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   Chapter 5 Aunts

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"Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much."

― Oscar Wilde


"I'm sorry." Sarah said as she stood before me.

Everyone including me was shocked at her apology.

"I was wrong for instigating a fight yesterday. I shouldn't have meddled with your relationship with Dark." she continued.

My eyes widened even more at her words. What in the world is happening? Still shocked and confused, I nodded my head. Her tensed shoulders eased a bit but it straightened again and the fire in her eyes crackled.

She bit her lip like she wanted to say more but chose not to. Quickly, she nodded in contempt and sat on her seat.

Everyone's eyes were on us. I raised my brow at them and they quickly went on to do their business. This must be Dark's doing. He must have found out the incident from yesterday from someone.

Shaking my head, I thought everything was over when our monitors in class opened to broadcast news from our University President. And I was shocked yet again when I watched his news.

"Good Morning students! I hope you had a wonderful semester. Finals are soon looming and our semester is close to ending. For our seniors, I hope you make the most of your stay in our university and create meaningful memories.

As for our daily report for today, it is with a heavy heart that I received news of bullying and judgment on one of our dear students. We hope you all are aware of the consequences of bullying and judging other people.

Our university hopes for every one of you to be more open to each person's personal preferences and relationships. We wish you to avoid judging a person based on her relationship with a prominent socialite."

My eyebrows raised and I felt everyone's eyes on me.

"I hope you learn to be more welcoming, and open to your classmates. He or she should not be judged nor to be made an outcast. Treat him or her the respect that you or anyone else deserves. I hope you all open your hearts and eyes to each person. It is not a sin to love a person and accept his or her flaw and make a good life out of it. Everyone deserves a chance to live and learn, and not be judged by his or her past. I hope you all reflect on what I said earlier. Thank you and have a good day."

Turning off the television, our review professor went in and reiterated the president's message. I can feel the eyes of everyone inside the room.

But I felt no malice or disrespect, only acceptance.

And for the weeks I have felt like an outcast, a weight lifted off of my shoulders.

Slowly, I slipped my phone out and texted Dark.

To Baby:

Thank you. I love you.

From Baby:

Your welcome. I love you too.

Grinning, I gripped my ballpen and began scribbling a letter to the president and a blog post for my website.

Our University President's message was true. He had always been an advocate of the poor and the oppressed. He helped the program for gender equality paving the way for the LGBT Community in our school to freely express themselves.

Now he's helping everyone who was oppressed and judged because of their past. He let everyone see that no matter what your past is if you repent and carved a life different from your gloomy past, you deserve to live and be happy.

He was right. You shouldn't be defined by your past. And it was wrong for people to judge Dark because of his past. He is a good man, and people should learn to look past his past occupation and see the goodness of his heart.

It's also wrong for people to judge me due to my relationship with Dark. I just hope everyone gets enlightened and not just the people at my university.

The message sent by our University President touched many individuals in our university that some left me notes or messages asking for an apology. Although everyone thought of it as a grand plan and threw distasteful looks my way, I no longer cared at all.

It's up to them if they'll take the message and learn from it. I'm just happy that everyone gets the message.

"Ate." My sister Lyana came barreling from the hallways and tackled me in her arms. Laughing, I hugged her back before she pulled away. "You didn't come home."

She pouted at me. She's in her first year here taking up Legal Management. Our parents bought us a condominium near our school since we grew in the province.

"Dad asked about you, so I had to come up with an excuse that you were busy studying." She pointed out.

Clasping her elbow with mine, we walked to the cafeteria.

"I hate lying to him. If you plan on moving with Dark then do so." She honestly said. "You're already 20 and you both are responsible adults."

"Nah I like to spend time with my sister." I nudged her on the ribs. "I'll move out once I get a good-paying job."

"If that's what you want. Our aunts invited us to dinner at her place." She rolled her eyes and huffed "I wanted to come up with an excuse but Dad cornered me, so we had to attend."

I groaned at the image of having dinner with my aunts. They're nice but they have a toxic and closed-off mentality. For sure, they'll be bringing up my parent's annulment. Again.

It has been 2 years since my parents' marriage was annulled but my dear old aunts couldn't stop talking about it. They would always push it was wrong. But was it a sin to find love again and be happy? I don't get it. They were both hurting each other and the foundation for the marriage was broken for so long that it was the right thing to do.

I grumbled to myself as we took a seat. "Do we have to go?" my sister asked, hope in her eyes. As much as I wanted to tell her no, we can't.

"Yes, we have to." I sympathetically told her despite myself wishing to not say yes. Lyana's shoulders drooped in defeat as I chuckled at her "Dad loves his siblings, so we had to do this for him. If in the chance they get too aggressive and out of line, we'll leave."

She snorted "They're always attacking us. How hypocritical of them to call us out when their actions aren't any better."

"Still we'll give them the respect they need as adults. But if they become aggressive, we'll point it out to the

m." I pointedly told. "I hope this dinner will be different."

