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   Chapter 323 Doubly Guilty

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Updated: 2020-09-21 00:03

Anna finished the breakfast with mixed feelings. She gave Vincent and Sally a punch. Then she crossed her arms and said happily, "Good morning, dear husband and my dear son!"

She didn't think she could forgive them just because she said good morning to them. As the hostess of this family, she had to defend her supreme position and let them know how powerful she was!

Anna clapped her hands and smiled. Then she stood up and walked away. She crooked her finger at the two people behind her and said, "Hurry up. Don't waste any time!"

Sally and Vincent looked at each other, and they felt like a hard time was coming. But as long as Anna was happy, so w

now what you are talking about."

But Dora, how could she admit her guilt so easily? She just didn't want to bow to Anna. She just didn't want to see Anna and Vincent happy!

"I've never been to kindergarten, nor have I sent a message to Anna. I didn't do anything wrong. Don't try to frame me."

"Where is the lawyer? Where is my lawyer? I don't want to talk to you now. When my lawyer comes, you can talk to him. "

How could Anna not know that Dora was unwilling to admit her crime? But she walked to her confidently and took out a small recorder pen. "If you deny that the person in the photo is you, can you recognize the voice in the recorder?"

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