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   Chapter 15 Wedding Night

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Updated: 2020-05-06 17:50

CHAPTER 15: Wedding Night

Claps and whistles erupted from our audience.

We took some photos and headed to Emma's house where the party was celebrated. The moment we got out of the city hall, the blinding light of flashes and reporters greeted us.

"Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Petrakis!"

"Where shall you celebrate your honeymoon?"

"Is it true you married for the sake of forming an alliance?"

My brow furrowed at the last question. I kept my mouth shut than to reply to him. We'll simply release an official statement for them to back off.

Iñigo clasped his hand with mine as we made our way to his car. When we got in, we quickly sped to Emma's home.

"That was crazy." I commented at him "How do you get used to all those?"

He chuckled as he slid his hand with mine while his other hand were on the wheels. "You simply ignore them. It's best to not say a word."

I nodded my head before sliding my gaze to his. I leaned close to his and he eyed me from his peripheral view.

"You know, we can always ditch the party." I purred at him as I caressed his chest. He smelled really nice, and it was so addicting that I couldn't help take sniff again.

He chuckled and shook his head "What will your best friend and our guests say?"

"It's our wedding, so our rules." I simply shrugged and pouted at him "Come on, I want to spend my first day of being married to you somewhere else."

His gaze slid to mine as we stopped at the red light. "How about we spend our lunch with them then we'll go somewhere you'll lik

ond later, he snored.

What the fuck?

Groaning, I moved him and tried to wake him up but he wouldn't budge.

Oh forget it!

Stomping towards his bathroom, I hastily removed the pins on my hair and angrily showered. Once I got out, my gaze fell on the sleeping man and my temper flared. I was so close to getting a pitcher of water to wake him up but decided not to.

I need justification for my wedding night! Since my husband was snoring soundly while I was cunt blocked, food will help me in this.

Using his shirt and boxers, I went to his kitchen but frustratingly did not find anything I wanted. So, I grabbed his purse and headed outside to buy ice cream. I was being looked at by the people and one person asked me how my night was. I furiously glared at him before marching back to Iñigo's condominium, only to realize that I didn't have his key card.

My temper literally flared and I couldn't help the angry scream coming off of my mouth.

Fudgeeee! What kind of wedding night is this? I need a redo!

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