Lyana grinned a Cheshire grin on her face. I squinted my eyes at her. "I forgot to tell you." She slowly said, her eyes twinkling in deviousness. Oh, what has my little sister done now? "I told them we'll be inviting your boyfriend to dinner."

I groaned out loud and facepalmed myself "Great."

Her eyes were as innocent as a babe yet I knew she is nothing but the little devil that she is "I just thought we might need reinforcements when our dear aunts started raving like mad dogs."

"And I'll have you offered in a platter to those raving dogs."

She pouted "You're no fun."

"Instigating a fight isn't fun." I pointed out to her.

"Who says we're going to fight." She innocently asked, "Our aunts can be formal and civil too."

"Yes. In our dreams." I rolled my eyes at her and shook my head "No. Dark is not coming."

"Fine." She relented "But I still think we need reinforcements."

"We're not damsels in distress. We can do it on our own." I pointed out to her "And we're not going to fight with them. To erase the thought of violence in your head and buy we lunch."

She grumbled and stood up "Fine."

I shook my head as I watched her buy us lunch. Looking back, I sent a silent prayer that my aunts would be in their best behavior.


True to my sister's words, my aunts were like rabid dogs. Gosh, how can my sweet dear father be related to them?

We were at a fancy restaurant having dinner when they started with their tirade of marriage. Coming from a conservative Filipino family, it was frowned upon to separate when you're married. We dismissed it but they started to call me out on my relationship with Dark.

"We heard you have a boyfriend Laurene. Do your parents know about this?" my Aunt Clarisa asked me as she sipped her wine and pointedly looked at me.

We were seated at a round table overlooking the Manila Bay. My spinster aunts Clarisa and May were overjoyed we accepted their invitation. However, the evening turned from disaster to worst.

Clearing my throat, I gave her a saccharine smile "Yes. Dark has asked for permission to Mom and Dad."

"And they agreed?" Aunt May incredulously asked. My sister Lyana wiped her mouth with her napkin to hide the pursing of her lips.

"Yes, auntie. They agreed." I told them tilting my chin up "Dark is a good man. You shouldn't ma judge a person because of his past. He had his reasons for succumbing to dire actions and he has forgotten that path. I hope you respect him as my parents do."

Their lips pursed at my words and I gave them a small smile.

"But wouldn't your relationship with him affect your education?" Aunt May butted in.

I shook my head at her and honestly replied, "He doesn't. He makes me want to study more and achieve my dreams. We both are disciplined individuals, so we know when to a lot of time for relationships and when to focus our energies on work and school. I like to debunk that thinking of being in a relationship after graduation. You can be in love while working to achieve your dreams."

Yet again their pursed lips. Aunt Clarissa laughed and sipped her wine. "Good. I hope you don't end up like your parents. It's wrong to marry and get a divorce or annulment. What will your grandmother say."

My fists balled up and I clenched and unclenched my hand. Squaring my shoulders, I gave her a pointed glare "With all due respect Aunt Clarisa, it is not wrong wanting a divorce. The foundation of marriage should be in love. But what happens if that love withers and dies? Will you stay to please the public and hold on to your vows which in return hurt your partner and your children?"

"Granting annulment or divorce will make it look it's easy to get in and out of a commitment. It will open a possibility for them to not be serious in a relationship." Aunt Clarissa retorted.

I shook my head and Lyna answered our aunts "I understand what you're implying, but Mom and Dad's case is different. They loved each other, but soon that love died. They tried rekindling it but it was no use. It just wasn't there. They were only hurting each other pretending they're fine when they're not. Marriage shouldn't cage them, it should help them grow and become one but they're not one anymore."

I added to my sister's answer "Annulment also gives an avenue for abused men and women to get out of a toxic relationship. For mom and dad's relationship, it was toxic with the frequency of their fights. By separating, it gave them a chance to grow and follow their desires and own goals. They are still our parents and they did a good job co-parenting. We're all in a happy place now and I hope you understand it. I just hope people would stop this stigma against divorcees and annulled marriages. It isn't wrong to be happy and be free. What's wrong is other people judging them and demeaning their worth."

My aunt's jaws clammed shut. But I was on fire and my words were on roll "We sat here with you in the hopes we can bring out our former relationship, and we owe it to our father who dearly loves both of you. But you spent most of your time belittling our family and our relationship. So, thank you for the meal. But we have to go."

I stood up from my seat, placed a few blue notes and grabbed my sister's hand. "It was nice seeing you both. I hope you find it in your hearts to not judge people."

With one last sad and disappointed glance at them, we left the restaurant. I was about to hail a cab when I saw Dark's Black Evoque car waiting for us in front of the restaurant.

He quickly stepped out of the car. His brows were furrowed at the tension on my shoulders. With not much a word, he held his arms out and I ran into his arms.

Caging and loving me. Offering me comfort. His masculine and Burberry scent wafted through my senses and my shoulders relaxed.

Because in his arms, I felt safe.

In his arms, I felt cherished.

In his arms, I felt loved.

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