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   Chapter 8 The Chairman's Great Grandchild

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"Mr. Jiang..." The moment Larry saw the woman on the floor, he was stunned. "What happened?" The employees of this branch were getting more and more impudent. How dare they touch Mr. Jiang’s bottom line? This female employee was doomed!

When he still didn’t move, Chason glanced at him with a frown. "Take her to the hospital."

Whether she just pretended to faint or not, she was still an employee of the J Group. It only meant he was still responsible for this employee.

Nodding his head, Larry bent down to carry the woman but was shocked to see her face and let out a scream.

"What are you screaming for? Get out now!" How could Larry, who had always been so calm, shout in the office today?

It was so strange that Chason’s frown deepened. Pointing at the woman on the floor, Larry threw a sad glance at Chason. "Mr. Jiang, This woman... She is..."

"Say it." In the end, Chason put down the pen he was holding and impatiently stared at the hesitant secretary. "Why can’t you just say what you want to say?"

For a moment, Larry was speechless. How could it be her? Why was this woman here? There were so many questions in his head but Larry shook them off. "Mr. Jiang, this is the woman who appeared in your room a month ago."

Hearing this, Chason went silent for a while. Then he sneered after thinking for a while.

A month had passed, but this woman had never come to him. Even Chason almost believed that this woman had entered his room by mistake.

Now it seemed that this woman was good at acting than he thought.

In fact, he thought she acted better than other women. "How did this kind of person get into the company?"

Wiping off the sweat on his forehead, Larry replied, "Mr. Jiang, I think she is from the Logistics Department. I'll call the director of the Logistics Department over now."

"No need." The corners of Chason’s mouth rose slightly as he remembered the night they had shared a month ago. This humble employee dared to sleep with him, to make him do as she wished. But he was not stupid to fall for her trap. Now she was here... Did she come here to proceed with her plan?

The next second, Chason was already carrying the woman in his arms, which left Larry astonished. "Get the car ready,"

Chason ordered as he walked out of the office.

Although it only took a short time to reach his special garage, several employees still saw him walked out with Claire in his arms. Needless to say, they were all shocked and speechless.

How could a mere employee be held in the arms of the CEO? "Mr. Jiang is holding a woman! Who is she?" The female employees looked at the two with envious eyes.

Some even looked at Claire with hatred. There were other employees who also wanted to take Claire’s place. "Well, isn't that Claire from our department? How could Claire have any connection with Mr. Jiang?"

"Didn't they say that Mr. Jiang is sexually continent? How could this ordinary employee have an affair with him?"

The rumor spread like wildfire. Soon, the whole company knew that Chason had carried a little woman into his car. Everyone was in an uproar, guessing Claire’s background. They were all curious about how she managed to get close with the CEO.

All the gossip made Larry worry, but Chason’s actions made him more nervous. He had no idea what happened to his boss today. How could he, the CEO, actually carry the woman to the hospital and let the public see? He even stayed here even if it was working time! Beads of sweat formed on Larry’s forehead as he thought of this. "Mr. Jiang, how about you go back to the company? I'll be here."

However, Chason just looked at him indifferently and asked, "Did anyone see me when I came here just now?"

"Mr. Jiang, I'll stop the rumors in the company at once."

"No need." At this time, Chason had a different plan in mind. No matter what kind of rumor spread in the company, he wouldn’t be affected at all. They could talk all day, and he wouldn’t even care. On the contrary, this woman would probably be unable to bear it. Her life in the office would be like a living hell that she would rather choose to resign.

After working with Chason for a long time, Larry could easily guess what his intention was. Thinking of this, he secretly sweated for the woman in his boss's arms.

No one should play a trick on Chason, let alone a woman like her. It was safe to conclude that Claire couldn’t stay in the company anymore.

A few minutes had passed and the doctor came out with a smile on his face. "Congratulations, the patient is pregnant." Then he paused and looked at the two men in front of him. "Who is her husband?"

What? Pregnant? Could it be because of that night?

The two looked at each other, as if they were thinking the same thing. With a frown, Chason turned to the doctor and asked, "How long has she been pregnant?"

"A month." The doctor was a little old, and he thought that if he was the father of the patient, he would be satisfied if this handsome and young man was her husband. "Are you the father of the child?"

What the doctor said made Chason snort. "I'm not." Seeing the surprised look on the doctor's face, he pointed at Larry beside him and added, "He is."

"I..." Although Larry wanted to refute, he dared not to.

She had been pregnant for a month.

How could this happen? Chason was so mad that he smashed his hand against the wall. He had thought that this woman was no match for him, but now it seemed that she was more troublesome than he thought.

Not wanting to stay here any longer, Chason decided to go back to work. But he left Larry with a warning first. "Don't talk too much about it."

This was really a big deal, so Larry couldn’t help but worry about Chason. If the public learned about this... He shook his head. Larry couldn’t imagine what kind of trouble they would face if it happened.

"I’m going back now. You settle this matter. Give her the money she needs, just don't let her keep the baby." A cunning wo

man like her deserved his ruthlessness. There was no way Chason would let someone fool him.

