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   Chapter 331 Elin Pleads

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Updated: 2020-09-25 00:03

Anna didn't expect that after knowing Dora's true colors, Elin would say something like that. She squatted down and wiped the tears on her face. Anna said, "Elin, don't you blame your mother? Do you still want her to be your mother? Aren't you afraid that she will hurt you? "

With tears in her eyes, Elin said, "in fact, I really don't want to believe that it was my mother who set the fire, but she is my mother. Even if she did such a thing to me, I can't change this fact."

Besides, my mother is very kind to me except this. I don't want my relationship with her to be damaged because of this. I only have this mother. No matter what she has done

I wanted to go back last night, but Elin didn't sleep for long because she was so noisy until dawn."

"I know."

Anna could imagine how angry Elin would be. She pushed Vincent away and walked into the living room. "Coaxing a child is not something men can do. You've been with Elin for the whole night. Now that your mission is over, go to sleep in the bedroom. I'll handle everything else."

Vincent was confused, "What are you going to do?"

"It's none of your business."

Anna ignored him and pushed him upstairs. "Just sleep. I won't do anything to Elin. Don't worry. When you wake up, it will probably be the time for Elin to accept me."

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