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   Chapter 4 The Hidden Game

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Hredhaan Grover

It's true that I became the CEO of my father's company after he expired but that doesn't mean that I won't work with the investigation team anymore. My days would be mostly with my company while nights would be with my team and incase of emergency in any case, I will ask my brother or my director Pranav to look after it because anyway my assistant Isha is the best in guiding everything. She handles it expertly while I am away and I am more than grateful for that. I don't think I will be able to get any other best assistant or secretary than her.

I always try to keep both of my works apart without getting mingled and most of them don't know that I am an investigation officer other than my director and secretary and I want it to stay like that.

But it looks like for the first time in my life I need to use my CEO position to solve this mystery case.

Yes, the moment Mag looked at me with that look on his face, I understood his plan. Most of the time both of our minds work in the same direction that it always seems easy to understand each other's mind set without even speaking out by just looking at our faces.

So when he looked at me with a knowing look, I knew instantly what his plan might be and he too knows that I got the hint of what he is suggesting.

"God you guys always freak me out by these looks of yours. Why can't I grasp onto your thinking like you both always do it?" Asked Falan while whining like a baby that we both chuckled and smirked at each other in return.

"You need to grow up for that boy" Teased Mag with an amusement look that in return he got the growl from Falan for calling him boy.

"Ok ok. No more fighting here. Let's stick on to the topic for a while because if my doll comes in the middle then we won't be able to finish it" I stated as a matter of fact because I know that she occupies her time with me when she returns home. Of course in a demanding way but that's not the point here.

"Ok got it dad." Mocked Mag with a chuckle that I gave a look that made him surrender in return and compose himself before starting the plan.

We discussed the plan for a while where Mag explained the way to enter into their company and to interact with them by making a deal with them.

For sometime both of them researched about the company to know exactly what deal can be presented for them to accept our offer while I finished some of my office work which was pending from yesterday.

I couldn't concentrate on my investigation work if I won't finish up my office work because of Isha. She can be a pain in the ass sometimes when it comes to work.

"Yes. That's it." Stated Mag with a satisfied voice that I lifted my head from the laptop to glance at him in question.

"I know what deal to make with them now. They cannot say no because they are in need of it." Mag said with an excited tone to his voice that I shut the laptop and gave my full attention to him now.

"Let me explain it." He said, turning the laptop towards my direction when I got a call from the office. I excused myself by showing my single finger indicating that I need a minute and went towards the window to answer the call.

It was about the meeting which is scheduled tomorrow, and Isha gave me inputs about it and said me to go through the mail detaily which she will send it now.

After the call I came back to take my seat when Mag and Falan glanced at me in question. Well more like a confirmation because they got that I got some work again to deal with.

I sighed leaning against the chair before answering them.

"It was about tomorrow's meeting. Need to check some files if everything is fine or not." I said closing my eyes for a moment because I forgot about it totally with being preoccupied by this case.

"It's kind of an important meeting but I totally forgot about it because of this case" I said, rubbing my jaw and looking at them with an apologetic look on my face.

"But what about this plan to execute then?" Asked Falan with a confused look that we both chuckled at his reaction.

"Don't worry Fal. Mag will take care of the plan. He knows how to do it." I said giving my best smile to make them know that I can leave it on them both for a while to complete my work.

"Ok. No problem. Will talk to Pranav about this and workout then. I will make arrangements while you finish up the work" Mag said, nodding his head in acceptance with a serious look on his face that I too gave a nod in return before resuming with my work.

After an hour I was done with my work and rested my head on the desk to relax for a moment when Mag declared that everything is done and the plan is executed. This made my tired body jerk into excitement that I quickly looked up from my seat to glance at him.

He was smirking at my way as if he knows something that I don't know which nearly made me squirm in my seat because I hate that look on his face.

"We planned everything and sent a deal to their company. Now all we have to do is sit and wait for their acceptance to meet us. Once it is done, then we can enter into their company for our first step." Mag said with the same smirk on his face as if he is satisfied with his work.

Ok… I know that I can leave it on him to make it right because he is perfect that way. But the thing bugging my mind is that look on his face which always brings trouble for me. Not the serious one but still the trouble.

"Ya. We spoke to Pranav and he agreed to prepare a deal and send it to them. Once he sent, he gave a message to us a few minutes back saying that he sent the mail." Added Falan with a smile on his face not knowing the questions swirling in my mind at the moment.

"I am excited to see how this works out you know. For the first time we are using your company to solve this case." Said Falan with an excited look that I groaned again knowing that I am using my company for my personal use.

"Ya.. Even I am excited to see how this all turns out." Stated Mag with a voice that definitely sounded the double meaning to it. Even the smug look on his face cannot be ignored.

"What is the company name?" I asked Falan while looking at Mag with suspicion in my eyes but he still held the same smug look with a smirk on his face while watching me. This is not good…

"Laghari group" answered Falan, making me furrow my eyebrows in return.

The name sounds familiar but I couldn't exactly pinpoint where I heard about it before.

Before I could dwell much on that thought my doll came running inside in my direction with a grin on her face and was trying to jump on my lap with a concentrated look which made me chuckle looking at her struggle.

I shook my head with a smile while looking at her attempts and helped her get into my lap with a smile on my face.

"What is my doll doing here without getting freshed up first?" I asked with a raised eyebrow but still anyone can see the teasing expression on my face.

