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   Chapter 194 Go Through Fire And Water For You

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As one of the hegemons of L City, the death of David caused a huge wave. All the media in L City had taken the initiative to investigate this matter, and even the police in L City had dealt with it as a major case.

However, according to the police's inquiry, Vincent gave them a certificate of Anna's mental disease, which made the police helpless.

However, although this certificate could stop the police, it couldn't stop the media news report. The media were also suspicious of the authenticity of this certificate. Most people believed that Vincent had taken measures to protect Anna, and Anna didn't really have mental disease.

All in all, the death of David put Anna at the center of the storm and made her the target of public criticism.

Dora also became another focus. After what happened, the news media immediately interviewed her and asked her about her attitude towards her father's death.

In the face of so many cameras, Dora said coldly, "I will never let go of the murderer of my father. I will make her regret what she has done, and I will make her pay for what she has done!"

The relationship between Anna and Dora became tense.

On the day of David's funeral, regardless of Vincent's objection, Anna insisted on going there. Before she got out of the car, the car had been surrounded by reporters.

"Miss Anna, why did you murder Mr. David? Is it because you hate Miss Dora for killing your baby?"

"Or are you jealous that Miss Dora has been too close to Mr. Vincent these days and then you vent your hatred on Mr. David?"

"Miss Anna, Mr. Vincent said that you have mental disease. But from your daily performance, we didn't find anything wrong with you. What kind of mental disease do you have? Is it Mr. Vincent who deliberately deceived the public in order to protect you?"

"Some time ago, Mr. Vincent was very close to Miss Dora, but after this incident, Mr. Vincent has been completely on your side. Miss Anna, what have you done to make Mr. Vincent be so obedient to you? Do you feel guilty for

have any difficulties, just tell me and I will try my best to help you."

This might be the biggest promise he could make to her now.

Dora's eyes were filled with tears. She said stubbornly, "I don't need your help. Go!"

With a heavy heart, Anna and Vincent looked at each other and left the Lin family's house. Feeling sad, Anna said to Sean, who was driving, "go to the hospital." She leaned against Vincent and kept silent for a long time.

Rosa had become a vegetable. Anna sat by her bed, tears streaming down from her eyes.

The past uneasiness in the bottom of her heart had really turned into reality. That meet in the Lu Group had really become the last time they two met.

Holding Rosa's hand with her trembling hands, Anna was filled with tears and regrets.

If she had agreed to her request and called her godmother, would the fate change? Would it let her escape from this disaster?


Lying on the edge of the bed, Anna burst into tears. "Wake up. I haven't called you godmother yet. Please don't fall asleep all the time. Wake up, please..."'

Outside the ward, Vincent looked at the crying Anna and felt sorry for her. She was a kind-hearted and thoughtful woman, and he didn't know how long she would keep this accident in her heart.


Vincent sighed deeply. Why was it so difficult for them to be happy?

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