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   Chapter 4 The Scandal

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Iñigo Petrakis's POV

Present Day…

This woman must be insane. Undoubtedly and completely beautiful but insane. I will not marry ever again even if it will be the last thing I will ever do in this Earth.

I stared at the outrageous woman standing before me who was wearing nothing but only my bathrobe. Her hips cocked to the side, her hands crossed over her bountiful breasts, and her chin tilted upwards in a challenging manner. But what strike me the most was her eyes that held fire in their depths.

It was a look of a woman who had grappled, defended and took on the business industry with might and flexibility. But most of all, it was a look of a driven woman who cannot be swayed. I would have admired her tenacity and boldness if only we were discussing business but we were discussing about marriage. Our marriage! I refuse to be bounded again!

Gritting my teeth, I shook my head and levelled her with a gaze, "No."

Her beautiful forehead scrunched up with a frown. "I don't think I made myself clear. I wasn't giving you an option. Marriage shall clear out our name and save your company from further scandal."

She walked towards me, her hips swaying and her breasts tempting me to run my hands on her. Her very movements caused an ache in my groin and this was all unbeknownst to her.

For the first time I was jealous of my own robe for it get to hug the very curves of her body. I want to have a taste of her again.

Who would have thoughts that the 15-year old Ava Marquez would grow up to be such an enchanting creature? Eyes as emerald as the spring leaves and hair as lush and black as the sky, she was a goddess ready to take and pine a man's heart. And her lips, god what I would do again with her lips.

Shaking my thoughts from my head, I focused my gaze towards the top of her head. I need to stay focused.

"Iñigo, I know you may think that this isn't the best option for you, but it is." She emphasized "You'll not only save your name but gain a powerful ally."

"How can I be sure that this isn't only a plan you plotted against me to imprison me." I bitted out but immediately cursed myself at the flash of hurt and anger at the very depths of her eyes.

"How dare you accuse me of such a thing!" She whirled out jabbing her finger on my chest "I am a victim as you are! My company and my honor is in peril too."

Breathing out a frustrated breath, she closed her eyes and whirled herself to calm down. Opening her, she stared at me right in the idea and whispered in a small breath "Last night, I only wanted to help you by making a proposition because apparently you've been avoiding help from women which I believe is insane. It wasn't on my plan to dance like some stripper, have mind blowing sex, and be on the front news! So, if you want to save our company and our name, marriage is the best option!"

She was panting, her chest rising up and down, after her long speech. Her eyes were now spitting fire and I was damned to say that I wanted nothing more than to bend her sexy ass in the air and bury myself deep in her, because an angry and furious Ava Marquez was damn hot.

"Mind blowing sex?" The corners of my mouth tilted upwards.

"Unbelievable! That's the only thing you got from everything I've said?" She gasped in horror, her eyes spitting fire as she paced inside my room.

I got what she meant but with wearing close to nothing was distracting me. Rubbing my hand on my jaw, I crossed my arms and studied her.

Her reasoning was correct. Even if we tell the public that the photo was false, it will easily be rebutted since the picture was clear. It will only add scandal to our company that the very persons leading two companies were acting in an appropriate manner. But if we did announce to the public of our marriage, it shall gain a positive feedback for A&A Company is a leading company in the country and I shall gain a powerful ally. But there must be another way. Marriage is not option. Every excuse I could think of was not enough.

Sighing, I rubbed my hand on my face and stared at her. "I'm sorry I did heard what you were proposing." I apologetically told her. She stopped from pacing, crossed her arms on her chest and casted her eyes downwards.

"But I also have to apologize that I shall not take your offer."

Her shoulders slumped in defeat. Turning towards the window, I watched as she drew a few breaths. A few seconds passed before she tilted her head up, turned her body and squared her shoulders. "And you should also know that I won't take no for an answer."

Giving me a small grin, she seductively walked towards me, grabbed my arm and angled my head towards the people outside "Besides how are you going to explain to everyone when they see us emerge from your room."

A series of curse fell on my lips at the number of reporters at the front of the building. They must have felt our gaze even though we were at the top floor because they turned their cameras towards us. Cursing out loud, I drew my curtains in.

Looking for the outrageous woman, I saw her walk downstairs towards my kitchen.

"What would you like for breakfast? Eggs? Toasts?" She asked as I followed her in disbelief in my kitchen. She began opening the cupboards and setting up the pans as if she owns the place.

With her hands rummaging on the cupboards, she peak a glance at me through her lashes and gave me a mischievous grin "You don't like toasts or eggs? Perhaps you can have me for breakfast."

