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   Chapter 324 Aren't You Forcing Me

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Dora was shocked. She didn't expect that Anna would take out a recorder pen. "What do you mean?"

How could Anna not notice the panic in Dora's eyes? With a bigger smile, she leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Do you think I didn't prepare anything when I went to the Lin family's old house yesterday? Do you really think that after so many years, I am still as stupid as before? "

Dora couldn't stay calm. "What do you want to say? I'm telling you, Anna, I won't be scared by you. I'm not a criminal. Don't try to frame me! "

"You know clearly whether you have committed a crime or not!"

Suddenly, Anna stood up and said seriously. She pushed the recorder pen to the front of the policeman and said to Dora, "This recorder pen records clearly whether you committed any crime or not. Aren't you curious about what is recorded in it? Turn on it and you'll know. "

Dora panicked. She didn't expect that Anna had brought a recorder with her when she went to the Lin family yesterday, and she had told her the secret of killing Finn!

"You bitch, Anna!"

Dora was so angry that she tried to grab the recorder pen in a hurry. If the pen was really obtained by the police, she would really be unable to clear her name!

"Sit tight!"

How could the police allow her to do that?

After handcuffing her hands and feet, they turned on the recorder pen and heard the conversation between Dora and Anna yesterday. "Why are you so stupid? Who told you that my target is only you? I invited both of you here. Of course I want to kill both of you! "

"You're right. This barrel is filled with gasoline."

"Anna, listen to me. I won't let you go, nor will I let Sally go!"

"I want you to regret that you shouldn't have given birth to Sally when the fire was burning! I will let you see with your own eyes that Sally is burned to death! I want you to know clearly that Sally's death is all because of your wrong decision! "

These words kept coming into the ears of the police and Vincent, which made him clench his fists.


Dora sneered and looked at Vincent with her cold eyes, "so you didn't think of saving me from the beginning, did you? Vincent, how could you do this to me? I even gave up Finn's life to be with you. How could you be with another woman behind my back? How can you! "

"So you just admitted that you killed Finn?"

The policeman seized the opportunity to ask Dora, but she denied hastily, "no, I didn't! I didn't kill anyone! I didn't! "

"There are cameras in the interrogation room. We just need to watch the camera to see if you have admitted it."

The policeman said seriously. Dora was getting more and more anxious, and she was about to cry. "Vincent, help me. All I did was to be with you. Can't you feel sorry for me? I promise, I swear, as long as you can save me this time, I will listen to you seriously and never do anything stupid again. "

"Vincent, help me! Help me!"

To be honest, Anna was afraid that Vincent would be soft-hearted at such a critical moment. After all, this was the only man Dora had loved in the past few years, but Vincent didn't let her down in the end.

He looked at Dora with a cold face and said in disgust, "do you know how much I hate you? Do you know how much I hate you? I wish you could be put in jail for the rest of my life. How could you let me save you? You are forcing me to do that, aren't you? "

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