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   Chapter 5 Shameless (Part Two)

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"Wait, calm down." In a hurry, Mia snatched the obscene photos away.

It seemed like her mother didn't agree to her plan, so Fiona complained, "Mom, do you still want to help Claire? I lost my job because of her!"

It was not that Mia wanted to help Claire; it was because she was more experienced about life than her daughter. "I know you are angry, but the man Claire slept with last night should be someone with a big background; otherwise your director won't be so angry. If you go straight to threaten him impulsively, you may offend him. Not only you can't get the money, but also you may get into big trouble."

Upon realizing that what her mother's words made sense, Fiona sighed and stopped insisting. However, she was still unwilling to give up. "How can I just let her off?"

With a smile, Mia took her daughter's hand and said, "Silly girl, as long as you win Lucas's heart, get pregnant with his child, and marry him, what can't you do? His family business is getting bigger and bigger. You won't be needing this job once you become his wife."

In an instant, Fiona's bad mood flew to the sky. She agreed to what her mother said and thought Mia was considerate. Now, the most important thing that she had to do was to get Lucas's heart.

The door suddenly opened and her father came in when she was about to wipe her tears. Linford Lin happened to see her with tears all over her face.

Compared with Claire's dull personality, Fiona was very good at acting coquettishly and making her parents happy. That was why she had always been spoiled by her father at home. Besides, their father always said in front of their relatives that Fiona was really her lovely daughter.

With that being said, Linford Lin instantly felt bad when he saw her crying. "What's wrong?"

"Dad." Hearing her father's question, Fiona cried even harder. "I have lost my job."

'Lost her job?' The people who knew them often said that his youngest daughter's career was really successful. It was one of the reasons why he was proud of her. "What happened?" For a moment, he paused, and then he gently tapped her shoulders to comfort her. "Don't worry. I will offer support to you."

These words made Fiona happy inside. She knew that her father had always loved her, but she kept crying for the sake of her plan. "Dad, it doesn't matter if I've lost my job. But what will happen to my sister?"

Surprised, Linford Lin asked impatiently, "Your sister? What happened to her?"

With a heavy sigh, Mia stood up. "It's all my fault. I didn't teach Claire well." Then she picked up the photos on the sofa and handed them to him.

"Bastard!" The way his eldest daughter hugged a strange man in the photo stung his eyes when he glanced at it, so he threw it on the floor fiercely. "What's going on?"

Seeing her father's reaction, Fiona rushed over and hugged him. "It's all my fault. I shouldn't have told my sister that my partner is a rich man. I didn't expect this. Dad, don't blame her."

"Okay, Fiona." True enough, Fiona was good at coaxing people. With just a little pleading, his father’s anger immediately subsided a little. "Fion

a, it's not your fault. Don't worry about your work. I will help you."

Then he looked at Mia and asked, "Where is Claire?"

Pretending to be a good wife, Mia took a glass of water and offered it to him. "Drink some water first." As Mia waited for her husband to drink the glass of water, she spoke. "I scolded Claire a little. She got angry and ran out of the house." She pretended to be heartbroken.

"Dad, how about I go and find my sister?" To their surprise, Linford Lin slammed the glass on the table, which made the water splash all over.

"Why are you going to look for her? She has disgraced our family. She loves to run away from home, so let her be! I hope she doesn't come back."

Then he turned his back on the two women, who were now smiling at each other evilly. After composing herself, Mia pretended to be worried again. "But what about this? Claire is an unmarried girl. Once people accidentally find out these photos..."

Thinking of what could possibly happen made Linford Lin sigh. To be honest, he liked Claire's boyfriend Lucas very much. After all, he was from a rich family in this city. It could be said that he was looking forward to Claire and Lucas's marriage because he could take the opportunity to make money and expand his business. However, this thing happened...

He didn't worry about what would happen to Claire, but she was still his daughter. If these photos were leaked, how should he deal with the scandal?

With this thought, he dialed Claire's number and demanded, "Come home quickly." Then he hung up the phone before waiting for her reply.

Hearing her father's voice, Claire, who was walking outside, felt a lump in her throat. She only had one family member left, and that was her father.

So she hoped that Linford Lin could understand her and see the true colors of Fiona and Mia clearly.

With a glimmer of hope in her heart, she went home in a hurry.

But she didn't expect that she would be greeted with a slap across her face by her father as soon as she entered the house. "You are so shameless. Why did I have a daughter like you?"

Pain struck Claire's heart in an instant. "Dad, I didn't..."

"How dare you lie to me?" Linford Lin angrily took out the stack of photos and threw them in front of her. "Let me see what else you want to say."

When she saw the photos scattered on the floor, she knew that there was nothing left for her to say.

The moment she went out, she had already expected that Fiona and Mia would complain first, but she did not expect that they would be so bad that they used such a dirty trick! These photos were irrefutable proof of what she had gone through. No matter how much she wanted to defend herself, she could not say anything.

What made her even sadder was her father's attitude. She was his daughter; the daughter who had lived with him for more than twenty years, but he didn't trust her. Instead, he believed those photos without even hearing her side.

What else could she say? Enduring the pain, she just stood up and went back to her room. She had no strength to explain to her father who was swearing behind her.

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