The moment Larry was about to speak, he noticed someone familiar behind Chason’s back. "Mr. Jiang?" For a moment, Larry panicked. Trouble was really on its way! Even Chason, who was about to leave, was stunned as well. He slowly turned around and saw his grandfather walking towards him, surrounded by a group of medical staffs.

What happened? 'Why is Grandpa here?'

When he was about to walk up to them, Jarred Jiang said with a kind voice, "Chason, the director said you were in the hospital just now. I didn’t believe it. But you are really here."

In his mind, Chason was already scolding himself for taking the woman to the hospital his family owned, without thinking that his grandfather could be there.

"Grandpa." In front of other people, Chason was a cold business tycoon, but in front of his grandfather, he could easily put on a smile. "Why are you here? Are you not feeling well?"

To say that Jarred Jiang was happy to see his grandson was an understatement. What a coincidence!

"I just had a checkup." His eyes sparkled as he looked at Chason, but the latter felt really depressed. Why did his grandfather come? Why didn't he come earlier or later?

Why now, when he had brought that woman here in the hospital? What if his grandfather found out about it? What would he think? But then again, even if he knew a lot of things, how could he know that Claire was that woman? Moreover, it was impossible for him to know that she would be pregnant!

"Grandpa, if you need a physical examination in the future. I will send some doctors to our home." Although he was annoyed, he didn't show it in front of his grandfather.

All of a sudden, Jarred Jiang burst into laughter. "It doesn't matter. I'm old now. It's good for me to come out for a walk from time to time." As if he suddenly remembered something, he paused. "It's working hours. Why are you in the hospital?"

This question made Chason a little nervous, so he threw a glance at Larry. "An employee is sick."

Although Larry nodded in cooperation, Jarred Jiang was smart enough to see through them. He felt that something was up, but he just couldn’t tell what it was. "What kind of employee can make you two come to the hospital in person?" Upon noticing the doctor beside the two, he asked, "What's wrong with the patient here?"

"Mr. Jiang, the patient inside has been pregnant for a month. But she is fine." The doctor replied respectfully, and then looked at Larry. "Mister, your wife should be hospitalized for observation. Please go through the admission procedure."


Under the gaze of Jarred Jiang, Larry broke into a cold sweat.

Seeing that he seemed to be rooted to where he was standing, Chason urged, "Hurry up!"

"Wait!" However, when Larry was about to leave and pay the bill, Jarred Jiang stopped him. "Larry, when did you get married? Why didn’t I hear about it?

Oh, and she is an employee of our company?" "I..." No matter how reliable Larry was, he was not a person who told lies. While Chason also had always hated hiding anything. Therefore, they didn't know how to cover up the real situation.

As the saying goes, the older the wiser. Jarred Jiang clearly saw the evasion in the eyes of the two men in front of him. They were both bad at lying. It would be strange if Jarred Jiang couldn't tell that something was wrong. Slowly, the smile on Jarred Jiang's face disappeared and was replaced with a serious look. "Chason, is this related to you?"

It was him who brought up his grandson. He knew everything about him. How could he not tell that he was hiding something? If it really was not a big deal, why did Chason come to the hospital during working hours? He could’ve asked Larry, or anyone else in the company to assist the female employee, right? But he took her here personally.

For the first time in his life, Chason felt so helpless. Then he glanced at Larry who looked as helpless as he was. It seemed that his secretary had to take the blame.

After all, no matter what happened, he couldn't let his grandfather know the truth.

"Grandpa, here is the thing. It was just a misunderstanding." After taking a few deep breaths, he added, "She is Larry's younger sister."

It was easy for Larry to understand what he meant, so he quickly nodded. "That’s right, Mr. Jiang. My sister has been a little tired recently. She fainted in Mr. Jiang’s office when she gave the documents. It’s just that Mr. Jiang cares about his employees, so he brought her here." Even in Larry’s own ears, their explanation sounded absurd. But he tried his best to make it sound real as he stood under the chairman’s gaze.

"Now that she has been sent here, I'll go back." The only thing that Chason wanted to do now was to get out of his grandfather's sight, so he had no choice but to leave the mess to his secretary. Besides, the longer he stayed here, the more suspicious it would seem.

"Mr. Jiang, please go back. You can't delay your work."

Everything was about to be solved when the nurse came out of the emergency room unexpectedly. "Sir, the patient has woken up."

It was as if he heard some good news that Jarred Jiang was full of smile again. "Since she's awake, don't leave in a hurry. Go and say hello to her."


"Mr. Jiang."

Both Chason and Larry spoke in panic.

This woman did it on purpose, didn't she? Why did she wake up at this time? Their lies would be exposed once Jarred Jiang talked to the woman!

A strange look flashed through Jarred Jiang's eyes. "Well, don't hide it from me. I've been through this. I can see that." This woman must have something to do with his grandson.

Without waiting for anyone to reply, he added, "Don't think that I'm old and easy to fool. Tell me the truth. Larry, you say it."

It felt as if Larry’s heart was about to explode. He looked at Chason, and then at Jarred Jiang, not knowing what to say.

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