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   Chapter 34 Future

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Chapter 34

"I need you." Dark said, kissing me as the elevators to his condominium opened.

"I'm not stopping you." I wickedly grinned as he carried me inside his condominium. Looking around, I saw that not much has changed.

I didn't get to roam my eyes when Dark leaned my head and kissed me on the lips. His lips danced in a sensual rhythm that drove me hotter and wetter and begging for more.

He bit my lip and suck on it. Expertly running his tongue on my lips, he expertly made me open my mouth to tangle his tongue with mine. Biting, licking and sucking, my head was in a haze when we finally reached his bedroom.

"This will be hard. Then we're going to do slow." He said breathing hard as he pulled his suit and shirt off. Removing my dress and unclasping my bra, I kicked off my lace under wear and leaned at the center of his bed.

His eyes dilated and his breathing stopped as he stared at every inch of me. His throat bobbed up and down, as I massaged my breasts, and finger my wet pussy. I opened my pussy lips to give him a view of my gleaming wet core.

"I thought you're going to fuck me hard?" I teased him.

His nostrils flared. And he quickly removed his slacks and boxers.

It was my turn now to gasp at the male perfection before me. His arms and chest grew bigger, his back full of rips and muscles. His abs became more prominent and the lovely v of his dip to show his enormous and pulsing cock. My breathe hitched when my eyes turned to his.

His brown eyes were dark desire, and his lips sensually smiling in promise.

I didn't get to say more when he captured my lips again in a passionate kiss. His hands caressed my breast and I moan when he tweaked my nipples into hard points.

Wetness pulled in my core when pulled on my nipples and massaged my breasts.

"Let me love you, Laurene." He huskily whispered as his lips descended on my chest.

My back arched when he sucked on my nipple and began lapping at it like an expert child. His movements were sensual and frantic like he was savoring each yet he couldn't get enough.

Releasing one nipple with a pop, he gave the other with the same attention. My breathing hitched when his lips descended on the valley of my chest to my navel down to my core.

Looking up, I saw the desire in his eyes and the slow sensual grin on his lips.

"I will came you, one that you never experienced before." Dark promised and he buried his head between my legs as I cried out in ecstasy.

His tongue lapped on my tiny rose bud like it was his last meal and as his tongue moved a rhythmic dance on my hole up to my clit. My legs tightened and my hands clutched his head when he inserted two fingers.

I mewled in ecstasy when his lips and tongue expertly lapped at my core. My hands clenched his sheets as I tilted my head up as my throat moaned my desire. My eyes were closed as my hips moved on its own to get more of him.

I felt the building at the pit of my stomach as I

e went inside his car and drove to the City Hall.

I was all smiles as Dark helped me out of the car and lead me inside the small room where the judge and the mayor was.

Lyana and Blaise greeted us.

"I can't believe you truly beat me to getting married." Lyana sobbed and hugged me "You still look beautiful Laurene despite this hasty wedding."

I thanked her and stared at my reflection at the window. I was wearing a beautiful handmade dress with silver twisting leaves and flowers on the top and a-line two layer curled edges skirt. I paired it with white pumps and crystal earrings.

My hair was in an elegant bun.

"I brought a veil." Lyana said "I thought you might want to since you're getting married."

Tears formed in my eyes as I nodded my head. Since I would want to walk down the aisle. We stood at the double doors as Dark, Blaise and the judge waited for us at the stage.

Lyana placed the veil and the tears on her eyes was enough approval. Cuing the music, my body turned towards the front and a bright smile shone on my face as I saw the happy tears in Dark's eyes.

Walking towards him, a scene from a dream replayed in my mind. A chuckle fell on my mouth at how different everything turned out to be.

Yes, we both have hurt and been wounded by our past.

We both have carried our wounds like a constant reminder of our past.

But we both have faced and conquered it

Today, I'm not walking away from the man I love.

But I'm walking towards him and our promise of a lifetime.

Hey everyone!

Thank you for sticking with Dark and Laurene. I enjoyed writing these two characters. They both have their own fears and demons, and it was a journey they needed to face and overcome. Atleast finally, they found peace and love with each other. Will post the epilogue in a few. Stay tuned and I will be updating my other story Seducing the Billionaire:Inigo Petrakis. I hope you enjoy the sassiness of Ava Marquez.

Love, LadyBriarRose

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