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   Chapter 4 Shameless (Part One)

Crisis Of Lust By Berenice Characters: 6915

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Finally, Claire had come to realize that it was her closest family who had conspired to play a trick on her. This truth was like a knife that stabbed her heart.

If she stayed at home and continued to entangle with these two women, she would just suffer even more.

Therefore, she ran out of the house, holding back her tears.

As she ran away, her tears finally fell. The pain she felt in her chest was excruciating that she collapsed on the cement road.

'Let's talk about it when Dad comes home.' She believed that her father could understand her. After all, she was also his biological daughter.

As soon as Claire left, Fiona chatted with her mother complacently. The truth was, she received a message from Lucas a week ago, saying that he had planned to give Claire a surprise on her birthday.

Since the day Fiona received the message, she had been thinking about how to bypass Claire to get in touch with Lucas.

Last night, Fiona's boss talked about a big project. She had heard of it, but she had never paid much attention to her work so she didn't know the specific details about the case.

What would happen if she made Claire sleep with the other party's leader who took charge of the case? An idea suddenly came up in Fiona's mind.

It wasn't actually new. In fact, Fiona had done this kind of thing more than once or twice. She was beautiful, fashionable, and coquettish. She also knew what men liked. Using these traits, she could easily attract men, and let them do what she wanted.

Therefore, not long after Fiona entered the company, she was promoted as the special assistant of the director, although only in name.

If Claire would get on the other party's CEO's bed, she could not only persuade Lucas to break up with her sister, but also help the company to sign the contract. It was like hitting two birds with one stone.

On the other hand, she went to Lucas's house in replace of Claire.

Needless to say, Lucas was shocked to see her. "Fiona, why are you here? Where is Claire?"

Obviously, Fiona had been dressed up carefully. She wore a tight black skirt, which made her more curvaceous.

"Lucas, I'm really sorry." Fiona's voice was very soft, and men who were weak when it came to temptation couldn't stand it. She slowly approached Lucas. "My sister is too busy with her work. She couldn't call you because she needs to work overtime tonight. So she asked me... She asked me to tell it to you personally."

A hint of displeasure flashed through Lucas's eyes. He hadn't seen Claire for a year, so he wanted to surprise her. But she broke the appointment. What made him more upset was that she didn't even call or text him.

This was why he had never liked his girlfriend to be too focused on work. She barely had time for him. Now that his family's company was running smoothly, Lucas was hopeful to return to home from abroad to take over the company, and he hoped that his future wife could just simply focus on their family.

Upon noticing the disappointment on Lucas's face, Fiona was immediately overjoyed. "Lucas, I know you miss my sister so much. I... We haven't seen each other for a year. I miss you too."

At this moment, Fiona got closer to him without hesitation, while Lucas tried to keep a rational mind and pushed her away as she quickly advanced. "Fiona, don't do this. I'm your sister's boyfriend."

"But I like you very much. I have always liked you! I won't compete w

ith my sister. Only tonight, I want to be with you." Facing the woman in front of him, whose eyes were burning with desire, Lucas couldn't hold on any longer. The two of them spent the night making love, not thinking that they were committed a sin to someone who was close to them.

The next morning, Lucas woke up with Fiona in his arms. Guilt flooded through him, but he couldn't deny the fact that he was really satisfied last night. "I'm sorry, Fiona. I..."

Shaking her head gently, Fiona covered his mouth. "I don't mind. I know I can't replace my sister. I won't tell her or take you away from her. But... When you miss me, can you come to me? Because I'm always waiting for you."

Her words softened Lucas's heart. After all, Fiona was not only beautiful, gentle and considerate, but she was also a different charm in bed. This was something that Lucas had never experienced before. He didn't know that women could have different looks in different occasions.

Compared with Fiona, he suddenly had a worse impression of Claire's conservative personality. He came up with the conclusion that the latter was inferior to Fiona.

Judging from the look on his face, Fiona knew that she had achieved her goal. So she didn't hesitate to leave after she comforted him, because she knew that a cat who had tasted the fish would not hold back when it saw the fish again.

When she came home, Claire was still not around, so Fiona became happier as she recalled her sexual experience last night with Lucas. She hummed a tune while making dumplings.

All of a sudden, her phone rang.

As soon as she saw that it was her boss, she didn't bother to clean her hands and just pressed the answer button right away. "Director?"

An angry voice came through the phone. "Fiona, what did you do last night?"

This roar made Fiona a little nervous that she faltered, "Director, I... What do you mean? I didn't do anything, just as usual..."

"You made our company lose this big project and offended a big shot. You are fired! Come to the personnel department tomorrow and get this month's salary. Then get out of here." The director hung up the phone before Fiona could reply.

Seeing that Fiona's face turned pale, Mia immediately became concerned so she came over. "My dear, what's wrong?"

"Mom!" Sobbing, Fiona struggled to talk. "Claire... It's all Claire's fault! She must have offended the client yesterday and made me lose my job." Tears kept falling from her eyes as she told the truth. "Mom, what should I do? I have lost my job!"

On the contrary, Mia was not as anxious as her. She was frowning, but she looked calm. "Don't worry, Fiona. You and Lucas have made great progress. Work harder to get this man, and then everything will be fine."

Not wanting to give up, Fiona cried, "But I lost my job!" It was difficult for Fiona to accept such a loss. After all, her job was stress-free and the salary was high. How could she bear losing it?

Suddenly, her eyes lit up and she said fiercely, "Claire should pay the price for making me lose my job!"

Looking at her daughter's impulsive expression, Mia felt a little worried. "What else do you want to do?"

With gritted teeth, Fiona took out a stack of photos from her bag and said, "These are the photos I asked someone to take last night. I used these to threaten the man in the photo. Not only can I get the money, but also I can completely ruin Claire's reputation."

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