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   Chapter 23 Ring

The Man I Left at the Altar By Lady Briar Rose Characters: 6595

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Chapter 23

"Do you know what I'm talking about?" the snappy voice of the officer snapped at me on the other line.

"I'm sorry I don't understand but we have to..."

"Laurene ask your team head before going to me." She snapped back and dropped the phone.

My heart thundered in my chest. My hand was gripping the phone in my hand. And I saw my other hand shaking on the pen.

I saw the sympathetic looks of my fellow analysts from their computers. I'm working at a bank as part of their credit analysia team. I worked at a famous accounting firm for a year but decided to resign and pay my bond due to the pressure and work environment.

Apparantly, my work environment wasn't different from the first one. Biting my lip, I expelled a deep breathe before reporting to my team head.

I saw the disappointment in her eyes and told me she'll take care of it and let me draft a letter. My work was to create ratings for the customers of the bank. We were under a strict turnaround time that makes our work really stressful.

I go to work at 8am and leave by 10pm. There was a time I stayed up to 12am during our peak period. I felt so drained, tired and overworked.

I can feel the tears began to fall on their own. Quickly, I ran to the restroom and locked myself on the restroom. I sobbed as I clammed my mouth shut. My chest was heavy and my cheeks damp with tears.

When I finally pulled myself together, I began working until 10pm.

"Laurene, we'll buy dinner at Jollibee. Do you want us to buy you your usual?" Gaile, one of the señior analysts, asked me.

I gave her a small smile "Yeah sure."

She tapped my back at the exhaustion in my eyes "You're going to be fine. The account officer you talked to was brutal."

A small smile appeared on my lips and nodded. Turning my eyes on the screen, I sighed when I saw them leave.

They said I'll get used to it and I'll learn to harden my heart. I did. I learned to be tough and to take all the work

do? It will hurt him if I don't accepr his proposal. I know he badly wants a family.

But, I just wasn't ready for it. I don't think I ever will.

"Hello? Earth to Laurene?" Gaile snapped her fingers infront of my face. I blinked and jumped on my seat. "Are you okay? You're awfully quite."

"I'm tired." I lied to them. Finishing my meal, I cleaned my spot "I should head home."

Saying my goodbye to them, I drove to Dark's condo. I washed and prepared myself to bed when the thought of the ring crossed my mind.

Sitting up, I debated on whether I'll look for it or not. The news may not be true but the curious side of her was itching to know the truth.

I should have just gone back to sleep. But I felt my feet padding into his walk-in closet. I slowly turned off the cameras and began ruffling his drawers. My heart was beating fast as I rummaged through his clothes. I was about to stop myself since I couldn't find anything when my hand touched on a small box.

Underneathe his favorite shirt that I gifted to him lies a small red box. My jaw clenched and my hands shook as I pulled the small box into the light.

Opening it, my heart sank at the huge sapphire diamond ring adorned with small diamonds.

I sank into the floor, clutching the box in my head as my world came crashing down.

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