silent for a while, and Jarred stared at him as if he was thinking of ways on how he could make him agree. "Okay, you can have a try. But if you don't agree to marry her, I will stay in the hospital today. I will tell everyone how you abandon your wife and child. And I will tell them how you don't care whether your grandfather lives or die."

'Oh God! Grandpa is acting shamelessly again!'

It was really difficult to persuade his grandfather! "Grandpa, please stop it. Think about it again. It really isn't..."

"Come here, everyone. My grandson doesn't want my great grandchild. He wants to abandon his own child." As if he didn't care about his identity as a chairman at all, Jarred sat on the floor like a child.

His action made Chason's head ache. He was so angry with the fact that his grandfather would do anything if he lost his temper.

Helpless, he bent down to help him up and whispered, "Grandpa, I'm afraid of you. I promise... I... I'll do what you want."

"Really?" In an instant, Jarred’s expression changed. "Do you really agree?"

What else could he do if he didn't agree? There was no other choice for him but to follow his grandfather, knowing that he could act shamelessly until he got what he wanted. He was not afraid of anything, but he was afraid that his grandfather would act like this.

In the blazing eyes of his grandfather, Chason nodded helplessly. "But, Grandpa, what I want is only the baby in her belly. As for that woman, I won't marry her."

"Nonsense! What do you want the media to write? Do you want them to say that you let someone have a baby for you and then you drove her away?"

If he thought about it, Jarred’s words made sense. But what could he do? Would he really spend the rest of his life with a stranger?

When he didn’t reply, Jarred's face softened. "You marry her first, and then divorce her."

'That's right. It seems that this is the only way,' Chason thought.

While the two were busy talking loudly outside, Claire had woken up inside the room.

The room was luxuriously decorated with strange furniture, and it looked so expensive. Where was she?

Just now, she seemed to dream that she was pushed out of an emergency room. What happened after that? Wasn't it a dream?

Where was she now?

A nurse came over in a hurry when Claire struggled to sit up. "Mrs. Jiang, don't get up yet. Please lie down and get a good rest." Then the nurse turned around and ordered the other nurse, "Mrs. Jiang has woken up. Go out and tell Mr. Jiang."

It was then that Claire saw the old man who appeared in the ward earlier. Although he was old, he was still in good spirits. A group of doctors and nurses tailed after him. She just didn’t notice Chason who was standing in the corner.

Claire looked at them in surprise. 'What on earth happened?'

What she could only remember was that she went to the CEO's Office to send documents before she fainted.

Today was the day for the CEO to inspect, so she had a lot of work to do. If she didn't go back, she would be fired.

In her company, a kind of place that oppressed staff, no one would care if she was sick or not.

'Oh my God! Who did I offend recently? Is my career going to be in trouble along with the loss of love?'

Thinking of this, Claire quickly sat up and tried to get off the bed.

However, Jarred quickly stopped her. "Don't move."

The only thing that was on Claire's mind now was that she had to go back to work. So she tried to get past the old man who came out of nowhere. However, although the man was old, he was determined not to let Claire get out of bed. Not wanting to go against an old man, Claire pleaded, "Excuse me, could you please move aside? I have to leave now."

At her words, Jarred’s forehead creased. What was wrong with her? But he didn't dare to irritate a pregnant woman, so he asked gently, "Dear, why are you in such a hurry?"

At this moment, Claire was so anxious about her job that she didn’t notice her surroundings at all. "Thank you for taking me to the hospital, Mister." Obviously, she misunderstood him. "I should be working now. Our company is very strict. I'm not allowed to go out without asking for leave. I have to go back, or my boss will fire me."

These words made Jarred’s eyes sparkle in amusement. While Chason, who was standing in the corner, had a gloomy face.

"Don't worry. No one in the company would dare to fire you. You are not alone now. You have to take good care of the baby in your belly now." It was rare for Jarred to be this happy. He didn't put on airs as the chairman of the board at all. After talking to Claire for a while, he soon left.

Claire was left dumbfounded. In fact, she had been dumbfounded since she heard the word "baby". Who was this person? What baby? Where did the baby come from?

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