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   Chapter 7 Fainting (Part Two)

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For the past month, Claire had been suffering from insomnia, and because of the conversation she had with Lucas today, she wasn't able to sleep for a long while.

Memories rushed through her, reminding her of the good old days she had spent with Lucas since they were young. It was when she graduated from high school, that he confessed his love with a large bouquet of roses in his hand. She was deeply moved, so she naturally said yes to him.

Since then, he had been very kind to her. If she wanted to eat something, no matter how late or how far it was, he would buy it for her.

To be honest, Claire didn't think she was a quite fussy girl, but she was still a little capricious in front of Lucas. But no matter what she did, he would tolerate and coax her.

They had always been the most enviable couple in college. It was not until last year's graduation that Lucas's father sent him abroad for further education. He had to train for business in a year. At the beginning, he was at odds with his family and didn't want to go abroad.

He said that he was reluctant to leave Claire and didn't want to be separated from her for so long.

At that time, Claire also didn't want him to leave. After all, she was used to being with Lucas all the time. If Lucas went abroad, he had to be away for a year.

But in the end, Claire still persuaded him to go. She just promised that she would agree to marry him once he came home. She could still vividly remember how excited he was after hearing this.

However, something unexpected happened when he came back. This thought made Claire burst into tears again. How could she face her boyfriend who loved her so much? How could she fulfill her promise now?

There were so many things on her mind that she didn't fall asleep until midnight. It was destined to be a disturbed sleep.

When Claire woke up, she looked at her watch in a daze. "Oh my God!" She washed her face and rushed to the company.

"Why are you so late?" Sure enough, she was the last person to arrive among her colleagues. Although she was not really late, they were asked to come ahead of time by the director because the CEO of the headquarters would come for inspection today.

As soon as she arrived, Claire bowed her head and apologized. "I'm sorry, director."

"Forget it. Go clean the meeting room with the two of them." The director clapped twice and announced loudly, "Everyone, cheer up and speed up. The CEO is coming."

Without saying a word, Claire rushed to the meeting room and cleaned it with her other two colleagues.

"I heard that the CEO is young and handsome. He is the grandson of the chairman." A girl named Lily put down the rag in her hand and carefully reapplied some lipstick on her lips.

Another colleague named Harriet glared at Lily and warned, "You are still in the mood to fix your makeup. You will be sorry when the CEO comes."

"Oh, I'm just making myself pretty. It's my respect for the CEO." Excitement was written all over Lily's face. "I want to see if the legendary CEO is really as handsome as they said."

Shaking her head, Harriet turned around only to be surprised when she saw Claire. "Claire, why did you come here dressed like

this? Did you forget that the CEO will have an inspection today?"

Stunned, Claire slowed down her pace as she wiped the table, and then she looked at herself through the glass window. She was never fond of dressing up. Besides, she was running late this morning so she just wore a T-shirt and casual trousers. After all the sufferings she had been experiencing these days, fatigue was evident on her face. Maybe it was because she was stressed that she looked older than her real age. In addition, her eyes were swollen from crying last night, and there were obvious dark circles under them.

In totality, Claire was in mess.

Seeing her own reflection made her a little embarrassed, so she smiled awkwardly. "It doesn't matter. I'm just an ordinary employee, so I'm sure the CEO wouldn't notice me at all."

After casting a scornful glance at Claire, Lily said, "Yes, it's okay. The CEO won't notice her."

It was too obvious that Lily didn't like her, but Claire was too tired to reply. Therefore, she just continued to wipe the table without saying a word.

"The CEO is here! The CEO is here!" someone from outside announced. Claire automatically raised her head when she heard the mop dropped on the floor, and then she saw Lily running out with Harriet.

Her helpless eyes wandered around the meeting room that had not been cleaned up yet.

It was not easy to clean the whole room by herself, so it took her a while to finish it. As soon as she was done, she looked at the meeting room with satisfaction in her eyes. It looked clean now.

When she was about to leave, the door suddenly opened.

"Director?" 'Does the director come to check how I have worked?' "I've already cleaned it."

The director frowned when she noticed that no one else was around. "Why are you alone?" After a short pause, she handed some documents to her and ordered, "These are very important. Take it to the CEO's Office on the top floor as soon as possible."

Without waiting for her reply, the director stuffed the documents in her hand and quickly left the meeting room.

The CEO just came and all the employees in the company seemed to have changed. With a shrug, Claire got inside the elevator to bring the documents on the top floor.

Maybe it was because she didn't have breakfast that she felt dizzy when she came out of the elevator. She walked towards the CEO's Office in a daze. Was it here? Luckily, when she raised her head, she saw the words "CEO's Office" on the door.

Trying to ignore the dizziness she felt, she knocked on the door twice.

"Come in." A man's voice came from the office.

After taking a deep breath, she pushed the door open and spoke as she entered the office. "Excuse me, I'm here to give you these documents..."

The man who was sitting on the large office chair was about to reply, but he was shocked to see the woman fell on the floor right after she spoke.

When his employees heard that he was going to visit this subsidiary, they all dressed up carefully and welcomed him in a grand manner, so he couldn't help but frown when he saw Claire. Moreover, this woman was so cunning that she even fainted directly in front of him!

Was she playing with him?

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