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   Chapter 9 Secrets

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Chapter 9

"Hey, baby." I greeted Dark as I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him on the cheek. It was a friday and my Integrated Accounting Class was cancelled to my relief.

When you're an Accountancy major you have only one subject which is the Integrated Accounting class which is a series of compressed lectures and quizzes. It was like a review class hence, the pacing was really fast.

Often times, I would go out of the class with my head pounding due to all the information. They say you have to keep all the lectures and lessons by heart, so it would be easier for you to retain and recall the information thought in your 5th year.

I knew I studied really well for the past 5 years but it still shocked me when I'm faced with the realities of review class. Add on to the pressure is the 88 passing grade. I swear I'm about to pass out from the intensity.

To my relief, they cancelled our class for today due to the teacher's retreat. So, I planned on hanging out with Dark in his office during his lunch break.

"Hey." he said kissing my lips as his eyes lightened up "I thought you'll stay at home and review?"

I pouted at him "I don't want to review today. I feel my head is about to explode from all the information." I stood up from his lap and opened the lunch box "I want to eat with you. Good thing Donna told me you were free this time. I can't believe you still work even when its lunch time

"It's a lunch meeting, baby." he chuckled while I glared at him.

"Still. It's work." I pointed out "When its lunch time, you rest and you relax."

"I can only relax when I'm with you." He softly said on my ear as he stood behind me and caressed my arm. The frown on my face fell and I'm overwhelmed again by the feelings I have for Dark.

It was true. We both can only relax when we're with each other. Dark grew up in a challenging environment. He was always on guard even when he sleeps.

I remember sneaking in behind him when he was asleep and I ended up beneath him with my arms above me. When he found out it was me, he was really remorseful. Ever since then he was careful with me and broke down his walls. As long as it was me, I can sneak up and surprise him.

Turning towards him, I wrapped my arms around him. "And I'm honored to see everything about you."

He smiled but the light in his eyes darkened. I frowned at him in worry "W

. He was a ladies' man. If Dark was the brooding Dark Prince. Blaise was the ladies' man. He had women in his arms every single night. And I wouldn't blame them.

Blaise had the easy-going, sexy and playful vibe. With his light brown hair and hazel eyes, he was a bachelor. I wouldn't be surprised if he has a line of women in his doorsteps.

I just hope my sister's crush on him would fade. I would hate to see my sister crushed because of his playful ways.

I felt my phone vibrated in my pocket. Dark and Blaise were talking, so I surreptitiously opened it.

From: Luke Daniels

Hey babydoll! I finished the report. Would you like to go over it tomorrrow?

I hovered over the message before replying.

To: Luke Daniels

I can't :( Just send me the file and I'll give my comments.

Then, I quickly hid it on my pocket. I should tell Dark about Luke. But I couldn't seem to do so.

"Are you okay?" Dark asked. I didn't noticed I was chewing the bottom of my lip and Blaise took our leftovers in his office.

I plastered a smile on my face "Just some stuffs at school." It wasn't really lie

"Okay." He said not believing me. He sighed "Do you want to tell me something?"

"No." I quickly said and inwardly cringed.

He slowly nodded his head, "You're not keeping something from me, are you?"

"Just school stuff Dark." I told him and I stood up packing the lunch boxes "I should go, you're break is almost over."

He nodded. Thankful he dropped the subject. But his eyes knew I was hiding something from him. And I didn't know why I was keeping it from him.

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