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   Chapter 196 Play Cute And Ask For Advice

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Anna didn't expect Dora to demand such an exorbitant condition as soon as she asked for compensation. She didn't know what to do!

On her way to the Lu Group with Dora, Anna had mixed feelings.

Between the brand and Vincent, her final choice was still him.

But what about Vincent? Would he agree?

"That's impossible!"

As expected, Vincent stood up angrily and directly refused Dora's request. "This brand belongs to Anna. No one can take it away! I don't allow anyone to covet this brand! No one! "

Dora immediately felt wronged. "You said you would try your best to meet my requirements, but now? I just asked for a small cosmetic brand from Anna. Why are you so stubborn? I think you bullied me like this just because my dad was gone! I'm so pitiful..."

"I did say I will satisfy you, but not satisfy such a request of snatching!"

Vincent was filled with righteous indignation. He ignored Dora's complaint and said, "If you are in trouble in your career, you can ask me for help, and I will try my best to solve it for you. But if you directly ask for the ownership of the brand of Anna, I will never agree!"

Dora didn't listen to him and burst into tears. "My father just left for a short time, but you bullied me and hurt me like this. Why is my life so miserable? No one helps me, no one cares me and no one loves me. The man who has always protected me was killed by you. Now you are together to bully me. I don't want to live! I can't live this life anymore. Waah... Waah..."

Afraid that Dora would say something like that, Anna tugged at the corner of Vincent's clothes and said, "Vincent, just agree this time. It's better than she keeps making trouble here."

With a cold face and a firm attitude, Vincent said, "it's impossible. There will be no concession on this matter. This brand is yours and no one can take it away as long as I'm here!"

Anna was moved by Vincent's care for her. But Dora was different——

"How about this?"

After thinking for a while, Anna said to Dora, "if you want to work in this field and expand the developm

ched a glass of water for him. "Why did you drink so much again? Didn't I tell you to drink less?"

Vincent didn't like drinking, but recently, in order to meet all kinds of requirements made by Dora, he had to have dinner and get drunk almost every night.

He was unable to utter a complete sentence, and Anna felt sorry for him. She took care of him and took off his clothes. Only then did she find a bright red lipstick mark on his white shirt.

Anna's heart skipped a beat.

How could there be a lipstick mark?

Vincent never allowed any woman to get close to him...


Drunk Vincent was still in his sleep, "Honey, where are you? Honey, please don't go. I love you so much. I'm so happy. We have a child again, and I can be a father again. Honey, thank you for your hard work. I love you the most..."

The satisfied smile at the corners of his mouth made Anna unable to bear to question him. She walked to the bathroom alone and put the clothes into the washing bucket. Anna chose to ignore it.

But the phone vibrated in the pocket restlessly. "Vincent was so enthusiastic to me."

It was a provocative message from Dora. Anna suppressed her anger again and again before she deleted it. She walked to the balcony and sat down on a rocking chair.

In the boundless night, her heart was full of sorrow.

When could she and Vincent really be happy?

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