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   Chapter 12 The Hidden Game

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Hredhaan Grover

"Dad…." Shouted my little doll by running into my arms the moment I kept a foot inside the house.

"Hey my princess." I said grinning at her by crouching down to her level and opening my arms for her.

"How is my princess today?" I asked the moment she got into my arms and hugged me tightly with her little arms.

"Awesome dad. I even completed my homework and dinner" said my daughter with a hint of proudness in her voice. That made me chuckle at her adorable cuteness.

"Wow. That's incredible doll" I said with an act of surprised tone that she laughed her signature cute little drums laugh.

"But why is she still up at this hour without sleeping?" I asked it while looking at her face with a raised eyebrow that she pouted a little before answering.

"I was waiting for you. I want you to tuck me to bed today. Not mom." She said with a finality in her tone that I became surprised for a moment before covering it.

"Well you are becoming dominant these days" I said with a matter of fact by getting up and taking her in my arms that she giggled.

"So much." commented Anu while coming into the living room from the kitchen with the bowl in her hands.

"Are you giving hard times to your mom?" I asked, raising my eyebrow in question to which she innocently shook her head in denial that I wasn't able to stay serious for even one more minute.

"Ok. Let me get freshed up first" I said, walking in the direction of my wife before placing a soft kiss to her cheek and going to our room to change into comfortable clothes.

It's been a tired day but still all my tiredness melted the moment I saw the smiling faces of the most important persons in my life.

The moment the word 'important' has been registered by my mind, an image of a smiling face flashed through my eyes making me groan in frustration in return.

The harder I try to ignore her, the faster the images and thoughts of her are flashing in my mind with double intensity that it is getting me irritated entirely at a different level.

I pulled all of my clothes with a harsh thug and placed myself below the cold shower with an effort to forget about her by the distraction of physical feeling.

I closed my eyes only to see the image of her smiling at me when we used to be close all those years ago.

Her smile was so addictive that I always reciprocated her every time with my own smile.

Her eyes used to shine with this kind of gentleness and entirely different energetic twinkle that I always find myself getting lost in them.

She always used to carry this lively and sparkling aura within her that I always used to complain like a small kid. But she never wavered even when all of us made jokes and teased her about it. That's the thing I like about her the most.

She doesn't care about who thinks and what they might do. She always does what she thinks is correct and used to make us get in trouble for it most of the time.

Well, I never complained though. Because being with her was so entertaining and adventurous that I used to help her in fact.

Even she has her fears and insecurities which she covers up well with her brilliant smile. But who is she kidding, she might be a good actor in covering her expressions with a mask but not with me. I can easily see her hiding face which does show so many emotions in them.

In fact I used to feel very proud of that because she only lets me see her fragile and scared form. Or I have thought so.

But not anymore. Now I cannot see a single feeling or expression on her face except for the blank face which she wore on the day of our meeting. Her eyes which used to be so vibrant and expressive have turned out to be cold and empty without anything in them.

Now I don't know who that woman is except for the physical appearance.

Urghhh… this is what

nds for them, she created the same type of schools for the rest of the children who can pay the fees.

Interesting thing about this school is that the way of teaching is very unique from the rest. Children have to be in the class for only three days and the rest three days they can study in the ground. It should be the creativity of the teachers on how to teach them a lesson outside of class without a board. This is the reason why all the staff members are below 35 years of age to run with them and to get creative thoughts according to this new trends and technologies.

I knew that investing in her company was never a bad idea but I wanted to be sure about it. And now I am glad that I did. Of course I am never going to say it to her about how amazing she is.

"Nice work Ms. Laghari. We are interested to invest in your company" I stated with a formal nod and a smile that she too gave a stiff smile of her own while nodding her head in return.

"Thank you Mr. Grover. It's such an honour" she commented with a handshake before entering into the lift together with her junior secretary and Mag.

Her secretary is so scared of her. I can clearly see it from the way of her posture and her death grip on the files she was holding in her hands.

But the moment her phone rang, she started shuffling in between the files hurriedly by making them shatter onto the floor with a thud sound.

She immediately gasped in shock while watching Advika who is looking mad at her currently. She started shaking on her place before bending slowly getting down and the papers and assembling them into the place.

"Can't do a single thing without messing it up" commented Advika with a look of irritation on her face and glaring at her that I sighed in frustration because it made the poor woman even more scared of her.

"No need to display that much arrogance I think" I muttered to myself but with enough loudness, so that she can hear me clearly.

"Excuse me? Come again?" She asked loudly with a look of anger in her face that I turned to face her fully with my blank face.

"What?" I asked while keeping my hands in the pockets and continued "I just said that you are so full of yourself" with a look of disappointment in my face for a second before covering it up again with a blank look.

I did it wantedly to see the reaction from her. And it's definitely satisfying to see her startled look before showing her annoyed face.

One point to me because I got a reaction from this cold hearted woman even if it is for a fraction of seconds.

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