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   Chapter 195 The First Step Of Compensation

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When they returned to the seaside villa at night, Anna felt exhausted. For some reason, she always felt tired recently. "Have a rest. I'll make some food for you."

Since he knew that Anna was pregnant, as long as he stayed at home, Vincent would cook dinner for her. According to Harland, it was not easy for her to get pregnant this time, so she had to be careful. He got a nutritious recipe for pregnant women from Harland, and he made delicious food to Anna every day, wanting her to be happy.

Although he had taken good care of her, Anna was still in a low mood.

The accident of David and Rosa shocked her greatly. She had never expected that she would become a murderer one day! !

How could she face her child in the future? If the baby knew that his mother was a murderer, would he still like her?

"Eat more."

Putting food into Anna's bowl, Vincent said gently, "you're not alone now. Even for our baby, you should eat more, okay?"

Anna nodded her head, feeling sadder.

"I know this matter has a great impact on you."

After dinner, he took Anna to the bathroom and applied body wash for her. Vincent said, "But it was just an accident. You don't want it to happen, so don't blame yourself. Now, you are a mother. You should be strong for your child. Long term sadness will have a bad impact on the baby. Be optimistic, okay?"

Tears streamed down the bathtub. Anna looked at Vincent with tearful eyes. She felt wronged. It was because she was a sinner that she felt guilty to her child——

"Well, well, stop crying."

Holding her in his arms, Vincent comforted her again and again. It seemed that this matter could not be solved in a short time. A heartbroken person needed to be treated carefully. If Rosa could wake up, she would probably feel less guilty.

Since Anna was pregnant, Vincent had transferred the Department she was in charge of back to the company. Feeling depressed, Anna didn't have the mood to work either. She just went to the company to check in every day. After learning about the progress

ow she said she wouldn't do anything to Carla?

She couldn't believe it.


A hint of slyness flashed through Dora's beautiful eyes. With a faint smile, she looked at Anna cunningly and gloomily. "Your cosmetics are selling well. I'm interested in them. How about you transfer this brand to me as the first step of your compensation?"

Anna's blood froze. What did she say?! !

"What? You don't want to give it me?"

In her high heels, she stormed towards Anna. Dora looked down at her and said, "just now, you said you would do your best to meet all my requirements. How could you forget what you said just now? Please, be sincere, okay? How can I trust you with so many tricks every day? "

Anna bit her lips. The brand was established by her and Vincent together, and it was the first cooperation between them. When the Lu Group was in danger of bankruptcy, Vincent didn't give up. But now, Dora wanted to take it as her own——

"I can promise you anything except this."

In the end, she was still reluctant to give it to others.

This brand had condensed so much effort and care of her and Vincent. She was totally unwilling to give up on it.

However, Dora's smile widened. She leaned over and whispered in Anna's ear, "Well, if you don't want to give this brand to me, then give me Vincent. You can choose the two by yourself! !"

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