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   Chapter 2 Framed (Part One)

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"Click!" Chason crumpled the two bills and chucked them to the ground. In the whole city, he had seen countless women try their best to get into his bed. This woman had not only succeeded in bedding him, but she also had the nerve to humiliate him.

At the thought, he gritted his teeth.

"Check what happened to the woman who had entered my room last night!" he commanded his secretary once she had answered her call.

Larry Lin had just woken up when he got that phone call from his boss. Hearing his words, his eyes widened in shock.

Woman? Larry Lin didn't wait for a second as he rushed into Chason's room holding a handful of files. He had made a few calls along the way, making sure that he had gotten every detail of last night's happenings.

When Larry Lin arrived, his boss was still in rage.

"Mr. Chason, I've checked the woman who came in here last night. Someone bought off the hotel staff and got a room card," he said cautiously. "From my data results, it seemed that someone else had also tampered with your wine."

Chason sneered, trying to restrain his anger. "Do you think the woman is sent by the H Group?"

The H Group was the company that Chason had negotiated orders with. What if they wanted to win the bid by using a trap?

"Well, we can't rule them out. They were the ones who had decided on the venue," Larry Lin mused.

Something flashed in Chason's eyes. "Are they really that stupid to do such a thing?"

In the past few years when he just came back to take over his company, many competitors or business partners tried to send their select beauties into his bed hundreds of times.

They all came to miserable ends. After countless missteps, no one dared to make such a mistake again.

There were just so many holes in this situation.

"Investigate it. You know what I want to do." Chason rubbed his forehead. The effects of wine still hadn't faded completely.

If they actually set him up, then he would let them have it.

Chason Lin swallowed. "I haven't found out the identity of the woman. I tried checking the surveillance video, but someone had tampered with it. I couldn't see her face clearly."

"Forget it. There's no need to look into her." Chason crossed his arms.

Seeing as the woman didn't take his money, it would mean that she wanted something more from this arrangement. They would meet again soon.

When that time came, he would let her have it.

"Mr. Chason, here is a phone." Larry Lin picked it up and handed it to him.

Chason glanced at the screen and saw an intimate picture of Claire with another man. Was that the 'Lucas' she had been calling out?

Pursing his lips, he turned to Larry. "Put it on the front desk. If s

he comes back for it, we'll know who she is."

However, Claire didn't know that.

When she came out of the hotel, she was still in a daze. It was as if she was living in a nightmare, and she was just waiting to wake up.

She quickly rushed to the front desk. "Please help me check which room Lucas is in."

When she was in that room, she couldn't get through her sister. Now, she just needed to find him all by herself. Although she didn't know how to explain this situation to her boyfriend, he was the only person she wanted to see the most.

"We can't reveal information of our guests," the receptionist said, bowing her head.

"I'm his fiancee! Please make an exception."

However, the receptionist refused Claire firmly and asked her to call Lucas herself.

She had thought of calling him, but after the events that had transpired last night, it was obviously not as simple as her entering the wrong room or having the wrong key card. Something was off. Someone was setting her up. She furrowed her eyebrows. Did her sister, Fiona Lin, have anything to do with this?

However, Claire quickly shook her head and let that thought go. After all, Fiona Lin was her sister. She wouldn't do that to her.

Therefore, the most important thing she needed to do now was to confirm whether Lucas was actually in this hotel. She didn't want to call him, not wanting to expose herself so readily.

It wasn't that she wanted to hide it from him, but she just didn't know how to say it. After all, this was her first time – the first time that she had promised to Lucas when they were still together.

She sighed, frustrated at the situation she had just placed herself in.

Claire stood there, arguing with the receptionist, but it was still to no avail. Seeing as she had no other choice, she decided to call Lucas and ask him herself.

However, when she reached for her handbag, her eyes widened when she realized that her phone wasn't there.

Where was her phone?

Did she leave it in the hotel room?

A part of her wanted to go and get it, but after imagining the look on Chason's face when she would come barging in was enough for her to leave the hotel at once.

Seeing that it was useless to ask the receptionist now, she decided against asking the hotel staff for help. Without another word, she left the hotel dejectedly.

Claire didn't know how long she had walked aimlessly along the streets. She felt as if she still needed a few minutes to actually 'wake up' from her nightmare as her memories started to build.

Yesterday was her birthday. Although her father was too busy to come back, her stepmother prepared a table of food in her name, saying that she needed to celebrate.

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