And before she could answer my question I heard Anu's voice shouting for her daught

er which is rebrevating in the entire house before she started coming in our direction.

"You. Get down this instant and come here" Demanded Ananya with a stern voice while looking seriously at her daughter by standing there with her hands on her hips.

She looked damn sexy in her furious look but I wouldn't say it out loud because then that anger would immediately turn in my direction for saying those words in front of our daughter.

"No." Stated Idika before snuggling into my neck by hugging me. This made me raise my eyebrows in surprise and question because of her reaction. She only does this when she did anything wrong and doesn't want to face the wrath of her mother.

"Ok…. What have you done this time?" I asked, removing her from the hug and made her look at me by holding her shoulders.

"Ya tell your father about your little stunts." Said Anu with the same look on her face that it was becoming entertaining to watch this one because I know for a fact that my doll had done something which pissed Anu greatly. I can see from the corner of my eyes that both of my friends are enjoying the show with amusement in their faces.

This made my doll get down from my lap and stand in front of me by facing her mother with the same stern look like her mother is having right now. Both of them have the same attitude.

"It was his fault. Not mine" Said Idika with a louder voice by keeping her hands on her hips. Woah.. like mother like daughter…

"Oh really… How come it was his fault when you were the one who punched him on the face" Stated Anu with a raised eyebrow but I can see the corners of her face were trying to smile by looking at her daughter's standing posture.

This statement made me look at my daughter in amusement while both of my friends were chuckling by closing their mouths in a fist. She really is a fiercy one.

"Yes. It's his fault. He started the fight by saying that his dad is the greatest one among all of them." She said with a raised tone in her voice by pointing the finger at her mother to make her statement seem strong that I was watching her with amused eyes. I have an idea about where this conversation is going which made it even more eager for me to watch my doll in interest.

"So I punched him on the face to confirm that my dad is great and not anyone" She stated with a proud look on her face by puffing out her chest and folded her arms by looking at her mother straight in the eyes.

Damn… From when she became a little rebel? I was looking at my daughter with surprise and awe.

Oh my god… She really is going to be the death of me. How can I really react to this one now? Should I be angry or should I be proud? Scold her or hug her? Confusing…

I knew from the start that she is a troublemaker and gets many complaints wherever she goes. But this? Wow… My daughter can defend herself and even punch the one who talks negative about her dad. This definitely made me proud of my doll but the look on my wife's face is priceless to watch.

I laughed out loud unable to control it anymore because of her pissed off expression which is so cute by the way. She glared at me before stomping her leg on the floor in frustration.

"Urghhh… You and your daughter. I can't deal with you guys. Handle your daughter Hred" Exclaimed Anu by throwing her hands in the air and walking away with a groan all the way to the living room. This made both me and daughter chuckle together.

"Well…. That was interesting" Commented Mag while coming towards us with a grin on his face to which Iddu nodded her head in agreement.

"Ok Doll. This one time i am going to let it go but from the next time i don't want to hear those complaints again." I said looking at her with my best stern expression on my face.

"You can't go around beating everyone whom you don't like ok. That's not good" I added while looking at her who was looking down as if she was about to cry any moment but I know her tactics very well to know that she is acting to make me stop this lecture.

"You are awesome, Iddu!" Said Mag with a grin by giving high five to her. She too returned it with a wholehearted smile that I looked at both of them with a flat look.

God… I am spoiling my kid more than I need to by loving her too much.

"Enough both of you." I said, making him stop the grin and look at me with a pout face. I shook my head before continuing, "Now common. Let's get you freshedup. You need to have your snacks and do your homework" I said, taking her in my arms and walking into the direction of my doll's room with Mag and Fal tagging along with me. They both are so fond of her that they can't leave her alone when they are at home. Was it not enough that I was spoiling her already? for them to add it even more to make her a spoiled kid than she already is.


"Please take your seats. Madam will be there within a few minutes" Said the secretary of the company by letting us take the seats in front of the desk and leaving us inside the office before closing the door on her way out.

It's been two days since Mag have forwarded the mail about the deal and we got the acceptance from them on the next day. After that their secretary called Pranav and made an appointment for today.

Mag was excited when he got to know that they accepted the proposal to make a deal and planned everything out in eagerness. So I left it to him to plan everything while I was busy working on some files which needed my attention. Mag, Fal and Pranav prepared everything for this meeting and made everything ready for today. It's our only chance and we can't risk it at any cost. I don't even know the basic details about the company and who is the CEO of it. I only know that this is a group of hotels first but from the past four years they are also extending it towards the education field where they are looking for the investors. So, it's Mag's idea that we become one of the investors so that it can be an easy way for us to get access inside their company to know about the employees. I heard that the CEO of this company is a female who succeeded in her young age by extending her business into the education sector. Well, I am interested to know about this young lady whom Falan had praised a lot while we are on the way here.

I was lost in my thoughts when there was a nudge on my shoulder which made me come back to my senses with a confused look on my face only to see that both my friends stood up making me frown but still acted with them in tune.

I turned in the direction of their glance to see that a woman in the stunning pencil skirt and white blouse was making her way to the desk. But what made me freeze on my spot is not because of her outstanding figure. It was a familiar face which I haven't seen in a very long time.

"What the hell…." I said with a shock on my face only to see the smirk on Mag's face in return.

Fuck…. So this was the knowing look on his face from the past two days. I should have known it… Oh god… What am i gonna do now???

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