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   Chapter 3 One Night

Seducing the Billionaire: Inigo Petrakis By Lady Briar Rose Characters: 13116

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Ava Marquez's POV

"He was looking at me. Oh my gosh! Iñigo Petrakis is looking at me! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I think I'm going to hyperventilate." I thought to myself as I locked eyes with Iñigo Petrakis. He was standing at the opposite side of the room and he clearly just came in when I started with my performance.

At first, I was disappointed not seeing him in the crowd. But it quickly vanished when the doors suddenly opened, revealing his magnificence. It was like he had this energy that beckoned everyone to stare at him.

Even from afar, I could feel the heat coming off of him in waves. He was also extremely tall and the way he carried himself was like a predator walking towards his prey. His gray suit did so much justice in outlining his sharp and well-built body.

As he slowly walked towards me looking sharp and lethal, I can't help but give a throaty air towards my voice. The more I sang, the more he inched towards me and the more my insides warmed at seeing him up close.

By the time he sat in front of me, gazing at me with his insanely blue eyes, my panties were already soaking wet and my breathe came in pants. My voice was huskier than usual. Hence, adding on to the allure and heat in the atmosphere.

The beat of the song turned into a sexy and slow one hence, I seductively walked towards him. My hips swayed with the beat of the song and I ran my hands in my hair, my neck, my arms, and my chest, all the while keeping the eye contact between us.

Grinning at him, I placed both of my hands at the back of his chair while facing him. His friends cheered as I slowly sat on his lap and gyrated my hips. With this close, I can smell his intoxicating masculine scent and his beautiful face.

Iñigo Petrakis is sin personified. He should have a warning sign attached on his forehead: Don't look, insanely good looking man can cause heart attack.

As I followed the dance moves I practiced at home, I can't help but notice his perfect features. Golden blonde hair, dark and thick eyebrows, blue eyes, long lashes, well-sculpted nose and lips, and his prominent jawline. He was every bit a fantasy. And he looks so hot that I wanted to peel all his clothes so I can get my hands on his perfect abs. And I will. No one is stopping me.

Moving my body upwards, I rolled my body towards his that my chest was brushing his lips. A fire of desire crossed his eyes making me grin in triumph. Expertly moving my hands on his arms, an intense wave of heat engulfed me as she felt through the fabric of his sleeves, his well-toned arms. Oh how I would long to cling to his arms.

Bringing my lips towards his hair and his neck, I planted one kiss and expertly moved back and began to give him a lap dance. His hands gripped my hips and moved me towards him, making me gasp in shock.

His hands were warm and the way it moved towards my hips were wrecking a havoc inside of me. I can only gasp again when he pulled me towards his lap and I felt the undeniable bulge in his pants. Staring at him from my back, I saw him give me a wink.

Facing him, I pulled him up just as how my friends also pulled up the other men from their seats. Together we sexily danced towards the beat of the song. When everyone was busy with their own little bubble, I pushed Iñigo towards a wall and began grinding my ass on his already engorged dick. Never in a million years did I imagine dry humping Iñigo Petraski. The thought of it turned me on.

I didn't know if it was the alcohol but I stopped grinding my hips, faced him, wrapped my arms on his and brought down his lips to meet mine.

The instant my lips fell on his, heat and desired coursed through my veins. He quickly responded making me gasp in the process. Our lips began in a tangle of a heated kiss.

Oh my gosh. I'm kissing Iñigo Petrakis. That was the only thought in my mind.

Wrapping his arms towards my waist, he angled his head to the side and pushed his tongue towards mine. I responded with the same fervour as our lips locked in a heated exchange.

My hands quickly run towards his chest, untangling his tie and ripping the first buttons of his shirt. His hands gripped the cheeks of my butt as he began to rub his fingers towards my core. When a lone finger flicked my clit, I quickly broke away from the kiss. Looking up I saw the look of pure desire in his eyes.

"One night." He asked gasping "Will you join me tonight?" He asked me with his oh so sexy baritone voice that was enough to ignite the fire in me. It was a request but it was also a command.

He didn't have to wait any longer when I nodded my head.

I wasn't able to see if anyone saw us leave because I was being dragged towards the elevator and into another suite just like the one in the penthouse. But this one has a black and white theme to it. Everything was white and crystal clear as if nothing was amiss.

I wasn't able to admire the magnificence of the place when he placed an arm on my waist and dragged me towards the bedroom. All the while burying his head at the crook of my neck and whispering all the things he would do to me.

By the time we reached his bedroom, I was a horny mess. Shutting the door to his room, he pinned me on the wall and began kissing me with same fervour as before. But now his hands didn't hold back as he began to expertly remove my corset.

"W-we haven't formally met." I choked out as he removed my bra and cupped my nipples. He squeezed them and my nipples hardened at his eyes.

"Call me Inigo." He said gruffly as he peppered my neck with his kisses while squeezing my breast and my nipples. "How about you?"

"V." I told him. It wasn't a lie, people call me Ava, Avery or V. I removed his suit and shirt. "And you won't take my mask off.

"Very well then V." He nodded as he carried me to the bed and laid me on top of it. I stared in awe as he began to remove the clothing, the while keeping his gaze. A moan fell on my lips as he unbuckled his belt, opened his zipper and stripped off of his pants and boxer.

Standing before me in all his glory was a Greek god. The moonlight casted a glow on his well defines muscles, hard pectorals, six pack abs and his very angry member.

"My turn." He grinned wickedly as he crawled on top of me and slowly peeled the rest of my clothing. A satisfied hum of approval came from him as I lay like a sacrificial lamb underneath him. I was naked and embarrassed as he stared at me but it all fell when he said "Beautiful."

