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   Chapter 11 The Hidden Game

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Hredhaan Grover

"But… everyone is here. And we even know that boy from a long time ago. How could this happen all of a sudden?" Asked Avinash with confusion that I glanced at them to see everyone was looking at me for some kind of answer except for Mag.

He is in his thinking mode. Thanks to him, at least he uses his brain when it's needed at the most important time.

"Someone is observing us all the time to take this step. This someone doesn't want us to find out about their details" Mag said with a heavy tone that I nodded my head in agreement by sighing in relief that he took the initiation to explain it.

"Too bad. I am going to find out one way or another" I said while standing up straight with a new found determination.

"Go and bring that boy who brought the tea here and also check the cctv footage of the last ten days of that restaurant from where he brought the tea for us" I ordered Ravi to which he nodded and left the office in a hurry.

"Show him to the cells Falan and find out what happened to our coffee and tea machine to bring it from the outside all of a sudden" I ordered again to Falan and took a seat by taking the folder back which has the list of buyers of that black dress and mask.

I am going to find out the kidnapper at any cost and the hidden secrets behind this case no matter what.

Me and Mag were going through the files when Falan came and stood in front of us with a bothering look on his face.

"What happened" I asked, keeping the file at the desk and giving him my attention completely.

"That machine is not working now. I don't know how because in the morning itself I drank from that machine before going out to catch these kidnappers" Said Falan with confusion and alarm at the same time.

"Oh yes. I remember. Even Priya drank from it in the morning." Added Mag while thinking about it again and looking at me as if he realised something about the situation. We both got it at the same moment.

"It means that someone came here when we were out…" I said dragging while looking at Mag.

"And damaged the machine wantedly." He completed my incomplete sentence by looking at me with an irritating look on his face.

"How these bastards always manage to stay a step ahead of us?" Commented Falan with an annoyed expression similar to Mag.

"That's because either they are watching every step of us or they might have already planned it in case these kinds of things or situations arise" I answered, feeling equally annoyed and irritated knowing that they are ahead of us in every step we take or plan.

And the worse thing is we won't know anything about these two gangs and what we are chasing after.

Or after we chase it till the end

. Check all the footage once again clearly and let me know if you find anything suspicious" I said, ordering it to him and getting up with somewhat low energy in my body.

Whatever we try to see or find, every road or clue gets vanished or we come to a dead end without any answer.

"Hred…" called Mag, when I was coming out of the monitoring room with Falan.

"Yes?" I asked, stopping in front of him and leaning against the wall for support by folding my hands.

"I got a call from Isha. She said that Advika's secretary has scheduled a meeting tomorrow at 11 o'clock to visit the schools." He said without showing any emotion in his face but I know this idiot that he is enjoying every bit of my uncomfortableness.

"What you said?" I asked him with a raised eyebrow even though I know the answer to it.

"What is there to say. We need to be there for this case. So I said yes" He said as if that's the most common thing to do.

It's getting on my skin that I need to see her damn face again. If not for this hell of a case, then I would have never visited her in my fucking life again.

"Fine. Come to my house to pick up then" I said with a smirk knowing that he hates to pick up someone and shoved him wantedly with my shoulder while making my way to the cabin.

It was already evening when I came to my cabin and I was so tired of this investigation already.

Sitting in front of the cctv footage for hours is really a pain in the ass.

It's no wonder that I forgot to eat my lunch when I was busy solving this bloody case.

Any would kill me if she finds out that I didn't eat her lunch, so I just gave it to Falan and went to my home by calling it a day because I promised her that I will be early today.

If not lunch, then at least I owe this to her in return to her efforts.

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