I gaped in shock at what she has said. My dick s

tirred at the image of her flat on my pristine table while I devoured her juices. Struggling for self-control, I gripped the roll of newspaper in my hand and faced her.

"We need to sort out this mess."

"And as I have said earlier, the only thing we can do is get married." She boredly replied as she began toasting the bread and cooking the eggs and sausage "Now you might want to sit on one of those stools while I cook you breakfast."

"Señorita." I calmy said.

Her eyes sparkled as she grinned at me "Ooh that sounded really sexy."

I cleared my throat, hoping to gain her complete attention but she stopped me with her finger on my lips.

"We'll talk later. Let me cook you breakfast first, you don't want a wife with a burned hand do you?"

Sighing in exasperation at the difficult woman, I helped her cook breakfast so we can quickly discuss this. But she shooed me away hence, I watched her sexy ass danced around my kitchen.

Ava Marquez's POV

He was watching me. Iñigo Petrakis was watching my every move. I would be lying if I said that it doesn't bother me because it does. His gaze was like hot laser roaming over form. My nipples pebbled into peaks and my pussy clenched in heat. He was distracting me and I need him to get off of my head.

I need to change my tactic on approaching him. He was a difficult man. Marriage is our best option. I just have to let him see that.

Placing the ham, eggs and sausage on the plate, I got the toasts and placed it on another one. Turning off the stove, I grabbed the plates and happily grinned at him.

"Breakfast is ready." I merrily placed the food on the counter. He got two plates and coffee. We silently ate breakfast. But I slowly peaked at him through my lashes.

Who would have thought I get to cook him breakfast and actually eat with me. This was only a dream for me but it's really happening. This wasn't a plan of mine but it felt like the universe was answering my payers. I just need this difficult man to cooperate. I have to make him see that even though we started out under the wrong reasons, we can make something beautiful out of it.

Once were done with the meal, Iñigo wiped his mouth with a napkin and cleared his throat. "Thank you for the meal Ava but we have to discuss matters now."

"Your welcome. But it seems your adamant on making me leave." Standing up, I slid my legs over him, straddling him. Grinning at his shocked expression, I placed both of my hands on top of his chest "Are you sure you don't want dessert?"

His adam's apple bobbed up and down and his eyes darkened at my sexual invitation. His hands flexed on my waist.

"N-no." He expelled in a shaky breathe. He wanted to and I know it. The feel of a man under my power was heady.

"Tsk tsk you always say no. You should try out yes sometimes." I offered him, moving my hips on top of his bulging member. "I'll let you have dessert if you accept my offer."

"Señorita please we must discuss our situation." He pleaded as his hands flexed on my waist, stopping me from grinding on his oh so hard member.

"And I told you again and again that marriage is the answer."

"It will never be the answer." He said pushing me out and moving at the opposite side of the table. He was breathing hard and I knew he was controlling himself. Glancing back at me, he took the opposite chair. "And please value yourself. I have little control over the beast that wants to devour you."

"So you do want me." I peeked in excitement on my chair. His eyes gleamed as an answer.

"Yes but I will not take what you offer."

"Too bad I don't heed a command." I shrugged leaning myself on the counter. Glancing at the newspaper, I gushed at the photo of us "Oh wow we look good together. Even though its a bit blurred you can see that we fit each other."

Iñigo threw me a glare, "We need to find a way to solve this."

"And I tell you again, marriage with me is the answer. Give me a chance and I'll surely blow your mind."

"No." he spelled out. "NO."

"And why is that?"

"Because we are nothing alike and I do not wish to get married ever again." he vehemently pointed like a man defending a case.

"True. We are nothing alike. It would be too boring if we like the same things." I continued "And darling don't you think you have such a bitter view on love and marriage? Let me change your views on that, I can change your mind." And your heart too, I thought to myself.

"And I will tell you again. It's a no."

"Why must you be difficult Iñigo?" I exasperatedly asked him "I know we may start out at the wrong reasons but I know we can make this work."

He shook his head and gave me a sad smile "I will only be using you and your company Señorita, you deserve a man who will cherish and love you, and I cannot be that man."

My shoulders slumped "She has done you a toll."

He nodded gravely, looking away at the skyscrapers on the window. Standing up, I stood next to him and slowly cupped his chin to make him stare at me "I remember a man once told me that the only think you can do when life gives you lemons is to move forward. She may ruin your life but what you do to get out of that rubble is what defines you."

Placing a soft kiss on his lips, I caressed his cheek "I'll let you go this time but I'll be back."

Strutting out of his apartment, I grabbed one of his car keys "Oh and I'll borrow your car. If anyone asks I'll tell them to ask you."

I laughed out loud as I heard a string of spanish curses when I closed his door.

Now time to plan.

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