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   Chapter 21 Marking

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Ava Marquez- Petrakis

If she placed her hand one more time on Inigo's arm, I will bury my knife on her long perfectly manicured hand, chop it off and offer it for dinner on her father's plate.

Who am I referring to?

Well, its no other than Ms. Danica Silverio aka the swelling botox faced woman who dared flirt with my man right in front of me, and the spoiled daughter of Iñigo's possible investor, Mr. Danilo Silverio.

Clutching the fork and knife on my hand, I gritted my teeth to keep the smile on my face even though I was itching to clutch and rip off her extensions. Iñigo briefly glanced way and knew the murderous take on my eyes. He coughed and slowly inched his body towards mine. He removed the traitorous hand of Danica on his arm and turned his attention to mine.

"Would you like some of oysters darling?" he brightly asked despite the murder in my eyes.

I pleasantly smiled at him. If anyone knew me, they know that smile was reserved when I was pissed. He knew I was close to cutting someone's hand, so he placed different dishes on my plate.

"Try these out darling." he light heartedly said, cutting out the steak into pieces for me "I know how you love steak."

"Thank you darling." I smiled to him as I caressed his arm. Danica glowered at my hand while I pierced her with my eyes.

"You are a very caring husband Iñigo." Mr. Danilo commented, unaware of the feud between me and his daughter. "I remembered the good days we had of my dear wife. If only she was here. I was hoping Danica can find a man like you too."

More like he was hoping Danica ended up with Iñigo. Over my hourglass body! I bitterly thought to my head. Reaching for the glass of wine to hide my pursed lips, I slowly sipped while I tried to school my features.

I heard him sing praises about Danica and their possible union when I was taking a call outside. Apparently, he reached out to Iñigo to invest in the company, but to also offer marriage between Iñigo and Danica. It just so happened that his meeting with Iñigo got cancelled, and I was able to convince Iñigo to marry me before Danilo could ever offer.

Realizing his almost marriage to the pretentious and narcissistic Danica, I couldn't stop thanking all the saints and angels for allowing me to marry him first. before Danilo was able to come back to the country and meet him.

He thought he could play matchmaker between Iñigo and his daughter by subtly talking about during their business meeting, but I think not. Before he can push the subject further, I made myself known to the duo's dismay. Iñigo was relieved to see me that his eyes lightened upon seeing me. He was even extra clingy and touchy to me when we got inside and found a table for four.

But I didn't like how Danica was seated next to him on the round table instead of across from him. Iñigo completely ignored Danica's advances while he charmed Danilo to talk about business and invest in his company.

It was only then I realized that Danilo was an investor in our company too. Now I had the bitter realization of working with him and seeing him. He wasn't as difficult as before, but I guess he was doing this to twist and use Iñigo into his favor. But clearly Iñigo he was being played at when he would deal with Danilo with his charm and power.

It was clear why Iñigo was the CEO of his own company. He had the skill, the knowledge and the charm. I wanted to kiss him for his talent but held myself. I didn't want to get punished again. The vibrator inside of me was still lying dormant after Iñigo sen

ile I triumphantly grinned at her.

Grinning, I plopped on Iñigo who looked surprised as well. Nevertheless, he pulled me closer to his chest and placed a possessive arm on my waist. It didn't go unnoticed by our audience.

Turning to him, a flash of amusement was in his eyes.

"Here's your drink darling. " I said giving him his drink and clinking our glass. Turning to Danica, I stopped and fake surprised "Oh you want a drink as well? I'm sorry but I'm not serving drinks."

Her eyes flashed with fire and I hid my grin as I sipped my wine. "No thank you. I'm good." She bitted out "I thought you'll be working?"

"I am." I calmly told her, placing the glass on the table. Just in time Andrew walked in carrying the folders I requested from my secretary. He stopped in his tracks as his nose picked a smell and he deeply blushed in understanding.

"H-here are the folders you requested Mrs. Petrakis." Andrew stammered, heat filling his cheeks.

"Thank you Andrew." Taking the folders and opening it. Andrew nodded and walked out of the office. But not before stopping in his tracks at the sight on the chandelier. He chuckled underneath his breathe and closed the door.

Mrs. Petrakis was a indeed a sprightly and razor sharp woman.

Turning towards Danica who was fuming mad, I replied "Since you're our investor as well, I thought of discussing it while you're here. We'll be able to hit two birds in one stone. Isn't that a great plan?"

"Yes, really great." She sarcastically fumed. Turning towards the man behind me, she flashed him a sweet smile "Thank you for having me Iñigo. I really like your office. It's so you."

The man behind me squirmed in his seat. "Thank you Danica. How about we'll talk about b—"

"The design of your office!" she supplied even though Iñigo wanted to talk about business. I inwardly rolled my eyes at her but let her. Her eyes sparked with fire and she roamed her gaze on Iñigo's office "You have a beautiful office Iñigo. I love the design and those chandelier what beautiful---"

She stopped and gasped at the sight. Frowning, Iñigo tilted his head and he quickly hid his laughter with his hand.

Because stuck in the crystal white chandelier of Iñigo's office was my red lacy thong and bra.

Eyes wide in shock, Danica turned towards my smirking form.

"Ooops?" I coyly replied. Think you can still have my man?

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