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   Chapter 326 Killed Harland

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Updated: 2020-09-22 00:13

Dora couldn't stay calm anymore. Anna still had something else to say?

"Are you afraid?"

Noticing the fluster in her eyes, Anna smiled and said, "Are you afraid now? You should have known that you would be judged sooner or later when you committed these crimes! Dora, wait and see. I will expose you thoroughly and expose all the crimes you have committed to the public! "

Dora's face instantly turned pale. She didn't know how much evidence Anna had about her crime. She stammered to the police, "I demanded a suspended trial. I'm not feeling well."

"Are you not feeling well?"

With a cunning look in her bright and clear eyes, Anna said, "Dora, you seem to hav

Dora's question, Elin turned to Anna, "It's you again! Is it you who frame my mommy up so that she was handcuffed by the police? You bad guy! You bullied my mother again! "

Walking to the policeman, Elin continued, "Sir, you'd better catch this woman as soon as possible. She often bullies my mother. You'd better catch her as soon as possible."

Besides, my mother is the best mother in the world. She will never do anything wrong. There must be some misunderstanding. Can you let my mother go first? "

The best mother in the world.

Anna really wanted to laugh. If Elin knew who had ruined her face, Anna really didn't know if she could say something like that!

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