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   Chapter 4 Embarrassment (Part One)

Crisis Of Lust By Ling Chu Characters: 6185

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At this moment, Claire suddenly realized that it was her closest family who conspired to play a trick on her.

If she stayed at home and continued to entangle with these two women, she would suffer losses.

Thinking of this, Claire felt sad and ran out of the house, holding back her tears.

Let's talk about it when Dad comes back. She ran downstairs and collapsed on the cement road.

She believed that her father could understand her. Anyway, she was his biological daughter.

As soon as Claire left, Fiona chatted with her mother complacently. In fact, a week ago, Lucas had sent a message to Fiona. He had planned to give Claire a surprise.

Since Fiona received the message, she had been thinking about how to bypass Claire and get in touch with Lucas.

It happened that Fiona's boss was going to talk about a big case last night. Fiona had heard of it, but she had never paid much attention to her work and didn't know the specific situation of this case.

What would happen if she makes Claire sleep with the president who takes charge of the case? Fiona suddenly came up with a good idea.

Fiona had done this kind of thing more than once or two times. She was beautiful, well-dressed and coquettish, and she knew what men liked. In the business world, if an ordinary man took advantage of her, it was almost easy for her to get the order.

Therefore, not long after Fiona entered the company, she was promoted to the special assistant of the director, although only in name.

If Claire could get on the bed of the president, she could not only make Lucas give up, but also help the company to sign the contract. It could be said to kill two birds with one stone.

Therefore, she replaced Claire and went to Lucas's home.

At the first sight of her, Lucas was also shocked. "Fiona, why are you here? Where is Claire? "

Obviously, Fiona had been dressed up carefully. She wore a tight black skirt, which made her more curvaceous.

"Lucas, I'm really sorry." Fiona's voice was very soft, and ordinary men couldn't stand it. She approached Lucas intentionally or unintentionally, "My sister is too busy with her work. It's not convenient to contact you if she works overtime tonight. She asked me Let me tell you. "

A hint of displeasure flashed through Lucas's eyes. He hadn't seen Claire for a year. He wanted to give her a surprise, but she broke the appointment. And there was no phone call or message.

He had never liked his girlfriend to be too focused on work. Now the family company's performance was very good. He was hopeful to return to China to take over the company, and he hoped that his future wife could focus on her family.

Noticing that Lucas was a little unhappy, Fiona was overjoyed and said in a spoiled tone, "Lucas, you miss my sister so much. I..... We haven't seen each other for a year. I miss you too. "

At this moment, Fiona was very close to Lucas. He tried to keep a rational mind and tried to push away Fiona who was quickly approaching him. "Fiona, don't do this. I'm your sister's boyfriend. "

"But I like y

ou very much. I always like you! I won't compete with my sister. Only tonight I want to be with you. " Facing the woman in front of him, Lucas couldn't hold on any longer. The two of them quickly made love together.

This morning, Lucas woke up with Fiona in his arms. With a guilty look on his face, he was in fact very satisfied with last night. "I'm sorry, Fiona, I...... "

Fiona covered Lucas mouth in time and said, "I don't mind. I know I can't replace my sister. I won't tell her or take you away from her. But...... When you miss me, can you come to me? Because I'm always waiting for you. "

Her words softened Lucas's heart. Fiona was a beauty, not only beautiful, gentle and considerate, but also a different charm in bed. He had never experienced this before. He didn't know that women could have different looks in different occasions.

Compared with Fiona, he suddenly had a worse impression of Claire's conservative personality, thinking that she was a little inferior to Fiona.

Seeing the expression on Lucas's face, Fiona knew that she had achieved her goal. After comforting him, she left in a hurry, because she knew that a cat who had tasted the fish would not help when see the fish again.

Seeing Claire leave home and thinking of the sexual experience last night, Fiona was more and more happy. She hummed a tune while making dumplings.

At this time, her phone rang.

"Director?" Regardless of cleaning her hands, Fiona pressed the answer button as soon as she saw it was her superior.

An angry voice came through the phone, "Fiona, what did you do last night? "

This roar made Fiona a little nervous. She faltered, "Director, I...... I didn't do anything, just as usual...... ?"

"You made our company lose this big order and offended a big shot. You are fired! Come to the personnel department tomorrow and get this month's salary. Then get out of here. " The director hung up the phone before Fiona could reply.

Seeing that Fiona's face turned pale, Mia came over and asked with concern, "my daughter, what's wrong? "

"Mom!" Fiona sobbed, "Claire...... It's all Claire's fault. She must have offended the client yesterday and made me lose my job. " Fiona cried and told Mia the truth, "Mom, what should I do? I have lost my job! "

Frowning, Mia was not as anxious as her daughter. "Don't worry, Fiona. You and Lucas have made great progress. Work harder to get this man, then everything will be fine. "

"But I lost my job." Fiona was crying and wouldn't give up. Her job was stress-free and the salary was high. How could she bear losing it?

Suddenly, her eyes lit up and she said fiercely, "Claire made me lose my job. I must let her pay the price. "

Looking at her daughter's impulsive expression, Mia was a little strange. "What else do you want to do? "

Gritting her teeth, Fiona took out a stack of photos from her bag and said, "these are the photos I got someone take last night. I used these to threaten the man in the photo. Not only can I get the money, but also can completely ruin Claire's reputation. "

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