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   Chapter 7 Fainting (Part Two)

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During this period of time, Claire had been suffering from insomnia. And because of this call from Lucas, she was not sleepy at all at night.

She grew up with him. As soon as she graduated from high school, he held a large bouquet of roses to express his love. Undoubtedly, she was deeply moved and naturally agreed to his confession.

Since then, he had been very kind to her. If she wanted to eat something, no matter how late or how far it was, he would buy it for her.

To be honest, Claire didn't think she was a quite fussy girl, but she was still a little capricious in front of Lucas. But no matter what she did, he would tolerate and coax her.

They had always been the most envious couple in the university. It was not until last year's graduation that Lucas' father sent him abroad for further education. It was a business training for a year. At the beginning, he was still at odds with his family and didn't want to go abroad.

He said that he was reluctant to leave Claire and didn't want to be separated from her for so long.

In fact, Claire also didn't want him to leave. After they were together, they rarely separated. But this time, it would be a year if Lucas went.

But Claire finally persuaded him to go. Before leaving, she told him that she would agree to marry him after he came back from abroad. She could still remember clearly how excited he was after hearing this.

However, as soon as he came back. Thinking of this, Claire burst into tears again. Now how could she face her boyfriend who loved her?

There were so many things on her mind that she didn't fall asleep until midnight. It was destined to be a sleepless night.

When Claire woke up, she looked at her watch in a daze. Oh my God, she screamed, quickly washed her face and rushed to the company.

"Why are you so late?" Sure enough, when she arrived at the company, her colleagues had all come. Claire looked at her watch. Although she was not late, it was said that the CEO of the headquarters came to inspect today, so the director asked them to arrive ahead of time.

Hearing the question of the director, Claire apologized in a hurry, "I'm sorry, director."

"Forget it. Go to clean the meeting room with the two of them." After saying that, the director raised his voice and said, "Everyone, cheer up and speed up. The CEO is coming."

Without saying a word, Claire rushed to the meeting room and cleaned it with the other two colleagues.

"I heard that this CEO is the grandson of the Chairman of the group. He is young and very handsome." Lily, one of the girls, put down the rag in her hand and carefully reapplied her makeup with the lipstick.

Another colleague named Harriet glared at Lily and said, "You are still in the mood to fix your makeup. You will be sorry when the CEO comes."

"Oh, I'm just dressing properly. It's my respect for the CEO." Lily said just as an anthomaniac, "I really want to see if the legendary CEO is really as handsome as they said."


rriet shook her head helplessly, turned around and looked at Claire. She frowned and said, "Claire why do you come to the company dressed like this? Today is the day of the CEO's inspection. "

Hearing that, Claire was stunned and slowed down the speed at which she wiped the table. She looked up at herself through the glass window. She didn't like to dress up and was going to be late this morning. She just wore a T-shirt and casual trousers and ran over in a hurry,. After all the sufferings these days, her face was full of fatigue, covering her original good skin. In addition, she cried last night, and her eyelids were swollen, and there were obvious dark circles under her eyes.

She was in total mess.

She was a little embarrassed and smiled awkwardly, "It doesn't matter. I'm just an ordinary employee and can't get in touch with the CEO."

"Yes, it's okay." Lily cast a scornful glance at Claire and said, "Mr. Chason won't notice her."

Claire knew that Lily didn't like her. Now she was too tired to reply. She continued to wipe the table without saying anything.

"The CEO is here! The CEO is here! " Someone shouted outside. She raised her head subconsciously and saw Lily throwing down the mop and running out with Harriet.

Helplessly glancing at the conference room that had not been cleaned up, Claire had to continue cleaning it.

She didn't know how long she had cleaned it and finally finished it. She looked at the meeting room with satisfaction. It looked clean now.

When she was about to leave the meeting room and walk to her office, the door was opened.

"Director?" 'Did the director came to the meeting room to check how I had worked?' Claire looked at him uneasily, "I've already cleaned it."

The director frowned, "Why are you alone?" He paused and handed the document in his hand to her. "There is an important document here. Send it to the CEO Office on the top floor as soon as possible."

Without waiting for her reply, the director stuffed the document into her hand and quickly left the meeting room.

When the CEO came, all the colleagues in the company changed. She shook her head and had to go to the top floor with the document.

Maybe it was because she didn't have breakfast, she just felt dizzy when she came out of the elevator. She walked towards the CEO Office in a daze. Was it here? As soon as she raised her head, she saw the words "CEO Office" on the door.

She held back her dizziness and knocked on the door.

"Come in." A man's voice came from the office.

She pushed the door open and said as she moved, "Hello, I'm here to send the document."

The man sitting in the large office chair was about to reply, but the next second he saw Claire fall directly to the ground.

He frowned. When his subordinates heard that he was going to visit this subsidiary, they all dressed up carefully and welcomed him in a grand manner. And this woman was even more cunning. She fainted directly?

Playing this with him?

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