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   Chapter 5 Secretary

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Iñigo Petrakis's POV

I was being hounded by the paparazzi. News of Ava walking out of my penthouse clad in only my robe and taking my car surfaced the front pages and the web. True to her words the reporters asked for answers from me after telling them to ask me when she walked out of her house driving my car.

Now my public relations team are waiting for me to make an announcement. The logical side was to answer them with the truth which is there is nothing going on with me and Ava. But the unreasonable side of me wanted to delay things. I haven't decided yet hence, the hounds of paparazzi fishing for answers.

Perhaps the only good thing was Andrew found a new part time assistant. Parking my car, I went inside the elevator and pushed on the top most floor. I was busy checking on my phone for my emails when I familiar voice stopped me on my tracks, and wiping me from the screen on my phone to the grinning female waving at me.

"Good Morning Boss! Would you like some coffee?" Ava was grinning at me holding a cup of coffee on her hand as she stood behind the new assistant's desk. She was wearing a ruffled pale pink pencil skirt, white long sleeve shirt and white coat adorned with diamonds on the neck. She was sporting a wide grin while I stared open mouthed at her.

"What are you doing here?" I furiously marched towards her.

"I'm the new assistant." she plainly stated. My gaze fixed her on desk that was already filled with her stuff "I moved my stuff during the weekend. Besides you approved my application."

"No, I didn't."

"Yes you did." She said placing her signed application form. I distinctively remember Andrew nervously glancing at me as I signed the contracts. Apparently, he sneaked in her application form. I'll have a word with Andrew when he comes in the office later.

Breathing for control, I pointed my finger to her and my office "In my office. Now."

Ava quickly followed me inside. Locking the door, I sat on my chair and furiously glared at her.

"What exactly are you doing here?" I asked as she meekly sat at the opposite chair.

"I told you I'm your new assistant."

"What for? Need I remind you that you have a company to run too." I pointed out. She tipped her chin up and crossed her arms.

"I own a digital marketing and clothing company Iñigo. I can run it whenever and wherever I can since I have trusted people to oversee it." She explained to me "And besides I heard a you need a new assistant so, I thought I might help you out."

"Why don't I believe you." I drawled as I pierce her with my gaze.

She sighed, "Fine. I came here so I can convince you to marry me."

"Marriage? Again?" I was exasperated at her difficultness. She was no doubt a difficult woman. Will she not stand down from her hideous plan?

"Yes." she passionately countered "I gave you a week but until now you don't have an answer. You haven't even made a statement yet regarding our scandal so, I'm here to convince you that with us being married we can work together to help ourselves and our company grow. This is your answer. I am your answer. What's stopping you?

I shook my head at her. "I cannot love again. I will not be imprisoned by the same fate." I answered her truthfully.

"Then at least try." she pleaded softly "Take a chance again Iñigo. I know you won't regret it. I can help you change your mind."

I shook my head at her "I cannot." I firmly stated.

She sighed, "They won't stop and you know it. You're not the only being hounded."

I know the reporters won't stop. We were hot news and they would pine to get every bit of story. The Petrakis empire in the brink of a bankruptcy. Add on to it was the scandal of my ex-wife running off with my father and my scandal as I was tangled with the Ava Marquez.

"We live in a country that the elders believe sex before marriage is inappropriate. Apparently, these elders are still alive and running. If you want to get into their graces and remove the scandal in our name, marriage is our option." She softly spoke the truth.

I know that. I hate it how they believe it is inappropriate. Can't a man and woman choose when they shall have sex or not? Sex is not only for pleasure, but it's also an act of love and a choice. We respect those who chose to remain virgins but I hope they also respect those who are not. Your virginity shouldn't define your worth.

I hate how they make it a headline to see two people kissing. Do they not have any important matters to discuss than the lives of two people.

"Hey you okay?" Ava asked as she watched me think. I shook my head and straightened in my seat. "I'm sorry we have discussed this first thing in the morning. Here-"

Ava placed a glass tupperware on my table. A glanced in question at her. There was a small grin on her face "Andrew told me that you don't normally eat breakfast. So, I cooked for you."

Words clogged on my throat at the meal in front of me. She cooked me breakfast? Why? Bright red spots filled her cheeks and she was biting her lips while trying

to not look at me.

