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   Chapter 30 Wedding

The Man I Left at the Altar By Lady Briar Rose Characters: 5667

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There were tons of photos before I was finally hauled inside the car. Mom, Dad and Lyana rode next to me inside the white vintage car. Mom couldn't stop taking photos while Lyana sat across from me with a timid smile on her face. Dad was looking radiant as well.

"Let's take a photo." My mother suggested as she raised her hand in a selfie. I grinned at the camera. Happy that my family was together. I was thankful my step mother didn't ride with us. She was pregnant with our baby brother and I could only hope he grew up with my Dad's character and not his mom's.

As we made our way to church, I saw cameras lining the road. I sighed. It was supposed to be an intimate wedding. But news got a hold of our wedding. I was thankful the church was placed in a secluded area.

Tall trees lined the entrance to the church before the gates opened and a tiny mystical church stood on the hilltop. My breathe hitched at the beauty of the place. The entrance were adorned with white, soft pink and peach flowers. There were golden candelabras and fairy lights.

I felt I stepped into a fairyland. The entourage saw my arrival and was ushered in my Michael. Eviana knocked on our window and Dad opened it.

An approving smile was on her lips. "You look beautiful, Laurene." She said "I'll let you know if you can come out now. We'll let them walk first."

I nodded my head. Lyana squeezed my hand before climbing out of the car. I glanced towards the ring in my hand, and a rubbed it, hoping to find strength in it.

"I'm so proud of you, Laurene." My mother whispered in my ear as she kissed my cheeks.

"Dark will be a good man for you." My father told me.

I never doubte

asured and slow.

My chest constricted with love and pain. The all-too familiar dizziness of a panic attack clawed through my chest. My breathing became shallow and tears formed in my eyes. My hand tightened on my father's arm.

"What's wrong?" my mother asked as I stopped in the middle of the aisle.

Everyone's eyes were on me as they stood in confusion. My vision blurred as I saw the confusion and fear in everyone's eyes. Shaking my head, I searched for my sister's eyes. And when it landed on her, I saw acceptance and a sense of pride in her eyes.

My heart thudded in my chest as a decision fell on my head. Warmth filled my veins, chasing the fear away as the decision gave me peace. Turning my gaze towards Dark, my heart broke at the fear in his eyes.

A tear fell and a whimper escaped my lips. "I'm sorry." I told him.

"I can't do this." Removing my hand from my father's arm, I ran away from the gasped of the guests, the hurt in my parents' eyes and the betrayal in Dark's eyes.

Running towards the door, I flung open the doors and opened my eyes to the fluorescent lights on a pale white ceiling.

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