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   Chapter 2 The Hidden Game

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Hredhaan Grover

Two hours before:

"Dad..." whined my little princess while standing at the entrance of the door by wearing her school dress. Behind her was my darling wife who was holding the school bag and lunch bag in her hands while waiting for her daughter to complete her whining about something.

I chuckled looking at them because my princess can give hell when it comes to her stubbornness. What can I say? Like mother, like daughter. But I love both of them to bear with their antics and stubbornness.

"Yess doll… Now what is it that you want?" I asked while coming near to her and lowered myself to her height by sitting on my knees.

"I want to go on a bike today." She demanded by folding her hands and looking at me with her cute pout expression. This made me melt immediately but I cannot show her that because her mother is standing right behind her. So I raised my eyebrows in question.

"Why this sudden decision today?" I asked looking at her with a playful look but we both know that she loves the bike ride like her father. But we only take the car because of Anu's restrictions to be safe with the daughter.

"I don't like going in a car. Bike is the best dadu" said my doll with her prized grin on her face. This made me chuckle but I covered it with a cough because Anu was glaring at me from her position.

"It's not safe on a bike baby. Once you grow older enough to sit on a bike, I will not stop you both from going on that. But for now you have to go in a car itself." explained Anu as much possible with her loving and gentle voice so that Idika would understand and agree with her. But who am I kidding. My daughter is a very stubborn girl.

"No" She said, stumping her right leg on the floor with a huff and folded her arms by glaring at her mother with her cute adorable eyes. It is fascinating to watch the fight between both mother and daughter. So i silently stood aside by watching the interaction between them because i know for a fact that my daughter would win this argument anyway.

"I want to go on a bike itself. Or else i won't go to school at all" she declared by taking a seat on the steps and looking at the floor like she would break the tiles with her glare.

"And it would be your fault because I have a math test today" she added, still looking at the floor but I can see the grin on her face as if she won this one. And i know that she indeed won this game because the moment she mentioned the test, Anu's facial expression changed from anger to confusion and horror within seconds.

From the corner of her eyes she winked at me with a smirking face that I stopped myself from laughing out loud and gave a thumbs up to her by standing at my place.

"Oh yeah… And we only have 20 minutes left for the test" Again my daughter played her cards well and my Anu was freaking out by listening to her cunning daughter's words.

The next thing is that she ran inside and grabbed the keys of the bike by throwing them in my direction to start the bike. So I went and started the bike while Anu took the doll into her arms to make her seat on the back side of the bike.

Once she was safely seated, Anu gave the same instructions that my daughter got bored and winked at me again to go. So I did as I was told by leaving the shouting wife behind.

God my daughter is just as cunning and naughty as me. She got all the looks from her mother except for her eyes which she took from me. But coming to her character, she is the dangerous combination of both of us.

While she got naughty and gentleness from my side, she got this stubborn and attitude from her mother side. She is just five years old but still she can easily charm her way out from anything with her cute puppy dog eyes and expression. She is a good actress when it comes to fake something in front of anyone to slide from the fault.

But I still love her so much and she means the world to me. She is my everything and my eyes. So I will do anything to protect her from any danger.

"Always the wild one" I said chuckling while driving that my daughter laughed listening to my comment.

"Like father, like daughter" she replied back with a chuckle by hugging me tightly from the back.

"God.. you are becoming sassy and fierce day by day doll" I said as a matter of fact while taking a turn and glancing at my daughter from the rear view mirror.

"I am not" she said stubbornly with a pout on her face.

"Yes you are, doll. And we both know it." I commented while parking in front of her school and getting down from the bike. I can clearly see the pout face on her that it made my insides melt with love for her.

"But you still love me" she whispered by looking down at her hands but I heard it clearly because in a moment a smile was plastered on my face.

"Doll… you know exactly where to push my buttons" I said while tickling her sides that she started laughing with her sweet angelic voice and was asking to stop.

After a moment I stopped and hugged her to me dearly. Then kissed her forehead before releasing her from the hug and placed the down from the bike carefully.

"Of course I love you princess" I said pulling her small nose with a smile on my face.

"Told you." She said grinning by showing her small teeth on display. "Love you too dad" She replied with her dashing smile that I shook my head to myself with a chuckle. Very sassy…

I bent down to her level to give the fatherly instructions that I give everyday even though we both know that she won't listen to a thing I said. But still I will make sure to give it no matter what. Because at the end of the day she is my daughter and I am protective of her no matter what.

"Go now. It's time. Also be good and no naughty things. Ok" I said a little sternly for her to make me believe. But, she being herself, she nodded with a grin by kissing my cheek and running inside the gate of the school premises.

God… she is going to be the death of me. I can't even get angry at my little doll and less alone stay mad with her.

All my friends say that she makes me dance to her tune around her little finger and I agree with them on this for once.

Smiling to myself by thinking about my doll and started bike to return home but in between my driving I have heard my secret emergency tone from my mobile. So I stopped my bike on the roadside and took my mobile out of my pocket to see the message.

