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   Chapter 0 Prologue - The Hidden Game

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Hredhaan Grover

I slowly parked my baby 'Harley Davidson' in the parking lot while analysing the surroundings around me because I saw that the bastard had gone inside the mall to hide himself from everyone.

'But too bad… I am going to catch him at any cost.' I thought with a wicked smile by massaging my beard chin and realised that I am in need of a clean shave. Then I made a mental note to myself that after going home I have to shave today at any cost before listening to the scoldings of my darling wife.

I can easily catch him but the only problem is that I cannot carry my love with me because there will be a metal detector machine at the entrance of the mall which will easily catch my gun.

Hmmm…. No problem then… Even I have my ways to get inside and catch him at any cost. I smirked to myself with the pumping excitement running through my veins by just thinking about the plan. This is going to be one interesting chase.

So I hid my love in my bike without anyone noticing it and started walking towards the entrance of the mall without glancing at anyone but I can see from the corner of my eyes that many heads are turning in my way especially girls. I smirked internally knowing very well about my affect on them and chuckled to myself by shaking my head knowing that they can only enjoy me by seeing but truly I belong to only one and that is my sweetheart who is waiting for me at our house.

By the word 'sweetheart' I remembered that she is waiting for me. 'Well.. I am sorry sweetheart, you need to wait for some more time because I have urgent work to finish here before I get to see you' I thought to myself while entering inside the mall and getting past the metal detector without getting caught. I knew for a fact about how to skip that machine without getting caught.

When I reached the middle of the mall, I saw that man was in the lift which is on the second floor at present. But if my guess is right then he will go to the top of the building to hide from them. And there are only a few food stalls present on that floor. So I casually looked left and right from where I stood until I found what I was looking for.

I walked towards the steps with big strides to reach the stairs for my plan to start. I need some alone time to arrange everything before I get to catch him red-handed, so the only easiest way is through steps which can take me to him without wasting my time and at the same time I can buy the time I needed to arrange everything.

While taking the steps I slowly bent down to take the receiver from my right shoe and slide and barrel assembly from my left shoe. Once I took them out I removed my chain and took the locket which is nothing but a recoil guide instead. Then I removed my hand band from the right hand where I hid the recoil spring and put it back on my hand once I took it out. Then I pulled my belt where I hid the magazine which is needed to assemble the gun.

Once I removed every item of the gun that I hid inside my body, I assembled them together within thirty seconds to make my gun.

By the time I had joined all the parts together of the gun I reached the top floor where he took a seat at the further end of the floor so no one could notice him easily. He was taking deep breaths to calm himself from all the running he did just before.

'Take your breath man, because the next moment you won't be able to take that much breath now.' I thought to myself with a chuckle and opened my watch where I hid my bullets. I took them out and inserted them inside the gun while walking in his direction and pulled it back to shoot it at the right time.

Everyone is busy in their own world to notice a man is walking beside them with a gun in his hand. I scoffed myself knowing about the people these days and targeted him with my gun from at least thirty meters away. Then I pulled the trigger and shot him directly just above his heart so that he can be still alive but weak to run away from here.

Listening to the sound, everyone got up from their places with a scared look and was looking i

n between both of us while I was smirking with a proud look on my face by watching my work.

Not a minute later, police came running to this floor and surrounded me and that injured person while holding their guns. It really got me bored because they never won't come on time when they are needed the most.

I just kept my love at the back of my pants and folded my hands in the front casually while looking at the police in front of me. Then the inspector came in our direction and stood in front of me with a raised gun in his hands, making my eyebrow raise in return with humor.

"Who are you? How did you get the gun? And why did you kill him?" He started firing questions the moment he came face to face with me that I scoffed listening to his questions. So I slowly took out my purse without uttering anything and handed him my ID card by folding my hands back with a bored look but inside I was enjoying the look on his face when he realised who I am. It really boosted my ego by watching his expression change from serious to shock. So to make it even more dramatic, I slowly removed my shades from my face and looked him in the eye who is watching me with wide eyes and surprise.

He immediately returned back my ID card and gave a salute in my direction making all of them to lower their guns from me. This made me smirk internally even more knowing that they can't do anything about my action because of my position but I kept my serious face and nodded my head like nothing was running on my mind at present.

"I saw him running away from police after the blast, so I followed him and checked about him with my team on the way." I said looking at him in the eye with my signature look which was making him uncomfortable to some extent but was keeping his posture rigid to maintain his position. Hell this is going to be interesting.

"And I got to know that he planned most of the blasts with his team and he is the most wanted criminal in your list." I said raising an eyebrow in question to which he nodded his head in agreement.

"At first I wanted to kill him directly but when I realised that he is the major key to get to others, I changed my mind from killing to hurting him." I said to which he released a breath of sigh in relief by making me chuckle internally knowing that he thought I killed that criminal on the spot.

"And don't worry, he is still alive. I wantedly shot him on his shoulder so that he becomes weak but not die." I said looking at everyone to see their faces which held confusion and curiosity. Inspector just nodded his head in understanding and looked in the direction of the terrorist to take in his situation for himself and make sure that I was right.

It is hilarious to see the expression of the inspector which held awe and shock at the same time for me. But it is nice to feel that I am in the upper hand in this situation and to show them that we investigators are very strict with our job. Once he was satisfied he looked back in my direction and smiled that I made my poker face again and returned his smile.

"Thank you for making our work easy Mr.Grover. You and your team never seize to amaze us." He said holding out his hand for me to shake.

"It's our duty and pleasure to work and capture them. Not a problem" I commented with my smile by shaking his hand in return.

"Well… I will take my leave then.. My wife is probably waiting for me and don't wanna get her angry because it's a horror" I said with a chuckle, making everyone laugh at my joke. I gave my salute and started walking in the direction of lift when I heard some of the police were asking about me about who I am.

"He is Mr. Hredhaan Grover, Senior Investigation officer. He and his team are specialized in undercover investigations to catch the culprits." Said the inspector to his colleagues while I was entering the lift. Everyone turned their heads and looked in my direction with admiration and surprise that made my heart fill with pride for our team.

Well… one work is finished and now I need to get back to face my angry bird.

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