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   Chapter 332 Let Me Stay With You

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Vincent didn't know what Anna was going to do, but seeing that she was well-prepared, he just let her do anything she wanted.

Under the guidance of Vincent, Anna went to Elin's room. What she saw was her room was full of pink. On the wall and desk, there were pictures of Elin, Dora, Vincent and others.

Looking at those intimate photos, Anna couldn't help feeling jealous. It seemed that during the five years when she was away, the three of them had lived a happy life. No wonder Dora would sacrifice everything to possess this man.

However, no matter how jealous she was, she would never hurt Elin and others in any abnormal way, which might be the fundamental difference between her and Dora.

After a long time, Elin seemed to notice someone in the room. She rubbed her sleepy eyes and sat up from the bed. When she saw the person in front of her was Anna, she immediately put on a vigilant look and asked, "Why are you here? Who allowed you to enter my room? Go, go now. You are not welcome here. Hurry up! "

Why didn't Anna know that Elin hated her? She also knew that her appearance would certainly cause her disgust, but she still said to Elin kindly, "after getting up, you are so angry. It's not good for your health. Elin, don't be angry. It's not beautiful at all when you are angry. Look, what did aunt buy for you? It's the latest skirt. It's very beautiful. Come and try it on. "

Elin didn't appreciate it at all. She threw the dress that Anna gave her aside and said, "I don't want the dress you bought for me. You hypocritical woman, you'd better disappear from my world as soon as possible. I don't want to see you! I hate you! Hurry up! "

"Why am I hypocrisy?"

Knowing that it was a tough fight, Anna approached Elin patiently and said, "I've always been hoping that you are fine. I've never hurt you. Why did you say that to me? Elin, it's irresponsible of you to say that. You can't do that

idn't you push me away? Why didn't you scold me? "

Anna rubbed her shoulders and said, "It does hurt, but why should I push you away? You're my daughter."

Hearing that, Elin was stunned and her tears dropped immediately. In a hurry, Anna wiped her tears and pulled her into her arms. "My silly daughter, why are you crying again? I feel so sorry for you."

Elin sobbed, "I bit you. Why aren't you angry? Why are you still so good to me?"

"Silly girl."

Holding up Elin's face, Anna kissed her forehead and said, "You did something wrong, which only proves that I'm not a good mother. How can I blame you? I should have self-criticism first. It's my fault. It has nothing to do with you. "

Tears streamed down Elin's cheeks. She had never been educated like this. Feeling warm in her heart, she threw herself into Anna's arms. "Aunt Anna, I'm sorry. I know I am wrong. I won't do it again. I promise. Boo... Hoo... "

Anna felt relieved. She touched Elin's head and said, "Okay, okay, okay." She was really proud of herself.

Who said that Elin was an disobedient child? She thought she was very good.

At the same time, Vincent, who had silently witnessed all this, gave her a thumbs up in his heart. 'Anna, you are so awesome. I am very proud of you,' he thought.

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