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   Chapter 28 Preparations

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Chapter 28

News of our engagement spread like wild fire. My officemates gave me a celebration while reporters hounded me to see the wedding ring. Dark and I gave an official statement for everyone to stop asking us. I was against giving an interview because I didn't want my life to be publicized.

Dark agreed with me as well. We settled on marrying a month from now. It was too fast but I wanted it done in fear I would change my mind.

Dark hired a wedding coordinator. We both were too busy to plan the wedding so we had the wedding organizer arrange everything.

Mom and Lyana measured their dress already before they left for the states. I had to endure my Dad and her new wife's presence as I took them in for their weddings. I had to almost scrunched my teeth when they finally left.

Between wedding preparations, news reporters and the amount of workload that just kept piling up on my table, I broke down in my company bathroom. Again.

I was crying more and more frequently the past few weeks. It was just the stress from everything. Turning my phone on, I opened my writing app and smiled when I saw one reader read my book.

The only escape I can have with my life was my blog. I called it Despondency and I posted my everyday thoughts and letters. It became my owm virtual diary and writing cave. Nobody knew who I was and I was free to share my thoughts, feelings and stories.

One significant email sparked my attention. Clicking it, my jaw dropped at the heading CONTRIBUTING WRITER FOR COSMO.

Eyes wide open, I silently squeeled inside the bathroom stall. Sending my thanks, I read the contract and sent it back to them.

Grinning from ear to ear, I went back to my desk and silently did a happy jig. For the past week, I worked endlessly while I worked for cosmo. It was my sole happiness.

And also Dark. He was very attentive and patient when I would come home tired and stressed from the day to day activities.

Lying on the bed on a weekend, my sore muscles ached at the wild sex we had from last night. I passed out on just one round and I knew Dark must have been needy.

Opening my eyes, I looked around the room to see Dark stepped out of the bathroom wrapped only in a towel. My throat dried as I watched him wiped his damp hair with a towel, beads of droplets fell on his chest and slide across his smooth skin.

My gaze dropped to his thigh wrapped in a towel and I choked when I looked up into his smoldering eyes.

Yup, he did fall asleep with blue balls. Sorry baby.

Walking towards my form, he leaned down to capture my lips into his.

"Good morning." he greeted.

Grinning at him, I

and let Dark decide on the others. They were happily deciding on the venue when my eyes darted to Dark who was happily discussing the details with them.

I zoned out on their conversation as I rubbed the sapphire ring on my finger. I'm still scared, that much hasn't changed. But I tried to distract myself to not think about it. I already said yes to Dark, and I didn't have the heart to tell him no.

I love him that was true. But there are pieces in my life that is broken and I longed to heal. Seeing Dark with the children in the orphanage made me decide on marrying him. Just like those children, Dark wanted a family. And I know he wanted it with me. So I will give it to me. But a part of me will always second guess everything.

I was lost in my thoughts that I nodded off to everything they were suggesting. When Michael and Eviana left, Dark worriedly glanced at me.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"I am. Why?"

"You kept nodding at everything we suggested that you nodded to hire strippers and get married at las vegas."

"What?"I asked, horrified. Dark chuckled and I my brow furrowed. It was just a joke. I punched him in the side.

Wrapping his arms around me, he pulled me towards him. "I was kidding." he said kissing my cheek "Seriously though, are you okay?"

"Just stressed with work. I'll probably just sleep on the rest of the weekend." I honestly told him as I rested my head on his shoulder.

Understanding my request, Dark caressed my head as I snuggled on his chest. It was a few moments of silence when I lifted my head to meet his eyes.



"Are you happy?" I asked him.

A smile formed on his lips.

"I am."

I nodded my head and rested my head on his shoulders, "Okay, that's all that matters."

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