It is specially designed by my teammate Magnus for our team members to know the emergency problems of the police and if possible to help them secretly. Whenever the police press the emergency button on their receivers to let every police know about the situation, we will also get this emergency message with the location where it tracks the receiver who pressed it. So that we c

an easily track them and help them.

Mag created it out of timepass, but eventually we are now using it to save the lives of people secretly.

This location is nearer to me than my other teammates, so I messaged in our group that I will take this case and started driving my bike by placing bluetooth on my ear so that in case if I needed to contact anyone for the emergency then I can easily connect.

When I reached the place, I didn't expect it to be burned out like that. It was devastating to watch all the people struggling to get out of that mess while some people just sat there looking here and there not knowing what to do. Also there are many dead bodies in between the thick ashes and the burned out things.

Police are trying to rescue the people that are still alive with the help of some common people and hospital staff. It pained my heart to see the people struggling for life and to even breath normally because of the smoke caused by the blast. It was looking all black, ash, grey and red from this far and the only sounds were sirens, people shouting for help and police giving orders to some people.

From the corner of my eye, I saw that some of the policemen are running behind one person and I think that he is the suspect. So without wasting anymore time I started my bike in the direction of the police and that suspect who was running.

My blood is boiling with the scene I just watched and all I want to do is kill that fucking bastard in an instant.

No… that won't be enough punishment and won't even feel the pain if the death is instant. I want to torture him slowly and sweetly until he breaks down from his last hope and begs me to kill him from this torture. But I cannot do it because of the rules so I diverted all my anger on catching him red handed and to give justice to all those poor souls.

If this person was behind the blast then he sure will get to taste at least one shot of mine before capturing him alive.

When I turned a corner, I saw that he took the bike from a stranger who was passing by on the road by pushing him aside and started driving away from the police. They are running even faster than before but they won't be able to catch him no matter how fast they run. So I raced my bike and followed him behind without getting caught because now we can't have him think that someone is following him and give the chance for him to escape again.

No way in hell that he is going to escape today. He is my target and I am determined to reach my target at any cost.

I smirked knowing that I would be getting to some action today which itself is making my nerves excited.

When I was near to his bike, I took out my mobile and took a picture of him without him knowing it and forwarded it in our group to get the details of him because if he is not the culprit then it is a waste of time for this chase.

Then I dialed Mag's number and placed back my mobile in my pocket while chasing him continuously.

"So did you catch the culprit?" Asked Mag immediately after lifting the mobile from the other side with his same sarcastic voice.

"Ok then. We are playing sarcastic today it seems. I am open to this game Mag. Bring it out buddy" I said laughing through the phone while taking the left turn behind him.

If my guess is right then there is a mall within a kilometre from here. So he might definitely target that to make him invisible among the people.

"Oh you caught that right man" He said using the same tone but I can listen to some noise in the background and I knew that he was in his basement working on something.

"Well Mag. I need info about the person. Get me the details within 2" I ordered while looking at the road.

"2 minutes? No I need 10" He said with his stubborn voice which made me chuckle knowing that I got him exactly where I wanted him to be.

"Ohh… Is my Mag became weak in the tracing department that it will take more time for him to track now." I commented with a teasing tone of mine because I know for a fact that he can't digest it if he is being challenged in the tracing department. Because he is one of the best trackers in our total investigation office.

"I knew you became old to deal with all these things but it is so soon Mag" I teased him even more by pushing his buttons and driving the bike at the same time. This made me smirk because I know the next answer to my comment.

"You will get it in 2 Hred. Oh yeah and also you are dead when we meet" He said with his strict come challenging voice of his before disconnecting the call by making me laugh at his reaction.

God, teasing him and pushing his buttons is always my always favourite thing. I laughed thinking about his reaction while parking the bike in the basement because I just saw that he too entered this basement.

I can see that he is entering the mall as per my guess and there will be sufficient time for me to catch him here. If he thinks that he can escape the police by entering this mall, then he is so wrong. He might be good at escaping but I am even good at catching.

I smirked with this thought on my mind when my mobile made a sound indicating that I have a message.

Indeed he kept his promise then. Always the easy one to get bullied among our team but the best hard worker too.

I read that he is the most wanted criminal in the police record and this made me even more excited to catch him now.

Here I come you bastard. Try running away from me as far as possible before I catch you.I thought with a smirk by hiding the gun in my bike and started making my way.



"Wait. Let me continue it for you from here" said my brother with a smirk on his face that I casually nodded my head with a grin on my face knowing well that he knows about me and my style of catching.

"Then after entering inside the mall, you have used your dear baby to shoot him before catching him. Am I right?" He asked with a proud smile on his face that I chuckled before nodding my head in agreement.

"You never leave the chance to use your non metal detector gun right?" He asked, shaking his head as if this is an unbelievable thing.

Is there a need to ask? I think it was obvious enough to know that I won't leave a chance.

"Of course duh" I said as a matter of fact.

He started laughing at my statement and I too joined him when my mobile buzzed with an email. So sobering up, I got up and entered my office space to check the mail.

There it was. Another mail with information about the new case which is kind of interesting because there is only one clue and that also seems a weak one. But the case looks strong enough to be suspected because there are no complaints about these missing people.

Well… looks like I got an interesting case after a long time...

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