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   Chapter 32 Leaving

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Chapter 32

It has been a few days since Dark and I last talked. It was a surprise when he let me go on my own. He would give me the occasional good morning and good evening texts.

He also comes home late. It was like he was giving me the space I needed.

Lyana was busy meeting with her friends while I was typing furiously in my laptop. I had a few writing gigs that paid me really well. I wanted to build my portfolio, so I can get into big publishing and magazine companies.

I was writing when I heard the elevator pinged. Glancing up, I saw Dark walk in with his gray suit on hand and his white shirt pulled back in his arms.

A small smile was on his lips. I glanced on the wall clock. It was only 3pm.

"You're early." I told him as he sat at the nearby chair beside me. I was in the couch with my food displayed on the table.

"I cancelled my afternoon plans for my second session with Dr. Munroe." He explained. I sat up on my seat and my eyes grew into a smile.

"You did? How was it?" I excitedly asked him. A peaceful smile was on his lips.

"It was refreshing and helpful." He said, his lips forming a smile. "I was hesitant at first. The first session was horrible when I didn't try to be open to him. Today was different. It was pleasant and I learned a lot of things."

"I understand. The first session did felt like being poked on a wounded flesh." I truthfully told him "What kind of things did you learn?"

"You were right, I was hovering above you like a mad bulldog. I'm sorry baby." He remorsefully said "I also accepted the fact that I do have demons I have to conquer. We'll do it one step a time."

"Yes. We really have to take it one step a time." I softly told him. "I'm happy you went to Dr. Munroe."

"I'm happy too that you pushed me." he said. His eyes were full of guilt and sadness "I'm sorry for how I acted the past few weeks."

I nodded my head in understanding "You're forgiven."

There was a long pause between us before he finally spoke. "I missed you. I hate fighting with you."

"I missed you too." I said, my lips trembling "I'm sorry too because for the past few months I've been lying about a lot of things."

"What do you mean?" he asked in worry.

I sat right next to him and held his hand "Promise you'll let me talk until the end?"

"I pro

e you landed in the UK and get settled in." Lyana reminded.

"I will. Now go." I pushed her.

She waved back, and gave me salute "To our dreams."

"To our dreams." I saluted back.

I watch her enter the boarding area before I felt a familiar presence behind me. Looking back, a small smile formed on my lips as I gazed at him.

He looked impeccable with his pinstriped suit. He looked like a runway model with his suit and tie. A smile was on his lips yet I could see the sadness in his eyes.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I gave him a small peck.

"I'll miss you." He told me, our noses inches apart "It'll be hard not grab my plane to follow you."

I laughed at him, and kissed him again "I'll miss you too. You can always call me."

Pulling me in a tight embrace, he buried his head on my neck. I felt him inhale my scent as if he's committing it to his memory. I let him, before he pulled back and caressed my cheeks.

"Reach your dreams my writer." He softly said "Come back to me, okay?"

"I will. I promise you, I will."

Giving him one last peck on the lips, I turned my back on him with a heavy heart and waved goodbye.

It was the last time I saw him. He had a small smile on his lips, his hand waving to mine, and his tears falling down in his eyes. I committed it to my memory, so that one day, when I come back home, there won't be tears in his eyes. Because when I come back home, we'll fulfill our promises of forever.

Dark is mine as I am his

We are two broken souls

Yet we are united by love

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