"I can't have a husband die of ulcer." She joked as she stood up and straightened her skirt "Anyway I have work to do. Happy first day to me! "

She strutted outside of my office, closing the door but before she can do so she stuck her head inside and glared at me "Make sure you eat that or I'll feed you myself."

Closing the door, I pinched the bridge of my nose as I can feel the start of a headache coming in.

What did I do to get an exasperatingly beautiful woman like Ava Marquez hot on my heels?

Ava Marquez

Iñigo Petrakis was a very very difficult man. I gave him a week to think about my proposal but apparently he is adamant in refusing me. His ex-wife Leanne must have hurt him so bad that he no longer wishes to get married again. But I will make him change his mind. What Ava wants, Ava gets.

I wouldn't be able to build my company from scratch without hardwork and determination. Now I will need it to seduce this straight laced Spanish man.

Glancing at my watch, I saw it was already lunch time. Perfect! Time for step number 2 on my plan. Checking myself on the mirror, I unbuttoned the first two buttons of my top to give my cleavage an ample look, straightened my hair and gave a wan smile. Standing up, I grabbed the folders in my hand and tupperware on the other.

I was about to knock on Iñigo's office when it abruptly opened, knocking me into his arms.

"Mmmph." I bumped into him. He held me in his arms and a frown was back on his forehead. A grin fell on my lips as he ogled at my breast.

"Hi!" I greeted him still in his arms.

"Why are the first two buttons of your shirt open?" He furiously asked as his eyes went up to mine. I grinned at the heat on his eyes.

"Oh this? It was a bit hot out here." I said fanning myself even though the office was as cold as the north pole. I often asked to myself if the floor was cold due to the aircon or the boss?

He eyed me with such irritation on his face. He clearly didn't buy my alibi. Pursing his lips, he straightened me up and was about to close the door to his office when I stopped hi..

"No wait!" He halted with definite irritation in his eyes. He must be thinking with a big what now. Undeterred by his irritation, I gave him my biggest smile "I have to give you the files I just finished."

He eyed the folders I was shaking in my arm. He outstretched his arms infront taking the folders.

"Nuh-uh I'll place it on your table." I said pushing the door open with my hip and closing it. Giving him a cheschire grin, I confidently strode inside his office making sure to swing my hips from side to side to give him a good look.

Once I reached his table, I placed the folders on his table and the tupperware. I felt him walk towards me. Once I felt him near, I flipped my hair to the side and sat on the seat crossing my legs.

"Now let's eat!" I clapped my hands as I pushed his arm to seat beside me.

"I am not eating with you." He exasperatingly combed his hair with his hands as he stood pacing before me.

My eyebrows rose, "Oh? You know its rude not to eat the food I prepared. I woke really early to prepare these."

He sighed and placed his hands on his hip "Señorita I will not---"

His words were muffled by the food I let him eat. I laughed as he glared at me while chewing the food. His glare slowly changed as he swallowed the food.

"Well?" I asked expectantly "Was it good?"

Coughing he nodded. "It was bu--"

"Great! Have some more!" I said giving him a spoonful.

"No, thank you."

"Come on." I insisted "If you dont eat this I'll really get hurt."

He sighed. "If I eat then will you leave?"

Ouch that hurt a little. He was adamant in making me leave. Pursing my lips, I slowly nodded "I will but not before dessert."

"Fine." He agreed taking the other tupperware "After dessert you will leave."

Nodding, I hid the grin on my face. Oh I would surely love dessert.

"Do you mind if I use the bathroom?" I sweetly asked Iñigo. He nodded and waved me off as he finishes the last of his meal. Grinning, I stripped off of my clothes and placed chocolate syrup on my body. This should be a fun dessert.

"Ava where did you place the dessert?" Iñigo asked from outside. Stubborn man wanting me to leave. Too bad I was as stubborn as he is.

Slowly walking out of the bathroom, his gaze lifted to mine.

"Right here." I purred leaning on the doorway, cocking my hips to the side and dangling the chocolate syrup on my hand.

His gaze heated and his nostrils flared. Grinning, I laid on his sofa and outstretched my arms on top of my head.

"What is the meaning of this? Put some clothes on!" He stalked towards my form.

"This is dessert." I seductively stated

"Leave. Now."

"Baby I can't. We made a deal remember? I'll leave after dessert." I gently pointed out, arching my back "You might want to start eating your dessert now since in a few minutes you have people coming in."

Cursing under his breathe, a grin was on my lips when he leaned above me. "Fine. You win."

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