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   Chapter 296 Dad, Mom, I, Let's Be Together

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Anna didn't expect that Sally would say these words. For a moment, her entire body froze. But after forcing herself to calm down, she slowly turned around and saw Vincent walking towards them with a smile.

For a moment, Anna really wanted to escape from here with Sally. She didn't expect that she and Vincent met each other so soon, so fast that she wasn't mentally prepared, but her actions were always too late for her to think. Before she could hold Sally in her arms, Vincent had already walked to them and extended his hand to her. "Sally, do you remember me?"

For the first time, Sally nodded at Vincent. He rarely responded even when Suzan talked to him.

"Do you know who your father is?"

Squatting in front of him, Vincent looked at him with a gentle smile. However, instead of showing any timidity, he pointed at Vincent and said, "You, dad."

At that moment, tears welled up in Anna's eyes. Who could tell her that Sally would say something like that?

He hadn't seen Vincent before. How did he know that he was his father?

Was it really because of the blood relationship?

Vincent didn't expect that he would get so much recognition from Sally. His eyes turned red in an instant. But after he lowered his head and calmed himself down, he looked at Sally with a smile and reached out his hand to him. "Do you like father? Can you just go with dad? I miss you so much. I miss you so much... "

Vincent said the last sentence in a choked voice. He was so eager to hold his son in his arms, but when he made a choice at ease, he hesitated.

Sally kept rolling her round eyes between Anna and Vincent. After a long time of silence, he didn't say anything. Anna thought that Vincent had put too much pressure on him. When she was about to say 'don't be afraid, mommy will take you away', her and Vincent's hands were grabbed by Sally.

"Dad, mom, I, we will be together."

These si

l only give you one more chance to answer and choose. You have to think it over and figure out the consequences of betraying me!"

Anna's body trembled. It suddenly occurred to her that five years ago, Jacob had said that if she gave up revenging for Harland, she would be his enemy.

And none of his enemies could live in this world.

And it was this awareness that made her suddenly feel that the existence of Sally was threatened.

What if she became the enemy of Jacob?

Would Jacob also regard Sally as his enemy? And would he hurt Sally?

The fear in her heart made her tremble, but before she could give an answer to Jacob, he had already sat in the car and left with James.

"Anna, that's great! We're finally together!"

Vincent thought that the choice of Anna meant that she would always be by his side in the future. He smiled happily and held Anna and Sally in his arms. He said over and over again, "That's great! That's great! Anna, I can finally have you again! "

Seeing the tears of joy on his face, Anna didn't have the heart to interrupt his fantasy. Moreover, at this moment, Sally was snuggling tightly in Vincent's arms.

Raising him up and sitting on his neck, Vincent said to him happily, "Let's go, my dear son! Let's go home! "

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