A glow fell on my whole

body at his approval. Reaching out to him, I tilted my face up and pushed his lips towards mine. We were again tangled in each other's arms but the big difference is we were naked and I can feel the heat radiating off of him.

Running my hands towards his back, I whimper fell on my lips as he moved his lips down to the valley between my breasts. With no further ado, he grabbed one nipple and began sucking on it.

Instantly, I cried out and arched my back as I he began to finger fuck me and suck my breasts. "Ooh baby."

A hum of approval vibrated towards him as he gave attention to both of boobs as he inserted two then three and four digits. My nerves were on haywire and I could no longer understand left or right. All I can do at that time was to feel as Iñigo played me like an expert and a skilled musician.

"Oh baby. Please." I gasped out loud as he inserted his fingers in and out. His pace began to build and the desire for release only ignited.

By the time, he lifted his head up to mine I was sobbing for release. With his face taut, he grabbed a condom and quickly ripped it open. Placing it on himself, he quickly opened my legs, kneeled in between and entered me.

Rippling pain made me gasped at being fucked for the first time. His head snapped to mine as he realized this.

"You're a virgin." Panic was evident on his tone.

"It's okay." I told him. "I wanted this so please move."

With his face still taut, I placed a gentle hand on his cheek "Hey I'm fine. I want you so please me fuck me now or I'll seriously be the one to ride you."

A grin broke out from Iñigo "I'll go easy."

True to his words, Iñigo slowly inched his way inside until he was hitting the back of my womb. It took so much effort for him to move back and slam himself again.

"Fuck. You're tight." He groaned as he put so much effort in controlling his movements. He didn't want to hurt her but the need to slam his dick and fuck her hard was chipping away his control. She was so bloody tight and wet and hot.

A moan escaped me as I began to feel the building up of a release.

"Please. Fuck me already." I groaned out loud as his movements began at a beautiful pace. It seemed it was the signal he had been waiting for because in one swift movement, he withdrew himself and slammed himself inside so hard that she could only see stars. His next movements were that of a hungry man. The sound of slapping and moans echoed throughout the room.

"Ooh baby. Yes! Yes!" I moaned as I gripped the sheets as Iñigo hit a spot. I was shaking and arching my back to drive him even deeper. This resulted to thrust his cock deeper into her core that she can only close her eyes and thank the stars for this moment.

As our breathing became more ragged and our movements began more frantic, a familiar building sensation thrummed towards my body.

"I'm close." I gasped out loud as he squeezed my nipples and began rubbing my clit. "Inigo I-I-"

With a final flick of his finger on my clit, I came with a scream. I was still gasping and moaning from my orgasm, when I watched Iñigo arched his head and came with a roar.

Slumping on top of me, we laid on top of the bed gasping for breath. He was still inside me when I began stroking his hair. Suddenly, I felt him stir.

"Oh you've got to be kidding me. You can't be hard again?" I gasped out in shock as Iñigo propped himself up on his elbows and gave me a sexy grin.

"I believe I am." He chuckled as he removed his condom and used a new one. Flipping me on four, he grabbed my hips and thrust himself inside.

Oh gosh. This was going to be a long night. I thought to myself.

Iñigo Petrakis

She was exquisite. Those were the only words to describe this lovely green eyed lady in my arms. The moment I stepped inside the penthouse and locked gaze with the green-eyed beauty, I was hooked. On instant my dick swelled at the intensity of her eyes. It only swelled even more like an angry giant when she began dancing and singing on me. And when I fucking grabbed hold of her waist and smelled her perfume, all thoughts fled.

I wasn't usually a horny teenager. I was used to being controlled of emotions which is one of the things my ex-wife hated. But with this woman, all senses fled.

I didn't even have any time to react when I offered to fuck her for the night. Fuck! I never took a woman after my divorce but I broke it when I invited this woman to my place. To my goddamn place where I barely invite anyone. Plus she is a virgin. I never fucked a virgin.

It must have been too long since I took a woman hence, the sudden need to have this woman. With her curvaceous body, sexy ass and big tits I was a goner. Plus, her voice. I couldn't get enough of her voice. She lets out this husky whimpers that only made me want to pound on her even more.

With her back towards me and her ass on the air, I sensually run my hand on her right butt cheek and slapped it.

"Ohhh." She gasped as I began to do the same to the other while massaging it afterwards.

"You like that don't you." I whispered in her ear as I place a kiss on her shoulders "You like being punished for being a naughty girl."

"Yes please." she moaned out loud and fixed me with her green eyes "I've been a very naughty girl."

Swatting her ass again, a groan fell on her pink lips. Gripping her hair on my hand, I arched her head to the side so I can claim her plump lips. Fucking sweetest lips I ever tasted. Tasted like fucking cinnamon.

I thrust myself even deeper earning a moan from her. Opening her eyes, I saw the blazing fire of desire in hers which made me thrust inside of her faster.

"You feel so fucking good." I rasped against her skin as I released her hair, grabbed her waist with both hands and began pounding mercilessly.

Her head fell back once more, revealing that creamy column of her neck. "Please. Make me come." She sobbed not knowing what else to do because all thoughts fled her the moment Iñigo began pounding in her. There was so much pleasure and heat that she can only feel. Feel himself sink deeper, thrust faster and grip harder. It was only a matter of time when she came screaming for the second time.

"Beautiful." I unknowingly groaned as I also came with her. The intensity of my release shocked me that I fell on top of her. Too tired to move, I fell asleep beside her.

I would wake up a few hours later just to give her another round of my lovemaking. Well, if I was going to have her, might as well enjoy every minute of it.

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